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Spring Lake Regional Park and
Boggs Mountain State Demonstration Forest

Featuring the 2009 U.S. Team Trials

Date: May. 1 - 3, 2009
Location: Santa Rosa, CA & Cobb, CA
Event Directors: - 510.681.6181, - 415.456.8118
Course Setters: Mikkel Conradi, Evan Custer, George Minarik
Type: A; 3-day A-meet, featuring the 2009 U.S. Team Trials and 2 WRE days; recreational courses Saturday & Sunday for non-competitors

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Event Director's Notes

Course Setters' Notes: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Preregistration has ended!

See the Event Timetable, Registration, and Event Fees sections below for more information.

Model Event Maps for Boggs Mountain

The maps can now be viewed and printed with the following links: Model Event Map 1:10000 (PDF 843KB), Model Event Map 1:15000 (PDF 911KB).¹ The maps are scaled at 1:10000 and 1:15000, respectively. (See more information below.)

Event Flyer (PDF 902KB)¹



Spring Lake Regional Park and Boggs Mountain State Demonstration Forest are now embargoed for anyone intending to compete in the 2009 U.S. Team Trials or the A-Meet. Orienteers visiting these parks between October 20, 2007 and April 30, 2009 will be disqualified from the U.S. Team Trial competition. Orienteers visiting these parks between September 23, 2008 and April 30, 2009 can participate in the A-Meet, but their results will not be counted.

WRE Approved

The Saturday and Sunday courses have been designated as World Ranking Events (for M–21+ and F–21+ only).

Event Description

The Bay Area Orienteering Club will be hosting a 3-day A-meet open to all orienteers. The event will feature the 2009 U.S. Team Trials, where our Team that will compete at the World Championships in Hungary in the summer will be selected. There will be a sprint on Friday, May 1, at Spring Lake Regional Park ( in Santa Rosa; a medium-distance course on Saturday, May 2, and a long-distance course on Sunday, May 3, both of which will be at Boggs Mountain State Demonstration Forest ( in Cobb, CA. (See What are Short, Middle and Long Courses?). The latter two events are designated as World Ranking Events, which means the M–21+ and F–21+ classes will earn world ranking points.

Santa Rosa is about 1 hour north of San Francisco, and Cobb is another 1.5 hours north of Santa Rosa. The nearest major airports are Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Jose. Sonoma County Airport is a regional airport that is served by Horizon Air (

There will also be a standard A-meet for all classes held concurrently with the Team Trials. And there will be recreational courses available on all 3 days.

Boggs Mountain was used for the first time in October 2007, for the Western States Championships. The forest consists mostly of mature pine with excellent runnability. The climbs are moderate and very little poison oak has been spotted. The elevation range of the courses will be between 2800 and 3600 feet above sea level. May weather should be very nice, with only a very slight chance of rain. May has an average high temperature of 74°F and an average low of 45°F.

Boggs Forest (as the locals call it) is a plateau that rises above the small town of Cobb. On top of this plateau are a dozen or so small hilltops of varying height. Most of the hilltops are flattish. The slopes of these small hills are mostly gradual, although at least two of the slopes are quite steep. On top of this plateau is a mostly mature pine forest consisting of ponderosa, sugar, and other pines. There is also a smattering of hardwood trees. The major ground vegetation consists of manzanita and coffeeberry bushes. Much of the ground slash has been removed, but there are some areas of extensive slash.

Bordering the plateau is terrain that drops off sharply. On these steeper border slopes the forest becomes thicker and more deciduous with oak and bay trees. The manzanita and coffeeberry ground cover thickens up, and the ground slash is more widespread. Reentrant systems appear here in the form of streams and gullies.

Rock features appear unevenly throughout the park. The northern half of the park has extensive amounts of boulder groups and rock faces. Many single boulders dot the landscape. The southern half has much less rock.

There is an extensive road and trail network throughout the park, consisting of old and new logging roads, mountain bike trails, and hiking paths.

The Course Setters' Notes provide detailed information about each day's event: Friday sprint courses, Saturday middle-distance courses, Sunday long-distance courses.

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Event Timetable

See the Event Director's Notes for the latest timetable.

