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China Camp State Park

Date: (Sun.) Jul. 13, 2008
Location: San Rafael, CA
Event Director: - 415.482.9055
Course Setter: Mikkel Conradi
Type: B; Standard 7-course "B" event

Course Setter's Notes


Start Location

Please note that there is a streamered 0.5-km hike with 95 meters of climb to the advanced (Brown – Blue) self-help starts. Please allow 15–20 minutes to get to the Start. There will be a sign with additional instructions at the Start.

Terrain and Map


China Camp offers a variety of vegetation, ranging from open fields, runnable bay forest, tall eucalyptus with deadfall bark, dense oak forest, and walls of manzanita. The beginners' courses stay mostly in the open fields, whereas the advanced courses go through a mix of terrain types.

The vegetation mapping has generally fallen behind the progress of nature. I have tried to update the map as much as possible, especially around controls and on important routes. However, you might encounter fallen trees and deadfall from last winter's storms, and you might also find that dark green areas in the open are more runnable than mapped due to a relatively dry spring.

I removed or downgraded some trails based on feedback from vetters. Note that several trails have been demolished and replaced with deadfall. I have mapped the major such area (formerly known as the Miwok Fire Trail) as yellow with green lines. In general, please be prepared that trails might be more or less findable and runnable than mapped.

Special Symbols

Brown X's are used for dead standing trees and large rootstocks from fallen trees.

Green circles are used to mark lone trees, whereas green X's are used to mark particular trees that stand out compared to the surrounding vegetation.

There will be two small out-of-bounds areas on the map. See the hazards section below. The greater marshes are also out of bounds, but none of the courses go near them.


The courses take advantage of some of the most runnable terrain, but also use a part of the map that was not visited last year. There is a good amount of climb, especially on the Green, Red, and Blue courses. It should be noted in particular that last year's courses at China Camp were too short, and this year's advanced courses are longer and more strenuous.

The Yellow and Orange controls are a tad more challenging than usual, but these courses are also a bit on the short side.

The courses have only been partially vetted. The vetters were of great help, but did not have the capacity to cover all controls.

There will be a spectator control for the advanced courses! Feel free to hand runners a cup of water so they don't have to pour it themselves. (But don't get in their way.) All advanced courses will have at least two water stops. The Yellow and Orange courses will have one water stop. The White course will have no water on the course.

Course Statistics

   Course    Length    Climb   Controls
   White     1.7 km     35 m       8
   Yellow    2.2 km     90 m      11
   Orange    2.8 km    110 m      11
   Brown     3.0 km    185 m       9
   Green     3.9 km    275 m      14
   Red       4.9 km    400 m      18
   Blue      6.1 km    515 m      22