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Stanford University

Date: (Sun.) Nov. 23, 2008
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Event Director: - 650.281.5280
Course Setter: Matthias Kohler
Type: C; AFTERNOON courses, Night-O, and Potluck are on the agenda

Course Setter's Notes

By Matthias Kohler


Be aware of traffic on campus. This includes (but is not limited to) cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, rollerskaters, skateboarders, joggers, walkers, and other people.

Out-of-Bounds Areas

Attempts were made to capture and map all the major construction areas, but there is so much construction going on on campus, that I may have missed some (only minor ones, I hope). Do not enter out-of-bounds areas indicated on the map, or any other construction area.

Map Is Out of Date

In an area with so much construction, it's almost impossible to keep the map up to date. In p[articular, the area between Tresidder Union and the Post Office (near/around White Plaza) has changed considerably over the last year. I did not make any map corrections for this area, and I have tried to avoid this area for the day courses. Depending on your route choice, you may go through it during your night score-O, but there will be no controls in that area.


We will not be using the standard orange-and-white flags ("bags") that you are probably familiar with from other BAOC meets. Instead, as is commonly done at Stanford, plates will be used for the afternoon events, and reflective tubes for the night-O. Check the ID number on the plate to make sure you are at the right "control", and copy the two-letter code from the plate onto your control card. Make sure to take a pencil at Registration.

Water, Water, Everywhere ... Perhaps

There are many water features on campus, such as fountains, pools, marshy areas and, of course, Lake Lagunita, which are colored in blue on the map. But water may not actually be present. Lake Lagunita was dry as of Nov. 11; our map master, Bob Cooley, has taken care of that (as he has of so many other things...), but be aware that some fountains and pools may be empty.

Bring a Watch

For the night score-O there is a 60-minute time limit, with penalties for being late, so be sure to wear a watch.

Headlamp or Flashlight

While many areas of the campus are well-lit after dark, some of the controls on the night score-O are in areas that are quite dark. Be sure you have a good headlamp and/or flashlight, with fresh batteries.


The terrain is a mix of cement and asphalt walkways and paths, unpaved paths, and open fields. All the courses are almost totally flat. Running shoes or good walking shoes are recommended.

Course Details

Here are the approximate course lengths (measured along straight lines between controls—but don't even think about trying to do that). Of course, during the Night Score-O you can go as far and long as you want (up to the 60-minute limit).

  Course                Distance    Controls
  White                  1.7 km        10
  Yellow                 2.9 km        11
  Orange                 5.3 km        12
  Sprint 1               2.6 km        12
  Sprint 2               2.5 km        10
  Night Score-O    up to 8.7 km        25