2011 Sierra 3-Day A-meet

The Sierra 3-Day at Little Truckee Summit

2011 Western States Championships

Date: Sep. 9 - 11, 2011
Location: Truckee & Sierraville, CA
Event Director: - 530.214.6168
Course Setters: Donatas Ereminas, Dwight Freund (GCO), Greg Walker
Type: A; Three-day OUSA A-meet on a new map: Friday Sprint, Saturday Middle, Sunday Long. This event will be the 2011 Western States Championships.

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

Latest Changes:

Orienteering USA Travel Discounts (9/5)
Event Director's Notes (9/2)
A-meet Start Times (http://www.o-signup.com/wsc2011/reglist/index.php) (9/1)
Course Setters' Notes (8/30)
T-shirt Information (8/30)
Volunteer Start Times (8/28)
Saturday Potluck Dinner (8/24)

Table of contents

A-meet Start Times Are Now Available (http://www.o-signup.com/wsc2011/reglist/index.php)

Pre-Registration has closed ... but you can register at the event

Registration discount for first-time A-meet entrants!

View & Print the Event Flyer (PDF/112KB)

Please see the Request for Volunteers below.

Our new map at Little Truckee Summit, north of Truckee, is ready. Prepare to compete in another fabulous orienteering venue. This event is open to everyone, beginners, families, juniors, and of course, experienced orienteers. Little Truckee Summit is 17 miles north of Truckee, California. In the midst of the Sierra Nevada, the elevation is around 6000 ft. Some photos of the area are available here (https://picasaweb.google.com/scott.novotny/LittleTruckeeSummitJul122011?authkey=Gv1sRgCI2txtPc-pK6hwE) (you can select a full-window slide show; or click on any photo to see a large image, and then click on the arrow at the left/right side of the photo to see the previous/next one).

The weekend A-meet format will be:

This A-meet is sanctioned by Orienteering USA (http://orienteeringusa.org), and has been designated as the 2011 Western States Championships. Each race day will count towards your OUSA Ranking (http://www.usof-rankings.org).

Note: In addition to the A-meet competition, there will be Recreational Courses for people new to orienteering or not inclined to be competitive.

Here's a link (http://www.alllaketahoe.com) to a site with information about the Lake Tahoe area. (No endorsement by BAOC is implied.)

Event Schedule

June 23 – Early Registration Opens
August 15 – Early Registration Ends (Registration fees increase)
August 30 – Pre-Registration Ends
Friday September 9 – Sprint Courses at Northstar (Starts from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM)
Saturday September 10 – Middle Courses at Little Truckee Summit (Starts from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon)
Sunday September 11 – Long Courses at Little Truckee summit (Starts from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM)
Sunday Afternoon – Awards Ceremony at Little Truckee Summit (~1:00 PM)

A-Meet Packet Pickup and Recreational Registration will open one hour before the starting time for each event.

Be sure to read the Event Director's Notes and Course Setters' Notes for more information.

More information will be added as it becomes available. Check back here from time to time.


Because this is an A-meet and a new map, we will embargo the area close to the Saturday and Sunday races. This is done for fairness purposes. Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort, however, is not embargoed. Between March 30, 2011 and September 10, 2011, the area surrounding Cottonwood Road west of CA Highway 89 is off-limits to orienteers competing in this A-meet. It is permitted to drive along Cottonwood Road, but not permitted to leave your vehicle. Anyone who visits this area can still compete in the event, but will not be included in the official results, not receive awards, or be able to use these results for OUSA ranking purposes.

A-Meet Classes

We will offer the standard 51 OUSA classes (http://orienteeringusa.org/rules#A4) for the three A-meet races. These races will count toward your OUSA ranking (http://www.usof-rankings.org).

Photo gallery image (click to enlarge)

Western States Championship

This event is open to all orienteers at all levels. To add a bit of spice to the competition, this meet has been selected as the 2011 Western States Championships. If you win your age-group class, you will be honored as the 2011 Western States Champion. Open classes and Group classes are not eligible for this designation. People residing in a U.S. state with a mountain over 10,000 ft. are eligible for this award. Those states are AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, and WY.


The awards ceremony will take place at 1:00 PM (or earlier) on Sunday at Little Truckee Summit.

Award medals (http://orienteer.com/sierra3day/baocmeds.jpg) will be presented to the top three overall finishers in each A-meet class (http://orienteeringusa.org/rules#A4). A commemorative plaque (http://orienteer.com/sierra3day/wsplaque.jpg) will be awarded to the eligible Western States Champion in each age group class. (The plaques (http://orienteer.com/sierra3day/wsplaque.jpg) are sponsored by Scarborough Orienteering (http://orienteer.com).) There is a space on the plaque for you to have your name engraved on your own. As an alternative, you can order, at no cost, an adhesive-backed brass plate with your name to fit in the space. If you want one of those plates, leave your name, address, and class with Scarborough Orienteering at the event.

