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2009 Sierra Avalanche Ski-Orienteering Championships

Five Days, Five Venues in the Lake Tahoe Area

Date: Jan. 25 - Feb. 1, 2009
Location: Lake Tahoe Area
Event Director: - 650.793.8764
Course Setters: Brenda Giese, Bob Baylor, Chuck Lyda, Matthias Kohler
Type: Ski-O; 5 Ski-O events in 8 days in the Lake Tahoe area -- Register by JANUARY 16 for discounts


Use the preregistration form (PDF 46KB)¹ to submit your registration. The mailing address is on the form.

Here is the registration schedule:

Everyone is welcome, but please preregister so we know how may maps to print. There will be a few extra copies, and we typically can print maps at the event, but our capabilities for this are limited and require waiting. If you cannot preregister, but intend to come, please tell the events and class for your probable competitions (you might not get a discount but we should have a map printed for you).

Registered Participants

As of December 15, the following people have registered:

  1. Sam Zabell, M-16
  2. Sharon Crawford (RMOC), F-21+
  3. Greg Walker (CSU), M-21+
  4. Ken Walker Sr. (CSU), M-21+
  5. Charlie Shahbazian (CAOC), M-21+
  6. Benjamin Legg (BAOC), M-21+
  7. Karen Sessler (BAOC), F40+
  8. Matthias Kohler (BAOC), M40+
  9. Manfred Kopisch (BAOC), M40+
  10. Bob Baylor (BAOC), M40+
  11. Dan Greene (BAOC), M40+
  12. Kent Ohlund (BAOC), M40+
  13. Rosemary Johnson (BAOC), F55+
  14. Helene Gordon (BAOC), F55+
  15. Anndy Wiselogle (CROC), F55+
  16. Jennifer Kerr (GCO), F55+
  17. Max Suter (AZ), M55+
  18. Nancy Lindeman (BAOC), F65+
  19. Dayle Lavine (ROC), F65+
  20. Clark Maxfield (CAOC), M65+
  21. Jim Fish (BAOC), M65+
  22. Bob Cooley (BAOC), M65+
  23. Francois Leonard (BAOC), M-Green
  24. Daniel Kopisch (BAOC), M-Green
  25. Philipp Kopisch (BAOC), M-Green
  26. Sherry Timmerman (Arctic), F-Orange
  27. Lauren Knight (BAOC)
  28. Alan Houser (BAOC), M-Orange
  29. Hannah Kopisch (BAOC), F-White
  30. Natalie Pelayo (BAOC), F-White
  31. Cassandra Pelayo (BAOC), F-White
  32. Elisabeth Pelayo (BAOC), F-White
  33. Marie-Josee Parayre (BAOC)
  34. Peter Olsten
  35. Michelle Daher
  36. Jay Hann (BAOC-shadow for Emily Hann)
  37. Emily Hann (BAOC)
  38. Mikkel Conradi (BAOC)

The following people are probable registrants, but their registrations have not been received yet:

  • Brenda Giese (BAOC)
  • Chuck Lyda
  • Carol Schick-Lyda
  • John Veale
  • Alex Finch, wife, and her friend
  • Toby Ferguson and wife


¹ PDF files can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader ( program.