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Camp Tamarancho

Date: (Sun.) Aug. 23, 2009
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Director: - 510.407.1876
Course Setter: Greg Ehrensing
Type: B; Join us for a wonderful summer day at Boy Scout Camp Tamarancho in the hills above Fairfax

Course Setter's Notes


Welcome to Camp Tamarancho! Yes, the road is as bad as ever, but I hope I've come up with some courses to make it worth the trouble! Despite it's (my?) reputation for steep, physical courses, I've managed to moderate the Orange and Brown courses, mostly by keeping them out of the canyon. Even the Green course only skirts it. Sorry Red and Blue, you're taking the plunge.

The Statistics

  Course     Length     Climb    Controls
  White      1.7 km      40 m       10   
  Yellow     2.5 km      70 m       10   
  Orange     3.5 km     135 m        9   
  Brown      3.5 km     135 m       10   
  Green      3.9 km     185 m       12   
  Red        5.2 km     265 m       15   
  Blue       5.8 km     305 m       18   

The Map

The trails are constantly changing at Tamarancho, though most are pretty distinct this late in the dry summer. A few new "volunteer" trails have appeared that might not be mapped. I did discover, in the last week, a new trail that has been built within the last month or so, which I was not able to correct on our map. It could be a route choice only on Red or Blue, and I will post something at the event.

Vegetation is still generally good.


Green X's are distinct trees in the forest, almost always large "pine" type trees (not redwoods).

Blue X's are water fountains or spigots. (I'm told all the water is drinkable.)

Black X's and O's are camp objects. X's may be signs or picnic tables, and O's are fire rings or totem poles.


Poison Oak – Of course there's poison oak, but it's displaying its red leaves at this time and is pretty easy to spot. There are showers available at the Finish. Bring your Tecnu if you're prone to poison oak.

Heat – It may be pretty warm or even hot. There will be water stops on the Orange and advanced courses and, as I said above, the water from the fountains throughout the camp is drinkable.

Mountain Bikes – Tamarancho is a very popular mountain bike venue. They're restricted to certain trails, but your route choices may include "their" trails. They can move fast and appear out of nowhere. They've always been courteous, and some have even come to run some of our courses.

Insects – We did have a bee/yellow-jacket incident two years ago. I didn't come across any nests during my field work, but I didn't two years ago either. I'll keep my eyes open while setting controls.

The archery and BB rifle ranges may be in use while we are there. None of the courses, or even route choices, should cross either range.

General Information

Start and Finish will be at Staff Hill, a short walk from parking.

E-Punch will be used with the GeBe printer on all courses.

Long pants and/or gaiters are recommended for the Orange and advanced courses, mostly due to stickers in the tall grass.

Traction shoes or cleats are a good idea on the Green, Red, and Blue courses.

Don't let the bad road keep you from joining us for a fun event at a venue not normally accessible to the general public!!

(And while you're in Fairfax, don't miss out on the homemade, organic ice cream at The Scoop. Ask for directions!)