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Sunol Regional Wilderness

Date: (Sun.) Apr. 13, 2008
Location: Sunol, CA
Event Director: - 510.862.5481
Course Setters: Rex Winterbottom, Gary Carpenter
Type: B; Standard 7-course "B" event and BAOC Annual General Meeting

Last-Minute Notes (4/12/08)

There is no running water in the park. It is not working.

We have water stops on the courses with lots of jugs.

There will be lots of water at registration.

But it's always good to bring your own, too, just in case.

It was hot today! Should not be so hot tomorrow. In any case, it is beautiful out there. Lots of folks in the park today.

Make sure you read those Course Setters' Notes!

And remember, don't cross the fence on the way to the last control and the Finish! It will be streamered and signed to remind you.

Sunol is one of the BAOC's most popular "B" meets. Last year there was a bottleneck at the parking kiosk, and we suggest participants carpool and arrive early if possible. In addition to traffic, Sunol's advanced courses are physically hard, and there is a remote start with about 50-m climb that you should allow 15–20 minutes to get to.

We will hold our annual BAOC Annual General Meeting during this event, which is scheduled to start at 1:30. The meeting will include officer elections, discussions of club direction, etc. Please plan to attend after your course(s).

All seven courses will be offered (see below). More information will be available here and on the BayONet nearer to the event date. Mark your calendars for one of the Bay Area's classic venues.


The standard event schedule and fees will apply. If your orienteering club membership has expired and you are running advanced courses, please pay the $15 non-member course fee, or turn in your membership renewal form and check to or to registration before starting your run.

Beginner's clinics are repeating, short explanations of orienteering, adequate to prepare anyone for the White or Yellow course. Our club is comprised of volunteers, and some of us explain things differently. If you have previously taken a beginner clinic and this is only your 2nd or 3rd time at orienteering, you may want to sit in on another clinic.


Sunol is a physically & technically hard park, and we do not recommend that competitors move up to a harder course at this event. The contours are 7.5 meters, and in some places the reentrants are uncrossable. Cleats are recommended for Orange and advanced courses, because the terrain can get steep.

The White and Yellow courses will start near registration. The advanced courses use a remote Start. Plan on a 15–20 minute hike, and 50 m of climb, to the Start.

The course statistics are below. More information about the courses is available in the Course Setters' Notes.

                                         Technical      Physical
  Course    Length    Climb   Controls   Difficulty     Difficulty
  White     2.7 km    120 m      12      Novice         Easy
  Yellow    2.4 km    110 m      11      Beginner       Easy
  Orange    3.1 km    200 m      12      Intermediate   Moderate
  Brown     2.8 km    180 m      11      Advanced       Moderate
  Green     4.2 km    325 m      10      Advanced       Moderate–Hard
  Red       5.2 km    345 m      17      Advanced       Hard
  Blue      6.5 km    395 m      19      Advanced       Very Hard

Note: The event will need a lot of volunteer help to succeed. Please help the Event Director fill in his volunteer schedule by contacting in the next two weeks for your assignments.

Special Notices & Warnings

There is a stable at Sunol that provides equestrian trips. All competitors must give horses and equestrians the right of way at all times, or our future access will be jeopardized. If you come upon some horses, move to the side and remain still until they pass.

Epunch will be used on all courses. If you don't own your own Epunch stick, you can rent one at registration. All competitiors must check in at the epunch download tent after punching at the Finish.

Poison oak is especially abundant and leafy in certain places on Green, Red, and Blue, but you may encounter it on any course.

All competitors must have whistles for use in an emergency. Free whistles are available at registration. If you are lost or injured, stay where you are and blow your whistle 3 short times in a row every few minutes. (Note: Whistles are for emergency use only—they are not toys.)

Driving Directions

To reach the park, take I-680 to the Sunol/Calveras exit. Go south on Calaveras Road about 6 miles to Geary Road. Turn left onto Geary Road and continue a couple of miles to the park. Pay the parking fee $5 ($2 dog fee) and follow the O' signs to registration.