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Golden Gate Park

Date: (Sun.) Jun. 20, 2010
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 530.214.6168
Course Setters: Deron van Hoff, Scott Novotny
Type: C; White, Yellow, Orange, and Long Orange courses; demonstration Trail-O controls

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

In addition to the standard White (beginner), Yellow (experienced beginner), and Orange (intermediate) courses, there will be a Long Orange course. Its straight-line distance will be approximately 11 km! That should let people fully explore the updated map that we'll have this year, thanks to Bob Cooley.

As an added bonus, Dwight Freund will provide some demo Trail-O controls for newcomers to sample this form of orienteering, and for experienced people to practice their skills.

Note that the event location is different than in previous years. Directions are provided below. You can also look at this map to find the event location. (To see details, you can drag the map, and zoom in, and change to satellite view.)

We want to encourage a family day, since this event is on Fathers Day. Bring the family and enjoy the beautiful grass lawn at Bunny Meadows (behind the Conservatory of Flowers). Bring your chairs or blankets and have a picnic.

There will be a bring-a-friend-to-try-out-orienteering free offer at this event. BAOC members can introduce a friend (or two) to orienteering, and the friend(s) can run for free. At registration, the friend will fill out the normal form and just say they are a friend of _________. (The member is not required to accompany the friend on their course.)

The normal beginner clinics will be available, and (hopefully) other clinics as well.

The regular event schedule will apply:

Please note that everyone must check in at the Finish by 2:00 PM, even if they have not completed their course.

The course statistics are as follows:

   Course          Length    Climb   Controls   Map Scale
   White           2.4 km     20 m      19       1:5,000
   Yellow          3.1 km     30 m      15       1:5,000
   Orange          5.7 km    180 m      15       1:8,000
   Long Orange    11.1 km    310 m      28       1:8,000

Note: We will not be placing water on courses. People who expect to be on their course for a long time (e.g., the Long Orange course) may want to carry their own water. Of course, there are drinking fountains in the park (they're even indicated on the map), but you might not encounter them on your course.

Be sure to read the Course Setter's Notes for more information about the courses.

Request for Volunteers

As usual, this event cannot be held without the assistance of volunteers. Please contact the Event Director if you can help with control pickup. Many thanks to the people who have volunteered for the other tasks.

Driving Directions

Note: The event will be at a different location than we've used for the past few years. Bunny Meadows is located behind the Conservatory of Flowers. There's a map here that shows the location of the event. (To see details, you can drag the map, and zoom in, and change to satellite view.)

From Marin County and the Wine Country: Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and follow Route 1 South (Park Presidio Blvd). You want to turn left onto Fulton St at the northern boundary of the park, but you can't do that. So you'll need to turn right onto Cabrillo, left onto 15th Ave, and then left onto Fulton St. Drive about 8 blocks east of Park Presidio Blvd. Bunny Meadows is inside the park between 4th and 5th Ave on your left. There should be parking available along Fulton Street.

Southbound 101 Carpool Option: Want to split the Golden Gate Bridge toll? Take the Spencer Ave/Monte Mar Dr exit (this is the last exit before the southbound 101 tunnel to the bridge). A short way past the exit, there will be a Park and Ride lot on your left, which is immediately next to the south 101 onramp. If you are headed into SF via Marin, please take this small detour and share a ride. Please try to carpool if you can.

From the East Bay: Cross the Bay Bridge and take the 101 North/Golden Gate Bridge exit, which become Octavia St at Market St. Stay on Octavia for a few blocks, and turn left onto Fell St. Follow Fell St west for 1.5 miles. Turn right onto Stanyan, which is the eastern boundary of the park. Make the next left onto Fulton Street. Continue on for about 5 blocks. Bunny Meadows is inside the park between 4th and 5th Ave. There should be parking available along Fulton Street.

From the Peninsula and South Bay:

Public Transit

The San Francisco Muni 5 Fulton line comes all the way from downtown SF. There are many ways to connect to this line, including BART. Please go to for transit schedule/planning information.

Carpool Site

See the Driving Directions above for a suggested meeting place for people coming from Marin County.