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15th Annual Golden Goat and Golden Kid

Briones Regional Park

Date: (Sun.) Nov. 7, 2010
Location: Lafayette, CA
Event Director: - 415.948.5593
Course Setter: Martin Kunz
Type: Extra long course with a mass start -- sorry, but no beginner courses at this event

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

Note: Unlike most BAOC events, there will not be beginner courses at this event. We apologize for that, and hope beginners will attend another event.

Note: This event is not at the "normal" Bear Creek entrance to the park. See the driving directions below.

The annual Golden Goat and Golden Kid will be held at Briones Regional Park (at the Alhambra Staging Area) this year, with a mass start at 10:00 AM. Martin Kunz is the course setter for this event, so you can expect fun and challenging courses. Both courses include butterfly loops to make things a little more interesting, make sure to come in plenty of time to get registered before the 9:50 briefing, so you get all the details.

Course Stats

   Course        Distance   Climb
   Golden Kid     7.9 km   ~400 m
   Golden Goat   11.3 km   ~600 m

Note: This event is suitable for intermediate and advanced orienteers only. There will be no beginner (White/Yellow) courses at this event. We apologize to those who would have liked to participate in a beginner-level course. Please come to one of our upcoming regular events — see the schedule here.

Be sure to see the Course Setter's Notes for more information. (You have been warned!)


Awards will be given to the first male and first female in both the Goat and the Kid.

Results will also be added to the Golden Goat Lifetime Points Standings. Will Steve Gregg be able to keep the top position? It will be difficult, because Martin will get top points for being the course setter.


  9:00 AM – Registration opens
  9:50 AM – Pre-race briefing (see below)
10:00 AM – Mass start for Golden Goat and Golden Kid
  1:00 PM – Awards ceremony
  2:30 PM – Courses close

Note that a briefing will take place at 9:50 AM at the Start, which is about a 10-minute walk from Registration.

Look for the e-Stick reader near registration and get it to read your e-Stick before heading to the Start. (We're using the new system that Mark had at Briones.)

Please note that everyone must return to the Finish by the 2:30 course closing time, regardless of whether or not they have completed their course.


Club member entry fee – $10
Non-member entry fee – $15
E-stick rental – $3
Compass rental – $1

One Last Request

Volunteers are a bit thin on the ground, which is completely understandable given the nature of the event. This is not really a big deal, as there is less than usual to do on the day, but ... there still is some stuff that we may need help with please:

See how you're feeling on Sunday, and if that "I wonder if I should volunteer to help with something?" thought passes through your head let Marina know. There just may still be something you can help with.

[Editor's note: Helping at this event will be a good way to join in on the fun without suffering the "looong, gruesome, and grinding" course.]

Driving Directions

Note: The parking and gathering will be at the Alhambra Valley entrance to Briones — the north side of the park — not the normal west-side entrance from Bear Creek Rd. (There's a map with a "pin" that indicates the location. Don't be confused by the map "pin" on the west side of the park — that's for a different event. [Drag the map (not the pin) to center the pin in the window, and click on the "+" icon to zoom in for a larger view.])

Take the Pleasant Hill Rd exit off Highway 24 in Lafayette. Go north on Pleasant Hill Rd for 0.8 mile, and turn left onto Reliez Valley Rd. Stay on Reliez Valley Rd for 4.6 miles. Turn left at the large, brown sign that says "Alhambra Creek Valley Staging Area of Briones Regional Park". It is 0.8 mile to the parking kiosk. After paying the park fee ($5?) and parking, follow signs to registration.

There are picnic tables, so bring some snacks for afterward.

Carpooling is encouraged as always.