Fri, Feb 20 – Early registration opens
Tue, Apr 7 – Early-registration deadline
Mon, Apr 20 – Preregistration deadline
Fri, May 1 – Spring Lake packet pickup, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Fri, May 1 – Sprint starts at Spring Lake, 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Fri, May 1 – Sprint Courses close, 3:00 PM
Fri, May 1 – Model Event open at Boggs Mtn Campground, 4:00 PM to dusk.
Fri, May 1 – Packet pickup at Eagle & Rose Inn, Cobb, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Sat, May 2 – Model Event open at Boggs Mtn. campground, dawn to 2:00 PM
Sat, May 2 – Packet pickup at Boggs Mtn. campground, 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon
Sat, May 2 – Middle courses starts, 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Sat, May 2 – Courses close, 2:30 PM
Sun, May 3 – Packet pickup at Boggs Mtn. campground, 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Sun, May 3 – Long courses starts, 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Sun, May 3 – Awards and U.S. Team Selection, 1:00 PM
Sun, May 3 – Courses close, 2:30 PM

Spring Lake Sprint Courses (Friday)

The Sprint Courses will be held at Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa. The Team Trials participants will start soon after 11:00 AM. Other classes will follow after all the Team Trialers have started. There will be three sprint courses set. The classes are as follows:

Sprint #1: M21T (team trialers), M-21+

Sprint #2: F21T (team trialers), F-21+ plus all other Red, Green, Brown, and Orange classes.

Sprint #3: All Yellow and White classes.

Boggs Mountain Model Event (Friday)

This Model Event is an untimed, self-serve, practice course. It is open from 4 PM Friday to 2 PM Saturday. The course starts near the Boggs Mtn Campground. All you need is the map. You can purchase the map of this event with your preregistration, to be mailed to you about two weeks prior to the event. The maps can also be viewed and printed with the following links: Model Event Map 1:10000 (PDF 843KB), Model Event Map 1:15000 (PDF 911KB).¹ The maps are scaled at 1:10000 and 1:15000, respectively.

Only the in-bounds area depicted on the model event map may be entered during the model event. Areas of the forest not shown on the model map (with the exception of the specified road you drove in on) remain embargoed up until the competition.

The main emphasis of the model event is to demonstrate examples of the terrain, vegetation, and control points that will be encountered on the A-meet courses and map. It is not necessarily a guide to the course-setting style or map quality. The technical difficulty of the model event ranges from moderate to advanced. Beginners or children may want to do this course with an advanced adult.

The course twice crosses the main park road, which will have moderate traffic (mostly orienteers). There is roadwork being done on this dirt road. Thus, some stretches of this road may be wider, and have some large earth banks and boulders that don't appear on the map.

Boggs Mountain Map

The map was field checked and drawn in OCAD in 2006 and 2007 by Vladimir Zherdev under the direction of Bob Cooley, BAOC Mapping Director. Maps will be printed at 1:10000 for both days. This is except for the M21 and F21 long courses on Sunday, which will be printed at 1:15000 per IOF rules. The contour interval is 5 meters. The map is of high quality.

Vegetation will be quite important. The open forest is mapped as white and is very fast. Light green is usually younger trees close together. It is also quite fast. Medium green can be forest mixed with bushes and slash. It is a slow run. Dark green is mostly mature manzanita bushes. It is sometimes impassable, but not always. The non-forest areas of bushes are mapped as two types of green vertical lines. The widely-spaced vertical lines indicate bushy areas that can easily be run through. In the areas with closely-spaced vertical lines, it takes more time and effort to get around the bushes, but these areas are also passable. The mapper has used black dots to indicate many distinct vegetation edges. The distinctness of these edges is not always evident. Plus some vegetation edges that are not bordered by black dots can appear quite distinct.

Boggs Forest is crisscrossed by an extensive network of roads and trails. But many of these tracks can be a bit hard to see, mainly due to the pine needles that cover them in various thicknesses. This is, after all, a pine forest. Every effort has been made to visit all the tracks that competitors are likely to traverse or cross on their routes. We've represented each of these on the map as either a road, a vehicle track, a large or small footpath, an indistinct footpath, or a narrow ride. In this assortment most of the abandoned logging roads are mapped as narrow rides. A narrow ride will appear in the forest as a less than distinct, abandoned track that has the width of a vehicle track. Narrow rides could be covered with pine needles, slash, broken ground, or bushes. An indistinct footpath is similar, but much narrower.

The map contains a myriad of different rock features. Generally boulders over 1 meter are mapped. Some boulders under one meter are mapped. This is especially true of ones that stick out by themselves in the terrain. Some of these smaller boulders could be used as control points. There are many dot knolls on the map. At least two of these are anthills (with big red ants).