We will be using the following daily point system to calculate the overall results in each class:

1st Place – 10 points
2nd Place – 5 points
3rd Place – 3 points
All other finishers – 1 point

Points are awarded for each of the three days in each class. The three-day total is calculated to determine the winners. In case of a tie, the competitor with the best Long Course (Sunday) time will prevail.

This system is designed to allow competitors to only compete for two of the three days and still have a chance to win the Western States Championships. For example, if runner A skips the Friday event because of work, she/he will still win by placing first on both Saturday and Sunday, even though runner B placed 1st on Friday and 2nd the other two days. Hopefully this system adds to the fun and suspense. On Saturday night everyone will know where they have to place the next day to secure an award. Of course, presenting one set of awards shortens the process, so everyone can get on the road quickly.

Course Information

The full standard set of White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red, and Blue courses will be offered on Saturday and Sunday. I reduced number of courses will probably be used for the Friday Sprint event.

Detailed information about the courses is available in the Course Setters' Notes.

Assigned A-meet start times are available here (http://www.o-signup.com/wsc2011/reglist/index.php). If you need to change your start time, you can do it only at the Start on the day of the event — if and when there is an opening. Please note, however, that requests for changes add to the burden on the Start workers, so please use your assigned time if possible.

Photo gallery image (click to enlarge)


SPORTident electronic punching (E-Punch) will be used for both A-Meet and recreational courses. Rental E-Punch cards/sticks can be preordered through registration and will also be available at the event. Information about the use of E-Punch is available in our User's Guide.

Recreational Courses

White, Yellow, and Orange recreational courses will be available on all three event days at regular BAOC fees. Advance registration is not available (or needed) — simply show up at the event, register, pay, and enjoy your course(s).

Registration & Event Prices

A-meet pre-registration has closed, but entrants can register at the event and pay day-of-event prices.

Please note the low Junior prices. Also note the 50% discount that is available for first-time A-meet entrants.

Event Postmarked by Aug 15 Postmarked by Aug 30 Day of Event
Friday Sprint (adults) $22 $26 $30
Friday Sprint (juniors, under 21) $8 $10 $12
Saturday Middle Course (adults) $26 $32 $38
Saturday Middle Course (juniors, under 21) $10 $12 $14
Sunday Long Course (adults) $26 $32 $38
Sunday Long Course (juniors, under 21) $10 $12 $14
T-Shirt $20 $20 $20

Adult members of OUSA (or some other national orienteering federation) may subtract $4 from their total fee for each day entered; juniors who are members of OUSA (or some other national orienteering federation) may subtract $2.00 for each day entered.

E-punch rental is $3 per day. You can purchase a 1:5000-scale map of NorthStar Resort for $5.00.

Here is the contact information for the Registrar:

Marsha Jacobs
2077 Fallen Leaf Lane
Lincoln, CA 95648

Discount Coupon

As part of the Orienteering USA initiative to get people to try A-meets, Orienteering USA offers a 50% refund of the Saturday and Sunday course fees for first-time A-meet entrants. (This program is paid for by OUSA, and does not cost BAOC anything.)

Follow these steps to get the refund:

  1. Register for the Sierra 3-Day as described above, including at the event (and pay the appropriate full fees).
  2. Print this coupon (PDF/1MB) before you leave home.
  3. At the event, have the event Registrar sign the coupon.
  4. Mail the signed coupon to Orienteering USA by November 1, 2011.

Orienteering USA will send you a refund check. (Note that you must pay the full registration fees up front, and you will not get the refund at the event.)

Recreational Entrants

Normal BAOC event fees will apply to recreational courses. Registration for those courses will be at the event each day.


If you failed to order a shirt with your preregistration entry, or if you will be a recreational entrant, be aware that a limited number of the Sierra 3-Day T-shirts will be available at the event. To reserve one, . You can also request a shirt be mailed to you whether or not you are attending.

The Sierra 3-Day T-shirt will be produced by o21e (http://o21e.com). Photos of the back of the T-shirt and the graphic on the front (left chest) are below (and also here (http://orienteer.com/sierra3day)) — you can click on the photos to see larger images.

Sierra 3-Day T-shirt
Sierra 3-Day T-shirt
Graphic on Front
Graphic on Front

Here are the features:

– Technical QuickDry material
– Unique o21e tri-panel sport tailoring
– Dye-sublimated design front and back
– Made in USA for the Sierra 3-Day by o21e
– Short sleeve sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

If you have T-shirt questions, .

