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Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

Date: (Sun.) Oct. 30, 2011
Location: Livermore, CA
Event Director: - 925.516.7622
Course Setter: François Léonard
Type: B; This is sure to be a great day at a park that never fails to satisfy. Beautiful rolling hills with gorgeous Fall weather in the oaks!

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

BAOC is proud to announce a fun day of orienteering at Morgan Territory Preserve on Sunday, October 30, 2011. This is an event not to be missed for all levels or orienteers. Please see information below as it pertains to this event.


Morgan Territory has some of the nicest terrain in the Bay Area. The terrain is approximately 50% open oak forest, 40% grassland, and 10% fight. The "white" forest has good visibility and running, except on the steep slopes. There is a moderate trail network. There are numerous rock features and some fine contour detail, which will provide interesting and challenging orienteering. See the Course Setter's Notes for more information on the terrain, the map, and the courses.

Sample Control

Assembly Area

The assembly area will be in the open space near the parking lot. Picnic tables, a water fountain, and restrooms available.  


The standard seven courses will be offered for all levels of experience and physical challenge.

Start and Finish Locations: The Start will be a short walk from the assembly area. The Finish will be adjacent to the assembly area.

Be sure to read the Course Setter's Notes for more information about the courses.

Course Statistics

   Course    Length    Climb   Controls   Navigational Challenge
   White     2.0 km     30 m      10      Beginner
   Yellow    3.0 km     35 m      10      Beginner plus
   Orange    4.1 km     70 m      10      Intermediate
   Brown     3.3 km     80 m      15      Advanced
   Green     5.0 km    125 m      18      Advanced
   Red       6.0 km    205 m      23      Advanced
   Blue      7.3 km    265 m      30      Advanced

Sample Control

Event Timetable

    9:00 AM to 12:00 PM    Registration 
    9:30 AM to 10:30 AM    Beginner’s clinics
   10:00 AM to 12:30 PM    Starts
    2:00 PM                Course closure


   Beginner Courses (White, Yellow)
   Entry fee for first person          Adult $6        Junior $3
   Each additional person              Adult $3        Junior $2
   2nd (3dr, 4th, …) course            Adult $3        Junior $2
   Intermediate and Advanced Courses (Orange, Brown, Green, Red, Blue)
   Member entry fee, first person      Adult $10       Junior $5
   Each additional person              Adult $5        Junior $3
   2nd (3dr, 4th, …) course            Adult $5        Junior $3

Other Fees

   Children under 8 accompanying parents or youth group leaders    Free
   Beginners’ clinics          Free
   Compass rental              $1
   E-Punch rental              $3 ($25 liability for lost e-stick)

Hazards and Safety

There is a moderate amount of poison oak in the park. Poison oak will have mainly lost its leaves late in October, and can be seen as a groundcover with short stems, about 1 foot high, vines, and occasional bushes.

Mountain lions, coyotes, and rattlesnakes live in the park, but spotting them this time of year would be rare. If you encounter any of these predators walk slowly away (do not run!).

Whistles must be carried by all competitors. If you do not have a whistle, ask for one at registration at no charge. If you are injured or hopelessly lost, give 3 short blasts on the whistle, and repeat every 30–60 seconds. Any competitor who hears the emergency whistle is required to come to the aid of an injured orienteer, so please do not blow the whistle unless it is a true emergency (i.e., the whistle is not a toy).

The safety bearing for all intermediate and advanced courses is south-west. You will eventually reach Morgan Territory Road. Note, however, that this will take you through some steep terrain. Walking uphill on Morgan Territory Road will bring you back to the assembly area.

Request for Help

Please let the Event Director know if you can help with any of the following regular duties:

October 23rd update: The items crossed out above have been filled (Thanks!), but we still need people to help with the remaining tasks.

Thank you in advance for your help. This promises to be another successful BAOC event.

Driving Directions

Everyone is encouraged to carpool since parking at the park is somewhat limited.

Take I-580 east to the North Livermore Avenue exit in Livermore. To get to the park, head north on North Livermore Ave until forced to turn left onto Manning Road. Take the next right onto Morgan Territory Road, and continue 5.6 miles to the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve parking lot on the right. The road is very narrow with many sharp curves, so allow extra time and drive carefully. Parking and park admission are free. Parking on the road outside the park is not permitted.

There's a map here that shows the location of the event.