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Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

Date: (Sun.) Nov. 22, 2009
Location: Livermore, CA
Event Directors: - 510.604.2688, - 415.948.5593
Course Setter: Damian Swift
Type: B; Morgan Territory is always a great venue, and Damian (who hails from New Mexico Orienteering) will be setting his first courses for BAOC

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

On Sunday, November 22nd, we return to one of our favorite orienteering locations, Morgan Territory Regional Preserve. Newcomers are very welcome. We offer beginners' courses suitable for both individuals and families.

The standard event schedule and fees will apply.

Beginner's clinics are short explanations of orienteering, adequate to prepare anyone for the beginner's (White) course.

All seven standard course levels will be offered. Everyone is welcome to try any course that matches their skill level.


The terrain is approximately 50% open oak forest, 40% grassland, and 10% fight. It is not very steep by Bay Area standards, but there will still be some amount of climb. The white forest has good visibility and running, except on the steep slopes. There is a moderate trail network. There are numerous rock features and some fine contour detail, which will provide interesting and challenging orienteering. The map was produced by Zoran Krivokapic for the O' in the Oaks World Ranking Event in 2001.

Green circles indicate distinct or lone trees, and a green × indicates a standing dead tree. A brown × indicates a dead tree that has fallen down, but which usually does not have significant amount of dirt on the roots.

There are many animal trails that are variably mapped. Some of them appear to be quite distinct, yet may not be on the map. Others may be mapped as indistinct trails, or even small trails.


The climate in early December can be quite variable, ranging from sunny clear days with a high temperature of about 70 degrees, to cooler temperatures in the mid 40's. There is a moderate to good chance of rain.


There is a moderate amount of poison oak in the park. Poison oak will have mainly lost its leaves in December, and can be seen as a groundcover with short stems, about 1 foot high, vines, and occasional bushes. The stems and stalks still have the antigen that causes the rash, so the best policy is to identify the plant, avoid it if possible, wear long pants and long-sleeve shirts, strip and wash off with Tecnu (available at most drug stores) right after the race and again when you get back to your hotel or home, place your competition clothes, including shoes, in a plastic bag and do not touch them again until they have been washed. Use a high-strength topical steroid cream (e.g., Fluocinonide, 0.05%) as soon as you feel any itching or notice any small red bumps or lines on your skin, usually about 24 to 48 hours after exposure. If you use the topical steroid cream early, you can virtually eliminate any severe rash, but if you wait until the rash has appeared, it takes much longer to get it under control.

Mountain lions, coyotes, and rattlesnakes live in the park, but spotting them this time of year would be rare. If you encounter any of these predators walk slowly away (Do not run!).

All participants must carry a whistle for emergency use. If you do not have a whistle, ask for a free one at Registration.


The standard seven courses will be offered. Here are the (final) course statistics:

   Course    Distance    Climb   Controls   Technical Difficulty
   White      1.9 km      65 m      10      Beginner
   Yellow     3.2 km      70 m      10      Advanced Beginner
   Orange     3.7 km     105 m      11      Intermediate
   Brown      3.4 km      85 m      13      Advanced
   Green      5.5 km     175 m      14      Advanced
   Red        5.8 km     335 m      15      Advanced
   Blue       7.0 km     350 m      16      Advanced

See the Course Setter's Notes for more information.

Start Areas

All courses will start from the same place near the registration area.

Please be sure and clear and check your finger stick before your start time. Clear and Check units will be located near the start. When it is your time to start, be sure to take the proper map, place your finger stick in the Start unit, and then begin to navigate to your first control.

Electronic Punching

SPORTident (SI) electronic punching will be used for all the courses. If you do not own your own SI Card, you may rent one for $3.00/day. See our User's Guide to Electronic Punching for information about use of electronic punching.

Event Officials

Event Directors: Joe Maffei and Marina Keating
Course Setter: Damian Swift
Mapping Director: Bob Cooley

Request for Helpers

As of Nov. 16, we still have some open volunteer slots for the event.

Note: Volunteers for this event get to park in the parking lot, rather than at the ranch next door.

We need help, please, with the following:

  1. Parking — 10:15–11:15 AM (we have permission to park at the ranch next door again)
  2. Starts (3 shifts)
  3. Manning the GeBe station/printer (2 shifts)
  4. Could also use a few more pairs of hands/legs for control pick up

If you are coming to the event, and have a little time to help out, just let know what your preferred task/time is.


Driving Directions

Take I-580 east to the North Livermore Avenue exit in Livermore. Everyone is strongly encouraged to carpool from a point near the freeway exit (see below), since parking at the park is very limited-see below for details.

To get to the park, head north on North Livermore Ave until forced to turn left onto Manning Road. Take the next right onto Morgan Territory Road, and continue 5.4 miles to the parking sign on the right. The road is very narrow with many sharp curves, so allow extra time and drive carefully.

Parking will be at Indian Springs Ranch, on the right just before the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve parking lot. Please abide by all parking instructions and signs. We are able to use this parking area thanks to the gracious permission of the ranch owners.

Parking and park admission are free.

Note: Parking on the road outside the park is not permitted.

There's a map here that shows the location of the event.

Carpool Site

Carpooling is strongly recommended from Wal-Mart Store #1972, which is just off I-580 at the North Livermore Avenue exit. The address is: 2700 Las Positas Road, Livermore, CA 94550. Exiting I-580, turn right onto North Livermore Ave, and turn left at the second light (Las Positas Rd). Make a left at the next light (Arroyo Plaza/Hilliker Pl) and meet in the Wal-Mart parking lot near Les Schwab Tires.

Note: Please do not park near the Wal-Mart entrance.