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2010 BAOC Club Championships

Calero County Park

Date: (Sun.) Oct. 31, 2010 CANCELED
Location: San Jose, CA
Event Director: - 650.248.9595
Course Setters: Tapio Karras, Mark Rice, Toby Ferguson
Type: B; (Cancelled again!) The standard 7 courses, beginner through advanced. This event will be our 2010 Club Championships, with bragging rights to the victors in several categories.

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below.

This event is canceled (again)!

After consulting with the ranger multiple times, and studying the changing weather forecast, we have decided to cancel the Calero event. We will reschedule in September 2011.

Although Sunday is expected to be perfect weather, the rain on Saturday means no vehicle access on Sunday, and no vehicle access means it would be difficult to pull out an injured hiker. The ranger has advised us to cancel, and we are following his advice.

Please consider attending the other two events scheduled for Saturday morning this weekend: The COOL orientation and courses (which are open to all) at Oyster Bay, or the (terraloco) Alameda Thrills 'n Chills (

(1:06 PM, Friday, October 29, 2010)

Note: The Calero rangers will force us to cancel again if we receive heavy rain on, or a few days before, the event day. Please check here before the event to make sure it is still on.

Come join us for the 2010 BAOC Club Championships in beautiful Calero County Park. Toby and Mark are stepping out for the second time as course setters, with Tapio as mentor. In addition to all our regular courses, including clinics and courses for beginners, Dan Greene is offering an Intermediate Skills Clinic, and Alex Finch has set up a Trail-O demo. Finish your course in time to attend the Club Championship award ceremony at 1:30 PM. Come on out and enjoy what is predicted to be a drizzly Fall day.

This event will determine the 2010 BAOC Club Champions, but you don't need to be a championship contender to participate — everyone is welcome, from first-timer to experienced orienteer. (Please note, however, that only current club members can receive Club Championship awards. Is it time to renew your membership?)

Registration and Beginners Clinics will be in the main parking area. Both Start and Finish will be within a short walk from the parking area. Allow 15 minutes to reach the Start.

For more information about the typical costs and schedule at orienteering events, and more, please see our FAQ.

There will be a bring-a-friend-to-try-out-orienteering free offer at this event. BAOC members can introduce a friend (or two) to orienteering, and the friend(s) can run for free. At registration, the friend will fill out the normal form and just say they are a friend of _________. (The member is not required to accompany the friend on their course.)

Electronic punching will be used on all courses, including White and Yellow, so don't forget your e-sticks. You can rent an e-stick at Registration if you don't own one. See our User's Guide for information on how to use e-punch.

This event will have the usual seven courses. The final course statistics are as follows:

   Course    Length    Climb   Controls
   White     2.8 km    180 m     12
   Yellow    2.6 km    140 m     13
   Orange    3.7 km    180 m     14
   Brown     3.5 km    110 m     10
   Green     4.8 km    290 m     14
   Red       5.8 km    430 m     15
   Blue      6.9 km    500 m     20

Yes, that climb number for the White course is correct. Calero Park is a hilly place. The Yellow course is listed as having less climb because the optimum route on that course avoids some climb by going off trail.

In case you don't already know, the Length of a course is determined by simply adding up the straight-line distances between the controls. Of course, people seldom travel on those straight lines, so the actual distance covered will be longer. The Climb is determined by tracing the "optimum route" (i.e., in the opinion of the course setter) on the map, and counting the up-hill contour lines that are crossed. (No consideration is given to down-hill travel.) Thus, it is possible to complete the course with the stated amount of climb, but less-than-optimum routes and navigation errors will add climb.

Request for Helper

If you are planning to attend this event, we could use your help!

We have the following positions available:

Early Runners – 8:30
Starts – 9:30-11:00 (2 people)
Starts – 11:00-12:30 (2 people)
Finishes – 10:30-12:00 (1 person)
Finishes – 12:00-2:00 (1 person)
Beginner's clinics – 9:30-10:30 (2 people)
Beginner's clinic for GS troop – 11:30-noon (1 person)
Control Pick-up Organizer – 1:30-4:00 (1 person)
Control Pick-up Crew – 1:30-4:00 (3+ people)

Please let know if you can help at any of these positions.

Course Setters Notes

Here are some comments about the White, Yellow, and Orange courses:

For advanced courses, the emphasis this year was to set courses that included longer legs with surprising route choices. Only the competition on the day will tell us whether we've succeeded! Length and distance is a little above the 5-year Calero averages for Red and Blue, and a little below for Brown and Green.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Trail-O Demo

By Alex Finch

There will be a free, four-control Trail-O Demo/Training set up at Calero, open from 9:30 AM until 2:00 PM. Maps will be available near registration. You can either do the Trail-O on your walk to the Start, or you can do it after your course.

Trail-O is another form of orienteering. Think of it as an opportunity to look at a small piece of terrain in order to solve a puzzle the Course Setter has presented. No running, all mental, but not always as easy as it might seem. You will be given a map with a control circle and control description. You stand at a viewing point. In front of you will be 3–5 control bags in the field. All you have to do is decide which bag is the one in the center of the circle on the map. "None of the above" may also be the answer.

Honing your ability to compare your map to a piece of terrain in front of you can help you in regular Foot-O when you are searching for a control point, running through an area requiring fine navigation, trying to relocate, or selecting control sites as a course setter. Some of the best at Foot-O turn out to be the best at Trail-O. I don't think that is a coincidence.

The training is free, untimed, and unscored. This is your chance to start to get a feel for what Trail-O is about.

So improve your map/terrain reading skills, and have some fun at the same time.

Some things to keep in mind for Trail-O:

Driving Directions

From the Peninsula, take Highway 85 south to Almaden Expressway. Head south 5 miles to the end of the road. Turn right onto Harry, and then immediately left onto McKean. The main park entrance is 5 miles south on McKean. Go past the boat ramp, and turn instead at the entrance marked "Calero County Park; Park Office; Equestrian Center; All Trailheads".

From the East Bay, take Highway 101 south past San Jose and exit at Bailey Ave. After 3.2 miles west, Bailey ends at McKean. Turn left and go south 0.7 miles to the park entrance.

There's a map here that shows the location of the event.