Photo gallery image (click to enlarge)


Firearms are allowed in most areas of the forest at any time, although there are no hunting seasons planned at this time. There is an informal shooting range in the Southeast area of the park. This range is occasionally used. Courses will not be set close to this range. We will hang yellow warning tape around the area in case anyone inadvertently wanders into it.

Most courses should not encounter any poison oak (PO), but there is a small amount present. In the spring, the leaves of PO are in shiny clusters of three, with varying shades of green, from reddish green to much brighter green. If you see any PO, go around it, not through it. The potency of the oils is strong at this time of year, and you will want to wash with Technu or some other cleanser if you suspect you touched a plant. Remember the motto: bright red leaves of three, let it be. If you do get a rash in 24–48 hours, it is best to treat it as soon as possible with a topical steroid cream. Do not wait and let it get into a nasty blistered rash. If you treat it early when you first begin to notice itching, and you only have some small red bumps, it is easily controlled.

The forest has been extensively thinned in some areas, and this thinning has left small, hard bush stumps that are ankle high and can trip you up if you are not careful.

There are a few metal stakes that have been left over from logging operations. These stick up about a foot above the ground. We have flagged some of these with tape, but there are probably others we didn't see.


April 21 Update:

Pre-registration has ended. Day-of-event fees now apply.
Note: The deadline for registering for the Team Trials is Tuesday, April 28, at 11:59 PM.
If you plan on signing up at the event, please continue to use the online registration ( Just print the waiver and bring it to the meet with your payment. It saves the hassle of filling out an A-meet form on site, and gives us a heads-up to expect you.
If you have already registered, and have not sent in your waiver and check... If you reside in the U.S., please get them in the mail as soon as possible. If you live outside the U.S., just pay at the meet. But please let the know you are still planning on coming, so he can mark you as confirmed.

We encourage everyone to register on-line ( (except for recreational participants, who will register at the event). There is no on-line payment option this year, but on-line registration will allow you to immediately show up in the list of entrants, and all you will have to do is print out the waiver form and send it to the registrar with your check. On-line registration ensures that your name and class will be correct, without any typos that we could create, and it will automatically compute the correct fees. ☺

We have a new pricing option for this event called the "family maximum". For the price of 2 adults and 1 junior (or 1 adult and 3 juniors), 2 adults and all juniors living under the same roof can enter. There’s also an additional price break for a three-day family maximum. For USOF members, $7.50 can be deducted from the maximum per day, or $22.50 for all three days. To take advantage of this, register each family member individually, print and sign all the waivers, and send them in to the address below with a check for the maximum (ignore the prices on each waiver).

Steve Beuerman
A-Meet Registrar
963 La Mesa Terrace Apt F
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

For registration questions, please e-mail Steve Beuerman, the .

Event Fees

Your registration fee for this event depends on the following six factors:

  1. Which events you register for,
  2. When you register,
  3. Whether you are an adult or a junior (less than 21 years of age),
  4. There is a per-day family maximum for no more than two adults and any number of juniors living at the same address,
  5. There is a three-day family maximum for no more than two adults and any number of juniors living at the same address, and
  6. Whether you are a member of USOF (or some other national orienteering federation).

The first five factors are encapsulated in the table below; the last factor is addressed below the table.

Postmarked by April 7 Postmarked by April 20 Day of Meet
Friday Sprint (adults) $18 $24 $30
Friday Sprint (juniors) $9 $12 $15
Friday Family Maximum $45 $60 $75
Saturday & Sunday Courses (adults) $24 per day $30 per day $36 per day
Saturday & Sunday Courses (juniors) $12 per day $15 per day $18 per day
Saturday & Sunday Daily Family Maximum $60 per day $75 per day $90 per day
Three-Day Family Maximum $160 $190 $220

Adult members of USOF (or some other national orienteering federation) may subtract $3 from their total fee for each event entered; juniors who are members of USOF (or some other national orienteering federation) may subtract $1.50 for each event entered. Families, who are USOF members, may subtract $7.50 from their daily family maximums, or $22.50 from the three-day family maximum.

Early registration ends on April 7. Preregistration ends on April 20. After April 20, competitors must enter at the event.

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Additional Preregistration Items

       Map of Boggs Mtn model event $3
Full map of Spring Lake Regional Park    $4
Full map of Boggs Mtn State Forest $4
Per-day E-punch rental $3

A-Meet Classes

We will offer the standard 51 USOF classes (, plus the M21T and F21T classes for Team Trial participants.

