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Tahoe 3-Day "A" Meet

Northstar Resort and Burton Creek State Park

Date: Jun. 20 - 22, 2008
Location: Tahoe City, CA
Event Director: - 510.526.9071
Course Setters: Steve Gregg, Dwight Freund (GCO)
Type: A; Sprint Friday, Middle distance Saturday, Classic distance Sunday

Event Director's Notes


Welcome to the Bay Area Orienteering Club’s Tahoe 3-Day A-Meet, June 20-22, 2008. The sun will be in the sky for 15 hours a day during this midsummer’s weekend, with good light 16 hours a day. We promised snow-capped mountains, and the drought may have left one or two. We hope you enjoy this world-famous tourist destination.

The Visitor’s Center (http://www.northlaketahoechamber.com/) in Tahoe City has lots of brochures.

Bus transport (TART) exists hourly along the north shore of the lake itself, but does not extend to Northstar Resort (the location of Friday’s event) or the Donner Memorial State Park (where most campers are staying).

We offer three different course challenges over the three days: Sprint on Friday afternoon, Middle Distance on Saturday Morning, and Classic Distance on Sunday Morning. Results will not be cumulative.

Northstar Sprints on Friday, June 20, 2008: Starts 3 PM to 6 PM

Two levels are presented: White/Yellow, and Advanced with controls at the Orange level. See the Course Setter’s Notes for more detailed information. No recreational courses are offered. Day-of-event registration for the A-meet course is available.

Driving Directions

From all points East and West, take Interstate 80 to Exit 188B (Highway 267) just east of Truckee. Take Highway 267 southeast in the direction of King's Beach for about 5.5 miles. Northstar Resort will be on your right.

If you stop at the Northstar Check-in immediately to your right as you turn off Highway 267, a map of the Resort is available inside, along with friendly advice at the counter. The Sierra Room registration area is located on the bottom floor of the building closest to the shuttle-bus/drop-off circle a few kilometers up to road from Northstar Check-in, at the village proper. In this same building, upstairs, are the hotel rooms and lofts where some have chosen to stay during the meet. Packet pickup from 2 PM to 7 PM.

The distance from the Sierra Room registration area to the sprint start triangle is just under 1 km, with an 80-meter climb uphill near the ski lifts. A map and some signage will guide you. Give yourself at least 15 minutes to get there, as the upscale malls in the village area may distract you. Other potential distractions include the Tour de Nez biking extravaganza that will be humming in the village as well. Visit their website (http://www.tourdenez.com). Do not step in front of any moving bicycles!

Burton Creek Middle Distance on Saturday, June 21, 2008: Starts 10 AM to 1 PM

Burton Creek Classic Distance on June 22, 2008: Starts 9 AM to 12 PM

The full complement of seven courses will be offered for A-meet competitors, as well as recreational courses. See the Course Setter’s Notes for more detailed information.

Day-of-event registration is available for all courses.

Driving Directions to the Assembly Area

Burton Creek is on the northwest side of Lake Tahoe in the Sierras. To get there, take Highway 80 to Truckee. Exit at Hwy 89 and drive south to Tahoe City. At the Y intersection, go north on Hwy 28 (North Lake Boulevard) about 2 miles, and turn left onto Fabian Way (there's a 7-11 store on the opposite side of the highway). If you are approaching Burton Creek from Northstar on Route 267, turn right at King’s Beach and drive along Route 28 past Dollar Point to Fabian Way and turn right.

Then, make an immediate right onto Village Road and follow it as it veers to the right. Turn left at the third intersection onto Polaris Drive, go to the end of the street, and follow signs for parking at North Tahoe High School.

The registration/download area will be under the trees next to the high school parking lot. It is important to mind the out-of-bounds area near the registration area, especially on Saturday. Please also avoid nearby private dwellings, as the neighbors value their peace and quiet. The Saturday start is adjacent to the high school. The Sunday start is about one kilometer from the parking lot, so give yourself time to get there. The way to the starts will be streamered.

Recreational Courses

All are welcome. You can participate individually or in small groups.

The White (beginner), Yellow (advanced beginner), and Orange (intermediate) courses are available to recreational orienteers for the normal BAOC prices. The courses cover different areas of the park each day.

Free beginner’s clinics given by experienced orienteers will be available both Saturday (9:30 AM – 10:30 AM) and Sunday (8:30 AM – 9:30 AM). These short training sessions provide enough information to be able to complete a beginner course.

All participants must check in at the Finish before the Course Closing time.

Saturday Evening

Campfires and music are happening at Ridge Campground at Donner Memorial SP.


Be sensible. Mind your limits. Easy to say, since the first thing that goes with altitude and heat stress is good judgment. Give special attention to pre-hydration. We plan to have lots of water on the course. Be sure to drink it before you need it. Use lots of sunscreen and wear dark glasses when possible.
Be sure to take a look at the Goshawk ID pictures available at registration.
We have planned the courses to avoid them, but should you encounter these magnificent raptors now nesting at Burton Creek, please leave the area immediately regardless of whether it is marked out-of-bounds on the map. Please read the course setter’s notes carefully about their behavior when threatened.
They and their zealous masters may well be using the same Northstar trails you are during the sprint. They are bigger and faster than you are, and have more momentum.
If you are injured or afraid, use your whistle to summon help. Give three short blasts repeated every 30-60 seconds. Any competitor hearing your whistle is required to come to your aid. A person who helps you will receive a “sporting withdrawal”, but their run will still be compromised, so please do not blow your whistle unless it is a true emergency.
There are bears at both Northstar and Burton Creek. If you encounter a bear stop running, and slowly walk away at a perpendicular angle as to not threaten the bear. If you see a bear cub, there will be a protective Mama bear close by. Leave the area at once.

Electronic Punching

SportIdent (SI) electronic punching will be used for all classes on all three days of the event. Each competitor must use an SI punch. You may rent one at registration if you do not already own one.

Remember to clear and check your "stick" before your start. When you download after your finish, you will get a printout of your splits to compare with others so you can evaluate your route choices.

Even if you do not finish, it is important to download after your course, so the computer and we know you are out of the woods. If you start, but do not download, we may assume you are lost or hurt, and send out a search party for you.

Course Closure

A-meet competitors have three full hours to complete their courses. The courses will close about 3:15 PM on Saturday and 2:15 PM on Sunday (i.e., 3 hours after the last start). If you cannot complete your course before then, please abort your run, return to the finish, and download, so we do not send out a search party for you.


We want to begins awards at 1 PM both Saturday and Sunday. Sprint awards will be given on Saturday, along with the middle-distance awards.

In addition to ribbons, the top male and top female on the Sprints will each receive a specially labeled bottle of premium California wine. The top boy and top girl will each receive a specially labeled bottle of sparkling cider.

Middle-distance winners will receive individualized souvenir gifts.

Classic-distance winner and placers will receive medals.

Bay Area Orienteering Club wishes you a great meet!

Joan Roos