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2010 Sierra Ski-Orienteering Championships

Day 7 – Tahoe Cross Country

Date: Feb. 7, 2010
Location: Tahoe City, CA
Event Director: – 650.793.8764 (cell phone)
Course Setter: Ken Walker, Sr., Greg Walker
Type: Ski-O; Point-to-point event with 5 medium-length courses

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.


Day 7 is a point-to-point event at Tahoe Cross Country (also known as Burton Creek State Park). Greg Walker has designed some very creative courses and added lots of secondary trails using a snowmobile. Together with his father, Ken Sr., they've set some courses that you're sure to enjoy at high speeds (this resort is skating heaven for many people). Although most of this park is ideal for skating, you'll still find some challenging hills to climb. Your last event of this championship series will definitely challenge all of your ski-orienteering skills. What a nice way to finish this series.

Registration and Trail Passes

Registration is open from 9 AM to noon, and is located in the lounge of the ski lodge by the parking lot. Pick up your pre-registration packets or register for the day at Registration. You also get a chit that you can take to the cross country sales desk to get a discounted trail pass. Everybody must check in at Registration to get the latest updates for the event and to get their chit for the trail pass (if you don't already have a season pass).

Beginner Clinics

This event has beginner clinics for anybody who is new to ski orienteering. Even if you are an expert skier, but are new to orienteering, take the free 20-minute clinic. To take a clinic, ask for one at Registration.

Starts and Course Closure Time

Starts occur between 10 AM and 12:30 PM at the top of the hill about 300 meters from the trailhead (just go up the one trail leading from the lodge). Typically, we recommend an early start before the sun can turn the snow to slush. If it is snowing, you probably don't need to worry about starting early.

All courses close at 2:30 and you must check in at the Finish by that time, even if you do not finish your course. We automatically begin picking up controls at 2:30, so it does not pay to stay out past 2:30. Even if you do not finish your course, punch in at the Finish and let us know that you are off the course, so that we do not have to form a search party to look for you.

(Preliminary) Course Stats

   Course   Airline Dist.   Optimal Dist.   Climb   Controls
   White       3.0 km          3.2 km        40 m       7
   Orange      4.4 km          5.5 km        65 m       8
   Green       5.5 km          7.0 km        70 m       9
   Red         6.9 km         10.0 km       170 m      12
   Blue        9.1 km         13.3 km       200 m      16

Driving Directions

From the Bay Area and Sacramento

Tahoe Cross Country is on the northwest side of Lake Tahoe in the Sierras. To get there, take Highway 80 to Truckee. Exit at Hwy 89 and drive south to Tahoe City. At the Y intersection, go north on Hwy 28 (North Lake Boulevard) about 2 miles, and turn left on Fabian Way (there's a 7-11 store on the opposite side of the highway). Make an immediate right onto Village Road and follow it as it veers to the right. Turn left at the first intersection and park as close to the Tahoe XC office as you can (in the parking lot or on the west side of the street). Registration is inside the cross country lodge.

Highway Conditions

CalTrans road conditions – (800)427-7623