Recreational Courses

In addition to the A-Meet courses, there will be Beginner (White and Yellow) and Intermediate (Orange) recreational courses on Saturday and Sunday. Register on the day of the event for these courses. Normal BAOC event fees apply. Start windows and course closing times are the same as the A-meet schedule. If you are bringing a group of 5 or more, please contact the Event Director at least 10 days prior to the event, so we can print enough maps.

Important U.S. Team Trial Entry Notes

Note: The deadline for registering for the Team Trials is Tuesday, April 28, at 11:59 PM. See the U.S. Team Trials event information page ( for details.

The U.S. Team for the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) 2009 (, to be held in Hungary in August, will be selected based upon the results in the M21T and F21T categories at this A-meet. If you are a U.S. citizen, and are interested in representing the U.S. at the World Championships (or simply seeing how you do in comparison to others who are trying out for the team), please enter the M21T or F21T category to designate your interest in entering the Team Trials. There is no additional fee to enter the Team Trials event. More detailed rules on the World Championships Team selection process can be found in the Team Trials rules ( (Note: The Team Trial rules have been updated for the 2009 team.) Some additional information about the Team Trials portion of this event is available at the U.S. Team Trials event information page (

Note: Remember that your assigned start times cannot be changed. If you are late, you can either (a) start right away, but keep your original assigned start time, or (b) ask for a new start time, but then you will not be eligible for the Team Trials.

World Ranking Event Notes

The Saturday Middle Distance and Sunday Long Distance races have been designated as World Ranking Events (WRE). All orienteers who compete in the M-21+, M21T, F-21+, & F21T classes will be entered in these WREs. For the purposes of this event, the M-21+ & M21T classes will run on the same Blue course and be ranked together. The F-21+ & F21T classes will run on the same Red course and be ranked together. There is no additional fee, and you are automatically included if you register for these classes. Competing in a WRE will earn you World Ranking points. (You might be interested in the calendar of WREs ( and the current world rankings (

Note: Remember that your assigned start times cannot be changed. If you are late, you can either (a) start right away, but keep your original assigned start time, or (b) ask for a new start time, but then you will not be eligible for World Ranking points.


SPORTident electronic punching (E-Punch) will be used for both A-Meet and recreational courses. Rental E-Punch cards/sticks will be available at the event. Information about the use of E-Punch is available in our User's Guide.

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Lodging Suggestions

For Santa Rosa accommodations ( the Flamingo Resort ( and the Best Western Garden Inn ( are the closest hotels to Spring Lake Park, about 1 mile away.

Below are a few possibilities for Boggs Mtn Lodging. Reservations will fill quickly, so book early. There are many other options in the town of Calistoga ( and in the Greater Lake County area (

Eagle & Rose Inn (, Cobb (707-928-5242). $85 and up. A roadside motel 1 mile from the park entrance. Located next to the post office on the west side of Route 175. This motel will be the place to pick up your packets on Friday evening.

Inn at Kelsey Creek (, Cobb (707-928-0433). $125 and up. Upscale roadside cabins 1 mile from the park entrance.

Edie's Resort (, Loch Lomond (707-928-5661). $55 and up. Rustic roadside cabins 3 miles from the park entrance.

Eagle & Rose Inn (, Middletown (707-987-7330). $75 and up. Roadside motel 15 minutes from the park entrance.

Harbin Hot Springs (, Harbin (707-987-2477). $35 for a dorm room. Private rooms $130 and up. Famous alternative spa resort 35 minutes from the meet site. Also camping from $25.

Konocti Harbor Resort (, Clearlake Riviera, Kelseyville (1-800-660-LAKE). $89 and up. Upscale lakefront resort with swimming and entertainment. 35 minutes from park entrance.

Camping Suggestions

The Spring Lake Park Campground (, at the site of the Friday sprint.

This campground is closed on Thursday evening, April 30th, and is off limits to orienteers before the sprint. It reopens for the season on Friday evening, May 1, for anyone who would like to stay in Santa Rosa after the sprint race. There are water and hot showers.

Boggs Mountain State Demonstration Forest, at the event site.

