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Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

Date: (Sun.) Nov. 2, 2008
Location: San Ramon, CA
Event Director: - 925.699.3127
Course Setter: Mark Blair
Type: B; White, Yellow, and Orange courses are standard. The 4 advanced courses will have a "creative twist".

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.


Courses will be confined almost entirely to the area southwest of Bollinger Canyon Road and the major trail that runs in the same direction. The steep area covered by the upper two-thirds of the map will not be used. Since this leaves us with a smaller area than that of a typical BAOC wilderness event, we'll be adding a little creative twist to the advanced courses, as we've done in the past at this park. For the advanced courses only, all utility-pole lines and most trails will not appear on the map. This will make those courses a bit more challenging, while at the same time providing some terrain-focused training for BAOC's upcoming O' in the Oaks '08 A-meet. These courses, except for Blue, will also be a little shorter than usual.

  Course    Length    Climb   Controls   Difficulty
  White     2.4 km     75 m       9      Easy Beginner
  Yellow    2.5 km    172 m      13      Beginner
  Orange    3.6 km    240 m      11      Intermediate
  Brown     3.5 km    255 m      10      Hard
  Green     4.1 km    345 m      12      Harder
  Red       5.2 km    360 m      13      Brutal
  Blue      5.8 km    405 m      14      Abandon all hope

The maps for the White, Yellow, and Orange courses will show all features as usual.

All courses will use e-punch. If you do not have your own e-punch stick, one can be rented at registration for a small fee. See our E-Punch User's Guide for information about using e-punch.

More information about the courses are in the Course Setter's Notes.


The standard event schedule will be followed:

  Registration          9:00 AM to noon
  Beginner's Clinics    9:30 to 10:30 AM
  Starts               10:00 AM to 12:30 PM
  Courses Close         2:00 PM

You can register and start any time during the periods shown above.

The beginner's clinics are short, repeating sessions that will explain orienteering well enough for everyone to complete a beginner course.

You must check in at the Finish by the course closing time, even if you have not completed your course. Otherwise, we'll have to assume you are still in the park, and will initiate a search for you.

Scout Groups

Scout groups are encouraged to organize teams, and fill out the registration paperwork (one form ( per team) before coming to the event. This will help at registration, and reduce the waiting time for your racers. Fees for Scout teams with only under-7-year-olds will be only the fee for the adult shadowing the group. For older groups, the usual junior fees apply (and the shadowing adult will pay no fee).


As requested by park rangers, parking for the event will be in the Little Hills Picnic Ranch off Bollinger Canyon Road. It is a 1-km walk from the parking area to registration. Please do not park in the lot near registration.

Toilets and drinking water will be available near the registration area.

The weather should be nice, but come prepared for anything—it is November, after all!


Driving Directions

From the north, east and south, take I-680 to the Crow Canyon Road West exit in San Ramon. Go west on Crow Canyon to Bollinger Canyon Road. Turn right (north) and continue about 4 miles to the Little Hills parking area on your left, near the end of Bollinger Canyon Road.

From the west, take Highway 238 east from Highway 880, or Highway 580 southeast from Oakland. Shortly after the merge of Highways 238 and 580 (about 3 miles from 880 when taking 238), take the exit for Center Street and Crow Canyon Road. Turn left onto Center St, turn right onto Castro Valley Blvd, and turn left onto Crow Canyon Road. Follow Crow Canyon Road north several miles to Bollinger Canyon Road. Turn left (north) onto Bollinger Canyon Road and continue about 4 miles to the Little Hills parking area on your left, near the end of Bollinger Canyon Road.