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Junior Orienteering Day Camp

Shell Ridge Open Space

Date: (Sun.) Sep. 26, 2010
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Event Director: - 925.872.3935
Course Setter: Jay Hann
Type: Junior; A one-day training camp for beginning orienteers, for the young and the young at heart

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

This Day Camp will be held at the Shell Ridge Open Space in Walnut Creek, meeting at the Marshall Drive entrance. (The location is shown on the Map of Upcoming BAOC Events.)

When: 9 AM to 5 PM

Where: Meet at the Marshall Drive entrance. Lunch will be near the Sutherland Drive entrance.

Fee: $15 per person includes lunch, maps, compass and e-punch finger-stick rental. Staff, youth staff, and helpers are free.

This will be Part 1 of a 2-part program. Part 2 of this course will take place sometime during November through February. In Part 2, you will set the course you designed for a COOL event.

This event is designed for kids, but people of any age are welcome.

Preregistration is required (for mapping exercise and lunch quantity); you will pay on site. To register, email with the following information:

What to Bring


  9:00 – Route-O
11:00 – White course
12:30 – Lunch
  1:00 – Contour Fun
  3:00 – Yellow Course
  4:00 – Design COOL Course
  4:45 – Part-1 graduation
  5:00 – Dismissal


Here is the list of the 25 people who have registered:

     Name               Age
     Kaisa Lee           8
     Jett Lee            6
     Andrea Bertke   Adult
     Ethan Bertke       12
     Jack Absher        13
     T.J. Hawes         11
     Beth Hawes          9
     Rory Maclean       11
     Jamie Maclean       6
     Ryan Whitman       12
     Jeffrey Gabie      12
     Chris Valenta   Adult
     Ian Valenta        15
     Ryan Valenta       15
     Ryan Thomure       11 
     Kevin Thomure      12
     Cassandra Pelayo   12
     Elisabeth Pelayo    9
     Hannah Kopisch      8
     Daniel Kim         13
     Natalie Kim        11
     Andrew Kim          8
     John Latchford     11
     Solly Marcus       11
     Jonathan Latchford Adult

     Derek Maclean   Adult
     Fred Hofstetter Adult
     Susan Kim       Adult

Driving Directions

Traveling north on I-680, take the Ygnacio Valley Road exit (which is just north of the Hwy 24 interchange). Turn right onto Ygnacio Valley, and go 0.9 mi to Homestead Ave. See below for the continuation from there.

Traveling south on I-680, take the N. Main Street exit, and head south on Main St. Turn left onto Ygnacio Valley and go to Homestead Ave.

Turn right onto Homestead, and go 0.2 mi to Marshall Drive (the first street on the left). Turn left onto Marshall, and go 1.1 mi to Indian Valley Elementary School (at the end of Marshall). The school gates are closed on weekends, so park on the street.

There's a map here that shows the location of the event. (Click on the "pins" in the East Bay until you find the one for this event, and then drag the map [not the pin] to center the pin, and zoom in to see more detail.)