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Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

Date: (Sat.) Mar. 27, 2010
Location: Livermore, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setters: Mats Jansson (NAV-X), Dennis Wilkinson
Type: Rogaine; Mats Jansson (who has been putting on the awesome TrackMe360 runs) has joined up with Rex and Dennis to bring us a rogaine at Morgan Territory. Come out for some great spring running/hiking.

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

March 23 Request for Help

This is the difficult thing with a rogaine — finding control pickeruppers.

If you're not signed up for the rogaine, come out and do some free training! Start at 3:00 in the afternoon, enjoy beautiful Morgan Territory, help us get out not too late.

If you are signed up, and feel that 3 or 6 hours is just not enough, I welcome you too.

Lemme know! Thanks.


Make sure you read the Event Director's Notes and the Course Setters' Notes.

Morgan Territory is notorious. Many non-Californians consider it California's best map, or it's at least in their top 3, according to a recent poll on AttackPoint. The 2-day A-meet there a few years ago exploited some of the newly mapped area... but face it, you haven't seen most of what Morgan Territory has to offer. We just don't get out there for regular courses. And at the peak of the Spring wildflower splendor, before the return of the heat, it is sure to be a delight. Stalwart long distance event enthusiasts Mats Jansson and Dennis Wilkinson will make it so for Morgan's first ever? rogaine. They've spent hours already consternating on the ultimate rogaine course design for this area. You should be psyched.

You can choose the time limit that's right for you — 3 or 6 hours — even while you're on the course! Return to the finish when you feel sated, or stay out there a while and return with a few minutes to spare.

Let's see, what else... did I say there was E-punch? And, if not borrowing, we need your stick number — lotsa controls, not all sticks will work — so we'll know if we have to rent you one or not. Only one stick necessary per team of course, but we want to know about all of them... read about pre-registration below.

Registration open at 8:00, event briefing at 8:30, maps distributed for route planning, mass start for all teams — 3-hour and 6-hour — at 9:00, courses close at 3:00.

Pricing: $15 per participant for BAOC members, $20 for non-members, juniors free when accompanied by a paying adult (that means on the course... no only-junior teams.)

Um, What's a Rogaine?

Let me quote some vintage Mark Blair:

"In a rogaine (Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance), for those unfamiliar with this type of event, teams of two or more participants are launched in a mass start to find orienteering markers distributed over a wide area. The markers are assigned point values, with highest values assigned to those markers that are hardest to reach. Each team's goal is to visit whatever markers they can reach within the time alloted, in whatever order they like, to maximize their point total. If they return to the finish (typically the same as the start) after the time limit expires, they will lose points for each minute of overtime."

So, in other words, you are freed from the burden of visiting the checkpoints in a particular order, like you do in a normal orienteering course.

Age/Gender Scattergories

Again, let me quote some vintage Mark Blair, source of wisdom for such things as awards categories. This time, much more liberally so, I quote:

In the rogaine, a team must consist of at least 2, and no more than 6, members. Each team will register in one of 9 classes, based on the age and gender of its members. Qualifications of these classes are listed below:
Open Men (team is all men of any ages)
Open Women (team is all women of any ages)
Open Mixed (at least 1 man, at least 1 woman, of any ages)
Masters Men (team is all men whose average age is at least 40 years)
Masters Women (team is all women whose average age is at least 40 years)
Mixed Masters (at least 1 man, at least 1 woman, average age at least 40)
Veteran Men (team is all men whose average age is at least 50 years)
Veteran Women (team is all women whose average age is at least 50 years)
Mixed Veterans (at least 1 man, at least 1 woman, average age at least 50)
An "average age of at least X years" actually means two things: (1) the sum of the ages of all the members of your team must be at least X multiplied by the number of team members; (2) At least half your team members must be at least X years old. So one 30-year-old and one 50-year-old, for example, would be a perfectly legal Masters team but two 30-year-olds and one 60-year-old would not.
For each of the two time limits (3 hours and 6 hours), competition will take place within each one of these 9 classes, making a total of 18 individual class competitions. For each time limit, combined rankings will also be posted on the BAOC website and Bulletin in a number of categories: All Teams Combined, All Open Teams, All Masters Teams, All Veterans Teams, All Men's Teams, All Women's Teams, and All Mixed Teams.

What You Need To Do Before The Event

Pre-registration is required for this event. This is because of the Epunch situation. We can do the math and make sure each team has a proper E-stick if you just email us (well, me) at , subject "Morgan Territory", with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Age on Mar. 27, 2010 (for awards categories)
  3. Time Limit Preference: Definitely 6 hours, Definitely 3 hours, or "Unsure"
  4. Name(s) Teammate(s): "None so far" is an option
  5. Estick number: Put yours down, even if your teammate has one, or put none if you don't have one. This is critical so we can ensure the event runs smoothly.
  6. "How I want my Team to be listed." — Team name only or Team name with individuals' names — either way, come up with a Team name for now; you can change it later.

