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2009 Sierra Avalanche Ski-O Champs, Day 1

Royal Gorge Cross Country

Date: (Sun.) Jan. 25, 2009
Location: Soda Springs, CA
Event Director: - 650.793.8764
Course Setter: Brenda Giese
Type: Ski-O; Score-O course

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

The Day-1 event is "score-O" format for the Orange, Green, Red, and Blue courses. The White course, which is made for beginners, will be a point-to-point course. Score-O courses require that you find as many controls as possible, in any order, in a set amount of time, in this case 1.75 to 2.5 hours. Point-to-point courses require that you find a series of controls in a specified order in whatever amount of time it takes to find them (before the course closes).

Sometimes, score-O courses have point values assigned to the controls, but at this event each control has the same value as all other controls. Be careful though, not all the controls that you will encounter will be on your course.

E-Punch Will Be Used at This Event

In a policy reversal, it has been decided that we can use E-punching at this event, so we will use it. Bring your SPORTident E-punch finger sticks.


The terrain at Royal Gorge is hilly with some flat terrain. The starts and finishes are at about 7200 feet but the competition area has elevations from 6900 feet to 7800 feet. All courses except white will experience some climb.

Rope Tows

Royal Gorge has three rope tows to help skiers go up some steeper hills that are used for telemarking. You are free to use the rope tows during the competition, but you must wait your turn, and you must be ready for the rope tow to stop whenever someone slips or falls from the tow line.


There is a maintenance trail that you must avoid using at all times. That trail is clearly marked as out of bounds for skiers, and it does not have tracks for skiers. STAY OFF THAT TRAIL, OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THIS EVENT. That trail is for the event management to use for moving equipment and for emergencies.

Courses and Classes

The following course classifications and competitive classes will be offered:

  Course   Competitive Classes      Less Competitive
  White    (None)                   F-White, M-White
  Orange   F-16, F55+               F-Orange, M-Orange
  Green    F-20, F40+, M-16, M55+   F-Green, M-Green
  Red      F-21+, M-20, M40+        M-Red
  Blue     Amazon, M-21+

The competitive classes are based on your "USOF age": 2009 minus your birth year. A minus sign means the stated age "and younger". A plus sign means the stated age "and older".

The Amazon class is for women who want to compete against other women on the hardest course. Women are always free to compete in the male classes but males cannot compete in the female classes.

Groups get a time recorded for their course but are not included in class competitions. Parents who shadow youngsters (typically under 10 years of age) are not considered to be part of a group and are not charged an orienteering fee (but they must have a trail pass to ski the trails).

Trail-Pass Fees

If you already have a season or multi-day trail pass for this event day, you do not need to purchase a trail pass.

                Preregistration   Registration
  Adult  (17+)        $24             $24
  Junior (11-16)      $12             $12
  Child  (0-10)       Free            Free

Pass fees are based on your actual age on the day of the event.

Orienteering Fees

All competitors pay one of the following orienteering fees (which are based on your actual age on the day of the event).

                Preregistration   Registration
  Adult  (21+)        $10             $15
  Junior (8-20)       $ 5             $ 5
  Child  (0-7)        Free            Free

Compass and E-stick Rentals

These items are optional rentals. If you need a compass (most people do not need these on ski trails), you can rent one for $1.

E-punch will be used. If you do not have an E-punch SI card (finger stick), you can rent one for $3 per day.

Event Schedule

   9:00  Registration opens
  10:00  Starts begin (first come, first served)
  12:00  Registration ends
  12:30  Last start (later starts by approval of course setter only)
   2:30  Courses close, cleanup begins
   5:00  Cleanup ends

Event Cancellation

We have yet to cancel an event or close our courses early, but we've come close to doing that. In the event that the resort closes, we automatically have to cancel our event and remove it from our championship series. Also, if we are not able to set up the equipment or safely have people ski, we automatically cancel or close the event.

Last year, we endured four blizzards with a total of eight feet of snow dropped over six days, but we didn't close one event. At times, the highway was closed, but the resort was open and we were in place ready to start people when they were able to arrive. Of course, when there are horrendous conditions, we cannot always guarantee that all trails will be groomed. If you encounter an ungroomed trail, we will ignore that control in the results—feel free to continue to the next control. There is no point in going after a control that is not on a trail, because we will exclude it from the competition.

If the resort is open, but snow conditions don't warrant a point-to-point event, we will automatically change the course to score-O format. This typically happens if too many trails remain ungroomed to run a point-to-point event.

If an event is canceled, we automatically refund your orienteering fee, and we will do whatever we can to refund your trail pass as well. Refunds might be mailed out after the event.

Driving Directions

From I-80 about 80 minutes east of Sacramento (15 minutes west of Truckee), take the Norden/Soda Springs exit (Exit 174). Go straight through the village for about a mile to the first blinking light/stop sign. Turn right; go across the railroad tracks, past the Soda Springs Downhill Ski area on your right, up the hill and turn at the second right (you'll see signs by now). After the turn, go straight to the Summit Station parking lot of the Royal Gorge ski area lodge.


Class (course)

 Name                 Controls    Points    Time   Penalty   Total   Event Score

F-21+ (Red--2:10:00 max.)

 Julie Raymond       21              105     2:07:36   0       105          100.00
 Sharon Crawford     20              100     2:06:38   0       100           95.24

F40+ (Green--1:45:00 max.)

 Carol Schick-Lyda   13               65     1:32:08   0        65          100.00

F55+ (Orange--1:45:00 max.)

 Anndy Wiselogle      8               40     2:06:28   22     18          100.00
 Rosemary Johnson     6               30     2:00:17   16     14           77.78

F65+ (Orange--1:45:00 max.)

 Dayle Levine        16               80     1:40:03    0       80          100.00
 Nancy Lindeman       4               20     1:30:21    0       20             25.00

M-21+ (Blue--2:30:00 max.)

 Greg Walker         27               135     2:21:36    0     135       100.00
 Donatas Ereminas    26               130     2:22:07    0     130        96.30
 Neil Hunt           24               120     2:26:15    0     120        88.89
 Chuck Lyda          24               120     2:29:10    0     120        88.87
 Ken Walker Sr.      24               120     2:36:13    7     113        83.70

M40+ (Red--2:10:00 max.)

 Mike Poulsen        16                80       1:52:01   0      80         100.00
 Bob Baylor          13                65       2:07:52   0      65           81.25
 Douglas Berling     13                65       2:15:32   6      59            73.75
 Scott Drumm          9                45       1:48:12   0      45            56.25
 Pete Olsen           7                35       1:46:25   0      35            43.75

M55+ (Green--1:45:00 max.)

 Max Suter           15                75       1:52:49   8      67          100.00

F-open (Orange--1:45:00 max.)

 Jennifer Heckendorn 15           75       1:58:49   14         61          100.00
 Sherry Timmerman    11           55       1:28:54     0         55            90.16

M-open (Orange--1:45:00 max.)

 Oleg Shakhnovsky    11             55        1:37:11     0         55          100.00
 Jim Fish                         8             40        1:48:40     4         36             65.45

F-open (Green--1:45:00 max.)

 Trinka Gillis       12            60         1:45:49    1          59          100.00

M-open (Red--2:10:00 max.)

 Bjorn Widerstrom   14           70         2:00:56     0         70          100.00

White Course (point-to-point format)

 Galena Shakhnovsky                                                                            100.00