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13th Annual Golden Goat

... and introducing the ...

1st Annual Junior Goat

Shell Ridge Open Space

Date: (Sun.) May. 4, 2008
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Event Director: - 510.619.5728
Course Setter: George Minarik
Type: C; Extra long and strenuous courses, plus a regular Yellow course

Please note that fees and time limits apply, unless otherwise mentioned below. Events are typically not canceled due to bad weather.

The Golden Goat is a storied and cherished BAOC tradition, so plan to be part of this year's event. The Goat is an extra long and strenuous course, the Golden Kid is a shorter version of the Goat.

This year will introduce the Junior Goat, which is an event for the Juniors, 15 and under. The Juniors will run first, and should be finishing just before the Goat/Kid starts. You'll be able to see the Juniors finishing, and be able to cheer them on.

For those who do not want to compete in the Goat/Kid races, we will offer a normal Yellow course with the usual interval starts.

The big questions: Will Steve Gregg be able to keep his hold on his lead in the lifetime points? Will Martin Kunz be able to make it five victories in a row? Can any women come close to challenging Penny DeMoss?

Event Timetable

    9:00 AM  Registration opens (the standard fees will apply)
    9:30 AM  Junior Goat mass start
   10:00 AM  Yellow course starts open
   11:00 AM  Golden Goat and Golden Kid mass start
   12:30 PM  Yellow course starts close
    2:00 PM  Awards ceremony
    3:00 PM  Courses close

Course Details

  Course        Length    Climb   Controls   Winning Time
  Golden Goat   10.0 km   745 m      20      109 minutes
  Golden Kid     6.2 km   470 m      13       78 minutes
  Junior Goat    2.7 km   155 m      11       37 minutes
  Yellow         2.7 km   155 m      11

Starts are a three-minute walk from Registration. The Finish is close to Registration.

Make sure you read the Course Setter's Notes for more information.

Goat Notes

The Golden Goat is a long and hilly mass-start event. The distance will be around 10 km and the climb about 7 percent. The Golden Kid is a shorter version of the Goat—about 6 km and 7 percent climb. Competitors can decide about 40% through the Goat course if they want to opt out of the Goat and do the Kid. In past years this event featured alternate loops and skipped controls. These elements are not being used at Shell Ridge because the rangers do not want us crossing over any fences. The skill level of legs is varied, but most are at an intermediate (Orange) to advanced level.

Junior Goat Notes

Juniors (15 and under) are encouraged to compete in the Junior Goat. This is a mass-start event with a skill level of advanced beginner (i.e., an easy Yellow course). The length is about 3 km with a climb of about 5 percent. Parents can shadow their kids in this event as long as they stay at least 10 meters behind.


Awards will be given to the first three finishers on each course plus the first male and female in each class: Goat, Old Goat (50 and older), Kid, Old Kid (50 and older), Junior Goat (12 and under), Junior Goat (15 and under). The awards ceremony will be at 2:00 PM or earlier.

Yellow Course

There will be an easy Yellow course offered to anyone not wanting to compete in the Goat. This course will be the same as the Junior Goat course. Normal interval start times will be available between 10:00 AM and 12:30 PM. No awards will be given for this course.

Driving Directions

From I-680 in Walnut Creek, exit onto Ygnacio Valley Road, and head east approximately 2.3 miles to Walnut Avenue (not Walnut Boulevard). Turn right onto Walnut Avenue, and go 1.5 miles to Oak Grove. Turn right onto Oak Grove, and immediately veer right onto Castle Rock Road. Northgate High School is on the right about 0.5 miles along Castle Rock Road.

Park in the school lot closest to the hills, past the buildings. If the parking lot is closed, find parking on the surrounding streets. Do not park on Hanna Grove Trail or Spring Creek Lane—unauthorized vehicles are usually towed.

Registration and starts will be about a ten-minute walk from the school lot. Go south on Castle Rock Road, right on Comistas Drive, and left on Hanna Grove Trail.