If you'd really love to do the event but don't have a teammate yet, we can help with matchmaking. Give an us an idea of how much you want to push the pace, and any other details about a good partner match and we'll try to help out.

We'll list teams as they preregister according to their preferences specified in item #6.

Preregistration List

  1. GC Goats: Steve Haas, Bill Follette
  2. The Al & Jim Team: Alan Houser, Jim Fish
  3. Whidbey Island Nerds: Bill and Heidi Cusworth
  4. Marsha Jacobs and Janet Petersen
  5. Team Rod and Brett: Rod Jaehn, Brett Lehigh
  6. Buzzards Follow Us: Bud Laird, Mark Jones
  7. Lost ~ The Final Season: Mark Petersen, Gavin Wyatt-Mair
  8. Dirty Avocados – Veterans: Mike Chastaine, Karl Royer
  9. The French Connection: Pierre Delforge, Francois Leonard
  10. Mark Prior, Mike Prindiville
  11. Lavazola: Amy Von Voorst, Mitch Giles, Wayne Giles, Vince Jacobs
  12. Ian & Phillip: Phillip Hoare, Ian Hoare
  13. baarbd babes: Jen Klafin, Jonathan Owens
  14. Gold Rush AR: Adrian Crane, Yitzhak Gilon
  15. Vickenny: Vicki Woolworth and Penny DeMoss
  16. Hopefully Ambulatory: Mark Blair, Johanna Merriss
  17. Racing with Giants Team 1: Randy Franklin, Susannah Cantrell
  18. Racing with Giants Team 3: Andrew, Kerri, Victoria, Kim
  19. National O-Team of Sri Lanka: Rich Brazeau, Scott Porter
  20. Kelly Burnham and Mike Miller
  21. Dawna Komorosky
  22. We Are From The Future: Margaret Longstreth, Marina Keating, Joe Maffei
  23. Thistle Stars: Peter Graube, Wes Erck
  24. Trip Advisor - Eric Rosenzweig
  25. Tiny Bubbles Junior Team - Michael, Cynthia, Harrison, Shane
  26. SOAR
  27. Forward Motion Race Club: Dave, Alvin, Brendan
  28. Racing with Giants Team 2: Stephanie, Joe
  29. Marie-Josee Parayre and friend
  30. JnJ: Jennifer Kerr and Joan Roos
  31. Alex Finch, Derek Sibilia
  32. Dos Locos: Phil L. and Scott S.
  33. Joe Saba
  34. Optimistically Lost: Scott S. (a different Scott S.) and Alanna D.
  35. The experiment: Bob and Jeanne
  36. Greg Favor
  37. Sebo Family: Lubomir and Matej
  38. Too Stupid to Quit: Steve Strickland, Julie Hyde
  39. On the Trail Again: Nancy Lindeman
  40. Derek, Deron, and Matthias
  41. FTW

What You Need To Do On The Day Of The Event

You will be carrying a (rather large) plastic-sealed map, another 8.5-by-11 inch sealed sheet with punch card and control descriptions, a mandatory safety whistle, one E-punch stick per team, and whatever other gear you decide to bring. Personal food and water is recommended, as you may not find it optimal to return to the "gathering spot" to refuel. Sunscreen and sun cover would be a great idea. Body cover and perhaps Tecnu, as poison oak is no stranger to Morgan Territory, although it should be avoidable.

All participants must report to the finish line, which is the same as the start line, even if they do not use the full allotted time.

If you start unsure of whether you'll be 3 or 6 hours, for results purposes you will be classified in the 6 hour category if you take longer than 3 hours 20 minutes. (And remember, this a penalty for each minute over 3 hours!)

Further details will be posted as the event approaches, or will be explained before the mass start on the day of the event.

Driving Directions

Take I-580 east to the North Livermore Avenue exit in Livermore. Everyone is strongly encouraged to carpool from a point near the freeway exit (see below), since parking at the park is very limited-see below for details.

To get to the park, head north on North Livermore Ave until forced to turn left onto Manning Road. Take the next right onto Morgan Territory Road, and continue 5.4 miles to the parking sign on the right. The road is very narrow with many sharp curves, so allow extra time and drive carefully.

Parking will be at Indian Springs Ranch, on the right just before the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve parking lot. Please abide by all parking instructions and signs. We are able to use this parking area thanks to the gracious permission of the ranch owners.

Parking and park admission are free.

Note: Parking on the road outside the park is not permitted.

There's a map here that shows the location of the event.

Carpool Site

Carpooling is strongly recommended from Wal-Mart Store #1972, which is just off I-580 at the North Livermore Avenue exit. The address is: 2700 Las Positas Road, Livermore, CA 94550. Exiting I-580, turn right onto North Livermore Ave, and turn left at the second light (Las Positas Rd). Make a left at the next light (Arroyo Plaza/Hilliker Pl) and meet in the Wal-Mart parking lot near Les Schwab Tires.

Note: Please do not park near the Wal-Mart entrance.