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Las Trampas Scramble

Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

Date: (Sun.) Oct. 2, 2011 CANCELED
Location: San Ramon, CA
Event Director: - 541.401.7595
Course Setter: Wes Erck
Type: C; 3 Hours - 30 Checkpoints - Can your team find them all?

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.


Las Trampas has discovered that they accidentally scheduled conflicting events on October 2nd, so we will be moving the Scramble — probably to the February timeframe.
An update will be posted as soon as we confirm the new date.

A navigation adventure for all! Like a Score-O or Rogaine — make it as easy or as hard as you want. Ben experimented with the Scramble concept at Wildcat Canyon in 2009. Now he's ready to start the Scramble Series, and Las Trampas will be the kickoff.

This event will also be Wes' initiation as a Course Setter. Las Trampas is his backyard stomping grounds — he knows the park better than anyone. And after this event, so will you!

So grab some friends or family members, form a team, and come have some fun!

More information will be available later in the year.