Equipment Sales

Scarborough Orienteering (http://orienteer.com) will be open for business during the weekend to help you with your equipment needs. If you need a specific item, please prior to the event so he can bring it along.

Saturday Potluck Dinner

There will be a group potluck dinner Saturday evening, between 5:00 and 7:00, at the campground in Donner Memorial State Park (http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=503) right off I-80 in Truckee. Everyone is welcome — not only the people who are staying in the campground. (Parking information will hopefully be posted here before the event.)

Please note that we need a couple people to coordinate the potluck. They will need to put in some time before the event to set up supplies (paper plates, utensils, napkins, etc). If you can help, please reply to , the Meet Director.

To all who plan on attending the potluck, please bring foods to share.


We have negotiated a discount with the outstanding NorthStar-at-Tahoe Resort (http://www.northstarattahoe.com/). This is the site of Friday's Sprint race. A large studio condo has a weekend price of $135 per night. The prices are reduced on weekdays. One-, two-, and three-bedroom condos are also available. Call 1-800-GO-NORTH and give them code BA0911 to get this discount.

There are very limited accommodations in Truckee. We have not been able to find much in the way of accommodations in the Sierraville area.

There are many hotels, motels, and cabins on the beautiful North Shore of Lake Tahoe (http://www.gotahoenorth.com/). Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals (http://www.laketahoevacationrentals.org) offers over 100 vacation rentals on the North Shore. Also, you may want to try Reno or Carson City for accommodations in all price ranges.

Weekend rooms in the Lake Tahoe area usually fill up well in advance, so don't wait until the last minute to make your booking.

Note: It might not be useful for this event, but keep in mind that Orienteering USA has a discount program with Motel 6 (CP 546190) and with Hertz Rent-a-Car (CDP 1916601). Anyone can use these discounts at any time, for any travel whatsoever — for orienteering and non-orienteering personal use, and on business. (In addition to the discount you receive, there's a benefit to Orienteering USA.)


The main camping area for the Sierra 3-Day event will be in the Ridge Campground at Donner Memorial State Park (http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=503) right off I-80 in Truckee. We've camped there before, and it works for our group since the sites are large, there are coin-operated showers, flush toilets, and it's right next to a great swimming area. They have large, metal, bear-resistant lockers.

Photo gallery image (click to enlarge)

They don't have a group site, so we'll probably need about 8–10 sites for our group. We have reserved 4 sites for juniors and their families, and 5 sites for adults. We have 36 people signed up to camp there so far! So far we have only one site reserved for Thursday night, with room for only one more person, but we could add another site if more people want to come up for Thursday night.

As of August 7, sites 16, 27, and 29 are still available next to our camping area. We'll need to add another site for juniors and their families if someone would like to make the reservation. I could reserve only two sites myself, so others are helping by reserving sites to share.

There is an additional charge for extra vehicles. Just one vehicle per site is included in the fee. Only two vehicles are allowed in each site, but the overflow parking is nearby (next to site 12, I think). Of course, we'll try to carpool, but people have different schedules.

We also have two group campsites reserved at Silver Tip Group Campground (http://www.publiclands.org/explore/site.php?id=5657) for Friday and Saturday nights, Sept. 9–10. Each site will hold 25 people, and there are no restrictions on the number of cars. We have 8–12 people signed up to camp there so far. Some of them want to add Thursday night. (I will cancel the reservations for one of the sites if we don't get more people signed up. We won't need two large group sites for just 12 people.)

Here are the driving directions to Silver Tip Campground (39.486886, -120.547652): Take I-80 to Truckee, the Highway 89 north exit. Follow 89 north towards Sierraville for 17 miles to the Jackson Meadows turnoff. Travel westbound for 18 miles to Jackson Meadows Reservoir. The camp is on the southwest side of the reservoir.

Let know if you want to reserve a site to share, or if you would like to share a site with others. I'll just need to know which campground (Silvertip or Donner), which nights you will be camping, and how many in your group.

Also, we have some tents available for rental. They're the tents that we used for the Pacheco event. It says on the boxes that they are tents for 6, but I think you could fit in 6 people only if most of them were young children.

I also have info about a condo rental and a motel recommendation if anyone is interested. I know that not everyone likes to camp.

Let know if you have any questions. I hope that many of you will join us. September is a great time to be in the Tahoe area, and it will be fun to camp with us. (Well, maybe not everyone would think it was fun.) Oh well, those of us who like camping will have a good time!

