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2010 Sierra Ski-Orienteering Championships

Day 6 – Auburn Ski Club

Date: Feb. 6, 2010
Location: Soda Springs, CA
Event Director: – 650.793.8764 (cell phone)
Course Setter: Max Suter
Type: Ski-O; Point-to-point event with 5 Motala courses (i.e., with map exchange)

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.


In this Motala-style competition — you will ski one or more loops (one loop on the White course; two loops on the Orange, Green, and Red courses; three loops on the Blue course). You will use a different map for each loop. The maps will be bundled and handed to you all together at the Start. Each map is clearly marked with the course and loop number (for example, Orange 1, Green 2, Blue 3). You must ski the loops in sequence. All the maps will be at a 1:5000 scale, except Red 1 and Blue 2, which will have a 1:7500 scale.

Each loop, except the last one, will finish at an “Intermediate Finish” (formerly known as “map exchange”). This “Intermediate Finish” is marked by a normal Finish symbol on your map, whereas on the course it is represented by the SPORTident unit with the number 43. Punch it! Similarly, each loop except the first one will start at an “Intermediate Start” (formerly known as “map exchange”). This “Intermediate Start” is marked by a normal Start symbol on your map, whereas on the course it is represented by the above SPORTident unit with the number 43. In other words, instead of the formerly used “map exchange,” you will find one single control (number 43) that you have to punch on each loop.

The advanced courses were designed such that off-trail routes are feasible choices on some of the legs, but you go off trail at your own risk (conditions vary and cannot be predicted). Remember that it is OK to take off your skis and run, but you must always keep your skis and poles with you.

Registration and Trail Passes

Registration is open from 9 AM to noon, and is located in one of the two buildings at ASC. Pick up your pre-registration packets or register for the day at Registration. You also get your trail passes from Registration (not the cross country office). If you need to rent skis, you must do that before arriving at this ski center (they do not rent skis there).

Beginner Clinics

This event has beginner clinics for anybody who is new to ski orienteering. Even if you are an expert skier, but are new to orienteering, take the free 20-minute clinic. To take a clinic, see the director at the Start area.

Starts and Course Closure Time

Starts occur between 10 AM and 12:30 PM at the trail head. Typically, we recommend an early start before the sun can turn the snow to slush. If it is snowing, you probably don't need to worry about starting early.

All courses close at 2:30 and you must check in at the Finish by that time, even if you do not finish your course. We automatically begin picking up controls at 2:30, so it does not pay to stay out past 2:30. Even if you do not finish your course, punch in at the Finish and let us know that you are off the course, so that we do not have to form a search party to look for you.

(Preliminary) Course Stats

   Course    Airline Dist.    Optimal Dist.    Climb
   White        1.9 km           2.2 km         50 m
   Orange       3.9 km           4.9 km         80 m
   Green        6.1 km           9.2 km        225 m
   Red          8.0 km          12.1 km        335 m
   Blue        10.0 km          13.9 km        365 m

Driving Directions

From I-80 (about 91 miles east of Sacramento or 10 miles west of Truckee), take the Boreal Ridge/Castle Peak off-ramp (Exit 176). Go to the west end of the Boreal Ridge parking lot. Check in and registration are in the main building at the end of the parking lot. Follow the signs to Registration.

Highway Conditions

CalTrans road conditions – (800)427-7623