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Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

Date: (Sun.) Nov. 22, 2009
Location: Livermore, CA
Event Directors: - 510.604.2688, - 415.948.5593
Course Setter: Damian Swift
Type: B; Morgan Territory is always a great venue, and Damian (who hails from New Mexico Orienteering) will be setting his first courses for BAOC

Course Setter's Notes

By Damian Swift


Morgan Territory is BAOC's nicest venue relatively close to the urban Bay Area. It is a mixture of oak forest with large areas of grassland, and some fight. It is not as steep as many of our Bay Area parks, but still has significant hills and some crags.


Notable aspects of the park, and you'll understand this is not exhaustive in a legally binding sense, include:


I would like to acknowledge helpful comments from Graeme Ackland on the Green-to-Blue courses. (Graeme "came first" in the U.S. Champs a few years ago, but failed to "win" owing to an incorrect choice of nationality.)

Start Areas and Finish

The Start and Finish for all courses are close to the main Morgan Territory trailhead. So those people who, like me, end up rushing late to events only to find there's a remote start offering a lovely aerobic warm-up double before the last start time, possibly in the wrong direction allowing a refreshing sprint back again, may be disappointed. (Real orienteers don't read pre-event notes.)

Please be sure and clear and check your finger stick before your start time. When the signal is given, place your finger stick in the Start unit and follow the streamers to the start triangle. Be sure to take the proper map, and then begin to navigate to your first control.

The Finish will be near the assembly area.

Map Comments

The map, originally by Zoran Krivokapic in 2001, is generally still accurate. I will try to make a couple of updates before we print, affecting Blue particularly.

The map does not accurately represent animal trials, which should be borne in mind on Orange–Blue. Some old trails have faded or evolved, and there are some distinct, unmapped trails. Some areas of the park have many more rocks than shown, recent meteorites no doubt, but I don't think they materially affect any course.

A green circle indicates a distinct or lone tree, and a green × indicates a standing dead tree. A brown × indicates a dead tree that has fallen down, but that usually does not have a significant amount of dirt on the roots.

Course Statistics

Here are the final course statistics. (Note that they have changed since the original publication of these Notes.)

   Course    Distance    Climb   Controls   Technical Difficulty
   White      1.9 km      65 m      10      Beginner
   Yellow     3.2 km      70 m      10      Advanced Beginner
   Orange     3.7 km     105 m      11      Intermediate
   Brown      3.4 km      85 m      13      Advanced
   Green      5.5 km     175 m      14      Advanced
   Red        5.8 km     335 m      15      Advanced
   Blue       7.0 km     350 m      16      Advanced

The Blue course includes a lot of tradeoff between distance and climb.