Here's a link (http://www.reserveamerica.com/campgroundDetails.do?subTabIndex=0&contractCode=CA&parkCode=donn) to the reservations site.

There are also individual sites available at other campgrounds in the area — here's a link (http://www.reserveamerica.com/generateBrowseMap.do?topTabIndex=CampgroundMap&pageOrigin=mapBrowse&map=PARK&contractCode=NRSO&parkId=71718) to a map of campgrounds (you can drag the map to see adjacent areas, and zoom in for more detail). Note that camping areas for September weekends in the Tahoe area fill up early.

Request for Volunteers

It's time to sign up for volunteer positions for the Sept 9th thru 11th Summit A-Meet. It will take between 85 and 90 volunteers (some doing multiple tasks). Get started now by taking a look at the volunteer spreadsheet (https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvjKbA9891yedFFwY0dYTjFSUDQ3Q1hlYzVGb1k0N2c&hl=en_US&authkey=CND_n-4D#gid=0) and "plugging in" your name. Right now there are many positions to choose from. If you're undecided, add your name and contact info at the bottom of the list.

Please let know when you sign up, so I can keep track of positions filled and remaining positions needed.

In particular, we need to fill the following key positions:

Search & Rescue – Crew Chief and team members.
Packets – Crew Chief and team members.
Starts – Crew Chiefs and team members for sprint, middle, and long.
Finishes – Crew Chiefs and team members for sprint, middle, and long.
CPU (control pick-up) – Chief and members for Friday's sprint.
CPU – Members for Saturday and Sunday.

July 29 Update: We still need volunteers. We now have 32, and need between 90 and 100 — a ways to go. We especially need: a SAR team; a Friday Sprints Starts Crew Chief (we have team members); a Sprint Finish team; team members for the Sunday Finish crew (we have a crew chief); a Friday Sprint control pick-up team; a traffic control team for runners crossing the highway at the assembly parking lot (two teams of 4, one for Saturday and one for Sunday, for 90-minute time slots from 9 AM to 3 PM).


   BAOC Volunteer Coordinator

Important Note to Volunteers About Start Times:

Thanks to all the volunteers who are giving their time to help make the Sierra 3-Day a superb Orienteering experience. I am in the process of assigning Start times, and want to make certain that all meet workers are assigned Start times that allow them not only to perform their duties but also successfully compete on their courses. Many workers have requested Start times already. But, if you or your crew chief have not done so, please e-mail me ASAP. Be as specific as you can (e.g., Friday 5pm, Saturday 10am, etc).

Here are the Start windows:

Meet workers will be allowed to Start an hour ahead of these windows, and maybe a few minutes after if needed. If you fail to request a Start time, you will be randomly assigned a time slot. After August 31, changes to Start times can be made only at the starting line on the day of the event. Be warned that any starting-line changes for the Green and Brown courses could entail long waits. Let me know if you have any questions.

All signs point to this being an event of excellent courses and fine terrain. See everyone up there in the great Sierra terrain.

Search and Rescue

This could be a really easy job. Hopefully it will be. I'm the Search and Rescue chief. You'd need to be available for a search, and in contact with me, that's it. Sign yourself up on the volunteer spreadsheet (https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvjKbA9891yedFFwY0dYTjFSUDQ3Q1hlYzVGb1k0N2c&hl=en_US&authkey=CND_n-4D#gid=0), and I will get in touch with you.

Control Pick-Up

It's never too early for volunteers to start planning for the Sierra 3-Day at Little Truckee Summit. Penny are I are co-chairpersons for the Control Pick-Up (CPU) committee for Saturday and Sunday, Sept 10th and 11th.

Please email as to which day(s) you can pick up controls, and as I sort out the names and see how many people I need each day, I'll enter you on the volunteer spreadsheet (https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvjKbA9891yedFFwY0dYTjFSUDQ3Q1hlYzVGb1k0N2c&hl=en_US&authkey=CND_n-4D#gid=0). The more volunteers we have, the faster control pick-up will be, and the sooner everyone goes home. Thank you.

July 29 Update: I wish to thank the club members who have volunteered for Control Pickup at the Summit event. I still need people for both Saturday and Sunday, and especially Sunday. Sunday at an A-meet is always a problem, since people want to pack up and go home. However, if I can get a few more volunteers for Sunday, then we can all go home earlier. Many hands make light work, as your mom used to say.

Google Map

Map Legend

Little Truckee Summit
Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort
Reno Airport (RNO)
Sacramento Airport (SMF)
Oakland Airport (OAK)
San Francisco Airport (SFO)
Donner Memorial State Park
Silver Tip Group Campground