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Joaquin Miller Park

Date: (Sat.) Oct. 25, 2008
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setters: Bruce Wolfe, Jay Hann
Type: C; FREE day of orienteering, the kickoff of our 2nd BAOC COOL season, and a celebration of the BAOC 30th anniversary

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

October 23 Update

This event should prove to be quite an interesting event—just the orienteering itself is historical, antique, retro, and quirky. I highly recommend reading Bruce's Course Setter's Notes carefully before proceeding on any of these courses! This map gives you a special challenge, and Bruce knows it inside and out.

Rex and Bruce

Just a few other reminders:

  1. Remember to read the original announcement (below) about parking, and park compactly and tightly (perpendicular to the road if you can) and only on the dirt—police cars go by and will notice anyone on the pavement.
  2. It's a  Saturday event! And it's free!
  3. Registration 9:00 to 11:30
  4. Starts 9:30 to 12:00
  5. The COOL activities for juniors run concurrently, information is here.
  6. Check out Mark Blair's ancient equipment exhibit, Ev and Jean's clothing display, and Judy Koehler's memory book.
  7. Courses close, potluck begins at 1:00—if you plan on staying for this, you're welcome to bring an entree, appetizer, or dessert—BAOC provides utensils, drinks, etc.
  8. After people have eaten a fair amount, we will have a program with the service award, tributes, and a fashion show.
  9. We still have space for models at the fashion show, and I still need a couple volunteers—while we are celebrating the history, many new folks ("the future") are coming!

Don't worry—although this is a "retro" meet, where BAOC "kicks it old school," you won't be using black-and-white maps from 1978. But do prepare yourself for pin-punching and map copying on the clock! And we're going "back to the future" with the COOL juniors orientation session, which includes an ultra-sprint fun course (with e-punch, and open to all) like the one at Donner State Park last June.

To keep a retro feel for the, er, non-COOL courses, we're using pin punches instead of e-punch. Everything is FREE, thanks to the club. Do bring an appetizer or course to share at the potluck.

For our 30th Anniversary we are putting together a program of beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses, and training opportunities. Stay tuned for details as I consult with the club elders, and we dig in the archive of past maps and courses to find some nostalgic fun. Expect a menu of short courses and trainings, and then "choose your own adventure." The open and gently rolling redwood forest terrain around the Redwood Glen picnic area will be enjoyable, and some of the courses will reach out a bit further.

I encourage you to wear the oldest uniforms you can find, or a T-shirt from the oldest event you have. Even if your oldest is 2007! I will try to get club apparel available to sell at the event as well. But don't feel left out if you'd prefer to wear an alternative. I'm hoping to get a fashion show going during the potluck, which will allow us to see new uniform prototypes, and it will be fun to see the older outfits in the mix as well. Let me know if you'd be interested in modeling.

After the potluck has started and we are enjoying some food and drink, I'd like to set aside some time for toasts, tributes, and any stories from the good times past. Start thinking about what you might want to share about the good old times.

From Jay Hann about COOL: At this event, there will be an introduction for those students who may be interested in the Bay Area Orienteering Club California Outdoor Orienteering League (BAOC COOL), but don't feel they're ready. Or for anyone who just wants to have fun! This is also free.

Event Schedule

9:00 – Registration opens, COOL orientation begins
9:30 – All courses open
10:00 – COOL: How the league works
10:30 – COOL: Fun and Games with a Mini-O
12:00 – End of COOL activities
1:00 – Courses close, potluck begins

Driving Directions

From CA Highway 13, take the Joaquin Miller Road exit. Go east "up the hill" on Joaquin Miller Road, and make a left at the first traffic light, onto Skyline Blvd. After you pass the entrance to Roberts Recreation Area, look for an event sign and park in the dirt along the side of the road, but not on the pavement. There is a free lot down Skyline a bit further, before the entrance to Chabot Space & Science Center, and if you turn around you can park in the Roberts Recreation Area (for a fee), and walk back across Skyline.

Public Transit

Access is not easy. From the AC Transit 18 bus, you can get off near the top of Park Blvd where it crosses CA Highway 13 and meets Mountain Blvd. Then you'd have a bit of hiking or biking to do.