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Little Truckee Summit

Tahoe National Forest

Date: (Fri.) Aug. 7, 2009
Location: Truckee, CA
Event Director: - 925.934.6567
Course Setter: Jay Hann
Type: C; This AFTERNOON event is a test of the Tahoe National Forest--an area we are considering for our potential JWOC bid

Course Setter's Notes



  Course    Length    Climb   Controls   Scale
  White     1.7 km     40 m      10       5000
  Yellow    1.7 km     61 m       7       5000
  Brown     4.0 km    110 m       5      10000
  Green     6.3 km    170 m       8      10000
  Blue      8.2 km    195 m       9      15000


The map was made by tracing USGS contours and adding vegetation features from aerial photos.

There are many unmapped roads. Only boulders that I could see from the road when I was paying attention are mapped. No fight is mapped. Green Xs are lone trees. Green Os are Copses. Brown Xs are root stalks or stumps. No fences are mapped, although the only fences I saw were on private property. Private property is mapped as out-of-bounds.

There is no legend on the maps.

The contour interval is 40 feet.

There are two legs on the Yellow course that are more like Orange difficulty.

The Brown course involves punching the start, then driving 3 miles and parking closer to the controls, doing five controls, then driving back to the parking lot and punching the finish.

There will be water on the courses.

All the advanced courses share the same five controls, so leg comparisons will be easy.

A sample White map is available here (