This will be the main area for group camping for this event. The camping is free. You don't have to register, since it's included in our event permit. There are about 16 sites that aren't marked. You just pull up to a designated campsite, or any area that's not out of bounds, and camp. It may be close quarters as you will probably be sharing your site with other campers. There will be a yellow caution tape surrounding the camping area. Do not camp or walk outside of this area.
There are a few tables and fire pits. The rangers prohibit us from constructing new fire pits or circles. You must bring your own water and take out your garbage. There are no showers, faucets, or trash cans. There are two "outhouses". We will be renting extra portable toilets for the event. It's a beautiful site, and you are right there in the orienteering area. There are not enough tables for all the campers, so some campers may want to bring their own table. Please clean your site before leaving, so the meet organizers don't have to.
We'll have a campfire both Friday and Saturday nights.
Warning: If you camp at Boggs Mountain, you will not be able to wander from the campground area or the mapped Model Event area the days prior to or during the meet. You can, of course, drive in and out on the park road. But walking in the terrain outside of the streamered campground area or mapped Model Event area will result in a disqualification. Also, we will be using the campgrounds for the event parking, so you probably will be asked to share your campsite with some cars.

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, about 10 minutes away

This is a KOA-type park. They have tent sites, water, RV sites with hookups, laundry, playground, camping cabins without kitchens, etc. If you're not staying at this park, you can go there and take a shower for $8. See this Web site ( for more info on the park.

Clear Lake State Park, 30 minutes away

We will not be reserving the group site this year but someone else might want to reserve it. The group campsite is flat and large, with a variety of trees, a fire pit and 7+ tables. There is lots of parking in a flat area. The hiking area is hilly, but the camping area is very flat. The fee includes camping for 40 and parking for 8 cars and 4 RVs. There are four tiled, flush-toilet bathrooms and four nice, large, coin-operated, tiled showers (bring quarters), just for the two group campsites.
There are individual sites with showers available.
There is a nice swimming area on the lake. If you are not camping there, you can pay the day-use fee to swim and take a shower.
For more info on the park, see this Web site ( A map of the park is available here (

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Event Officials

Event Director – Rex Winterbottom
Asst Event Director for Spring Lake – Scott Aster
Friday Sprint Courses Designer (Spring Lake) – Mikkel Conradi
Friday Model-Event Course Designer (Boggs Mountain) – George Minarik
Saturday Middle Courses Designer (Boggs Mountain) – Evan Custer
Sunday Long Courses Designer (Boggs Mountain) – George Minarik
IOF Event Adviser – Vladimir Gusiatnikov
Team Trials Course Consultant – Eric Weyman
U.S. Team Liaison – Wyatt Riley
Registrar – Steve Beuerman
Map Coordinator – Bob Cooley
Vetters – Bob Cooley, Shura Kretchetov

Google Map

Map Legend

Spring Lake County Park*
Boggs Mountain State Forest
Oakland Airport (OAK)
San Francisco Airport (SFO)
Sacramento Airport (SMF)
Sonoma County Airport (STS)

* Note: The "pin" for Spring Lake County Park indicated the wrong park entrance prior to April 28. We apologize for any confusion caused by that error.

Driving Directions

Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa

We will be parking at the North entrance. This is at the opposite end of the park than where we have parked in the past. To get to the north entrance:

Public Transit: From the Santa Rosa Transit Mall at 2nd and B Street, take Santa Rosa City bus # 2 (departures on the hour) to the intersection of Summerfield and Hoen.

Spring Lake Park to Boggs Mountain

Boggs Mountain State Forest, Cobb

Traffic Warning: Friday afternoon and evening traffic on CA 29 through Napa Valley and US 101 to Santa Rosa is quite heavy. Give yourself at least another hour to get through this. Better yet, try to drive up early in the day.

From San Francisco via Santa Rosa

This is usually the fastest SF route:

From the East Bay via Napa Valley

(Once in the Napa Valley, you have the option of taking the scenic Silverado Trail instead of the traffic-heavy CA-29. Turn right to leave CA-29 at Trancas, then turn left onto Silverado heading north. You will turn right onto CA-29 just north of Calistoga.)

From Sacramento

Arriving By Shuttle or Bus

The new Aero Shuttle & Charter ( offers shuttle service to Middletown from Sacramento International Airport. Reservations required: 707-987-1920 or toll free 1-888-987-AERO (2376).

The Sonoma County Airport Express ( offers transport from San Francisco Airport and Oakland Airport to Santa Rosa. Call 1-800-327-2024 or 707-837-8700 for details.

Golden Gate Transit ( offers service to Santa Rosa from four downtown San Francisco locations.


¹ PDF files can be viewed with the free Adobe Reader ( program.