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O in the Oaks '08

Joseph D. Grant County Park

Date: Nov. 14 - 16, 2008
Location: San Jose, CA
Event Director: - 408.568.6740
Course Setters: François Léonard, Kent Ohlund, Dan Greene, Nick Corsano
Type: A; Full-featured "A" meet, including U.S. Trail Orienteering Championships

Late-Breaking News

Note: This page contains items of general interest that were posted after the Event Notes (that you will receive in your packets) were printed.

Start Times

[Posted Wednesday, November 12]

Your start times are in your registration packet (of course). They are also now available here (

Driving into the Park

[Posted Tuesday, November 11 (This one actually made it into the printed notes.)]

There is a daily use fee of $6 per day per auto. We have made a special arrangement with the park whereby you can purchase passes for several days at once. We strongly urge you to purchase all the passes you need when you first enter the park. This will greatly facilitate the flow of vehicles into the park on subsequent days. Of course, having exact change helps, too.

On Sunday we will be utilizing buses to shuttle people up to and back from a remote part of the park. On their return route, these buses have to come through the main park entrance, the same entrance where you purchase your parking pass (or, hopefully, where you flash the one you have already purchased). There is a lane on the left side of the parking kiosk that is ordinarily closed but that will be open on Sunday only for the buses. Please stay to the right as you enter so that the buses will be able to access this left lane.