2008 Sierra Avalanche Ski-O Championships

Date: Jan. 30 - Feb. 3, 2008
Location: Lake Tahoe Area
Event Director: - 650.793.8764
Course Setters: Steve Miller, Bob Baylor, Matthias Kohler
Type: 4 Ski-O events in 5 days in the Lake Tahoe area

Day 3: Royal Gorge XC Center (2-Feb-2008)

Event Details

Course Setter: Bob Baylor
Format: Long-O
Starts: 9:30 A.M. to 12 Noon with assigned early start times for those who preregistered
Special rules:

Map: This map was originally made in 1997 by Tom Jahn. Currently, this map, which was made from a USGS map, still has 40-foot contours. Some trails have been closed and are not groomed. To see a sample map, click the RouteGadget link on the left side of this web page, then look for a past event at this venue in 2007.

Check-In and Registration

Everybody must check in or register before starting at this event in order to receive their start chit, trail pass, and to sign waivers. Check-in and registration are handled in the main room in the Summit Station building. Skis can be rented downstairs.

Venue Information

Resort web page: www.royalgorge.com
Elevations: Competitive area is between 6900 and 7400 feet in elevation.
Total distance in trails: 330+ km
Rentals: This resort rents skis and possibly snowshoes. Otherwise, you need to rent these things at Sierra Nordic (Soda Springs), Pacos (Truckee), or from ski stores near your home.
Waxing: In the past, you could make use of an indoor waxing bench in the rental area to wax your own skis. You must use your own tools and wax.
Lessons: This resort offers cross country skiing lessons.

Lodging and Dining

See the Lodgings page for the Tahoe area. In general, the nearby lodgings (for Soda Springs) include the Boreal Inn, a couple of Royal Gorge lodges (not including the Wilderness lodge, which burned down a few years ago), the Sierra Club hostel (Clair Tappan Lodge), and numerous cabins rented by local realty companies. Additional lodging can be found in Truckee (15–20 minutes away).

Do your grocery shopping in Auburn or Truckee, where large grocery stores abound. There is at least one small grocery store with a limited stock in Soda Springs

For dining, there are a couple of restaurants in Soda Springs and many more in Truckee (especially the old-town section).

Driving Directions

From I-80 (about 90 miles east of Sacramento or 10 miles west of Truckee), take the Norden/Soda Springs exit (Exit 174). Go straight through the village for about a mile to the first blinking light/stop sign. Turn right; go across the railroad tracks, past the Soda Springs Downhill Ski area on your right, up the small hill, and turn at the second right (you'll see signs by now). After the turn, go straight to the parking lot of the Royal Gorge ski area lodge.