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2012 Sierra Ski-Orienteering Tour


Pre registration opened on 12-October-2011 and will close 15-January-2012 20-January-2012.

If you are skiing in the World Cup, see the World Cup Registration section. Otherwise, see the North American/US Championship, WRE, and Open Registration section.

Need a Group for Transportation or Lodging?

You can save on transportation and lodging costs if you go in with other skiers. We expect there to be many other skiers in the World Cup, North American Championships, and U.S. Championships who would benefit from these groups. It's also a great way to meet other skiers in our sport.

To find a group, see our Group Coordinator, , or see our Group Matchup page.

World Cup Registration

We encourage all national teams to send in preliminary registration that indicates the estimated number of people doing each event (these events include the World Cup and other events on non World Cup days) and the person who we should contact when there are developments to communicate. If your team members need visa letters, please indicate that on this form and we will send those letters to you. If you need visa letters, please submit this form by 15-December-2011. Otherwise, submit this form by 20-January-2012. We will indicate these teams and the number of people they plan to bring to the event on our Competitors web page.

When each team has selected its members, they must send in an individual registration form for each member by 20-January-2012. When we receive that form, we will name the participants on the Competitors web page.

You can use these forms or send us the information in E-mail messages with the field number listed with the appropriate information:

If you are from the United States or you have a checking account that uses U.S. dollars, also include a check made out to BAOC for your total fees as calculated on the registration form. If you are from outside the United States (for example, from Europe or Asia), you can pay your fees in U.S. dollars when you check in at the event. We hope to set up a PayPal payment system in the near future for anyone wishing to use that service to make their payments.

North American/US Championship, WRE, and Open Registration

For competitors doing the World Ranking Events (WRE), North American Championships, U.S. Championships, or open competition, please fill out the following registration form and return it by 20-January-2012 so that you can be guaranteed a start time for each championship event (pre-assigned start times are required for all medal contenders). You can register at the event but your medal contention is dependent on the availability of starting slots and fees will be higher.

NOTE: Refunds will be made if you cannot attend the event and you notify us before your assigned start times. If you miss your start time for a race, we will assign another start time (if slots are available) after the assigned starts (no refunds for late shows unless for weather related traffic stoppage). Otherwise, start time changes require Director approval (typically for event management reasons).

Send your registration form to one of the following addresses:

Sierra Ski-Orienteering Tour Registration
988 Farley Street
Mountain View, CA 94043   USA

Payment must be made in U.S. dollars. If you are from the U.S., you should pay by check when you register. If you are from outside the U.S., you can make your payment in U.S. dollars when you check in at the event. We hope to set up an alternative payment method through PayPal for anyone wishing to make their payment through that service.

NOTE: Please do not pay with money orders — we are forced to pay a fee to collect money that way, and must transfer that cost to you to be paid upon your arrival. It is cheaper for everyone if you pay in U.S. dollars by check (if in the U.S. or you have a U.S. bank account) or pay upon arrival at the event.

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