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Special Board Meeting

Date: (Sun.) Jan. 11, 2009
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Directors: - 650.906.9672, - 650.248.9595
Type: Special meeting to discuss a possible bid for the 2012 Junior World Orienteering Championship (JWOC); all club members are welcome to attend

The U.S. Orienteering Federation (USOF) has encouraged clubs to support an American bid to hold the 2012 Junior World Orienteering Championship (JWOC). Gavin Wyatt-Mair has done an analysis of the effort for BAOC to host the event, and has presented a proposal to the BAOC Board of Directors. We will be holding a special meeting of the Board this Sunday, January 11, to consider the proposal and decide whether to forward a bid to USOF.

All interested club members are welcome to attend the meeting. It will be held in the Oakland area, starting about 3 PM (see below for details). This will allow people attending the terraloco event ( in Joaquin Miller Park to attend the Board meeting. Details of the meeting will be sent to the BayONet and published here when plans are final.

This would be an extremely large undertaking for the club, but it has great potential benefit for BAOC, USOF, and the sport of orienteering in the USA. The decision will require careful thought, and the Board welcomes your comments.

Nick Corsano
BAOC President

Location and Time

The special meeting of the BAOC Board of Directors to discuss the proposal to bid for the 2012 Junior World Orienteering Championships will be held at the home of Jay Hann's parents in Piedmont.

Place – 213 Hillside Ave, Piedmont, 94611
Date – Sunday, January 11
Time – Pre-meeting begins at 2:00, meeting starts at 3:00

Driving directions are provided below.

In the pre-meeting time, there will be materials about JWOC to view.

Again, all club members are welcome to attend.


Here is a very brief overview of what we would be committing to if we bid for, and are awarded, the 2012 Junior World Orienteering Championship. This would require a sharing of responsibility and resources between BAOC and USOF.

JWOC itself: Eight days in early July, 2012

Model events: Immediately prior to JWOC

Training events: Probably Aug–Sept 2011

Current thinking is to hold the opening ceremony and sprint in Golden Gate Park, and to make new Tahoe-area maps for the rest of the JWOC events. Existing Tahoe maps could be used for the training and model events. Regular A-meets would be held concurrently with the training events and JWOC. We would be able to bid for U.S. Champs or other designations for these events as well.

In addition to the standard work of putting on an A-meet, this will take expertise in logistics, marketing, media, finance, etc., some of which will require contracting with outside people.

Pre-Meeting Videos

Before the Board meeting this Sunday, I'm planning to screen the following videos:

1:57 PMIrish O film – 13 minutes
2:10 PMArena Production – 44 minutes
2:55 PMTero Follow Me (high resolution) – 5 minutes

The Irish O film is the one that Jeff L. found. I've since purchased 4 DVDs of this.

The Arena Production is an IOF PowerPoint video and audio talking about TV cameras, sound, and big-screen video for Orienteering meets. This subject has bearing on the JWOC proposal, since it outlines some of the technical expectations we may face. This is what the IOF page says about it:

High-quality arena production has become almost mandatory for modern world-level orienteering competitions such as World Championships and World Cup events. One of the tasks of the IOF Professional Arena Production working group has been to compile and spread the knowledge of what constitutes, and how to plan, a quality arena production.
The brand-new CD Introduction to Arena Production is a 45-minute program aiming at giving the viewer a basic understanding of this topic. The CD includes a number of examples and video clips, and it is guided by a speaker voice (English). The CD will be distributed to all IOF member federations, to appointed Senior Event Advisers and organisers of future major IOF events. Should you want to obtain copies of the CD, please send your order to the IOF Secretariat by .

The Tero Follow Me video is a high-resolution (as opposed to the Web version) copy that my friend Lou Poitras found. We use it in conjunction with our presentations on Orienteering. The participation of Lia Warner in COOL may be directly attributable to the 1-hour presentation I did for her 4th-grade class. This video was part (ten percent) of the presentation.

Everyone is invited to attend.

Jay Hann
BAOC Juniors Director

Driving Directions

The location is midway between I-580 and Highway 13.

Here are directions from Highway 13 (Warren Freeway): Exit at Moraga Ave (two exits north of Joaquin Miller Road). Go west on Moraga Ave about 1.3 miles. Turn left onto Highland and go two blocks. Turn right onto Blair and go two blocks. Turn left onto Hillside. The address is in the first block.

Here are directions from east-bound I-580: Exit at Oakland Ave. Turn left onto Oakland Ave and go about 1 mile. Turn left onto Hillside. The address is in the first block.

Here are directions from west-bound I-580: Exit at Oakland Ave. and get to the right immediately after the end of the exit ramp. Turn right onto Oakland Ave, and go about 1 mile. Turn left onto Hillside. The address is in the first block.