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Briones Regional Park

Date: (Sat.) Mar. 29, 2008
Location: Lafayette, CA
Event Director: - 510.658.4327
Course Setter: Penny DeMoss
Type: C; INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED COURSES ONLY--there will be no Beginner (White/Yellow) courses available due to park restrictions on parking

Course Setter's Notes

This is such a great time of year for orienteering, and Briones is ready for us this Saturday, March 29. Are you ready for Briones? The hills are green, the wildflowers are already coming out, the weather is supposed to be cool ... the courses are fun ... it'll be great. The courses on offer are as follows:

  Course    Length    Climb   Controls   Navigation
  Orange    4.2 km    205 m      10      Intermediate
  Brown     4.4 km    225 m      11      Advanced
  Green     5.7 km    375 m      13      Advanced
  Red       6.8 km    450 m      15      Advanced
  Blue      7.9 km    540 m      19      Advanced

The courses look a bit long, but they are very fast. There is much open running at the start and finish of each course, with the hillier, more technical sections in the middle. This would be a good Brown course for someone who has been toying with the idea of moving up. The Orange course would be okay for someone who has done a few Yellows and would like to go out on something. It is not appropriate, however, for a beginner.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer White and Yellow courses at this event because of parking restrictions at this staging area. With that in mind, please car pool if possible.

There is poison oak in this area. It is just starting to leaf out, and is easily recognizable. It is also easy to avoid on these courses, but bring your Tecnu anyway.

The remote Start for all courses is 500 m from registration. The Finish is 200 m from the E-punch tent. Registration will be open from 9:00 AM to noon for non-members or those who need to rent an E-punch stick. Others can use the self-registration envelopes. Starts will be from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. All courses close at 2:00 PM. All participants must check in at the Finish by then.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Penny DeMoss
Course Setter

Driving Directions:

NOTE: The parking and gathering will be at the Alhambra Valley entrance to Briones—the north side of the park, not the normal west-side entrance from Bear Creek Rd. (There's a map with a "pin" that indicates the location.)

Take the Pleasant Hill Rd exit off Highway 24 in Lafayette. Go north on Pleasant Hill Rd for 0.8 mile, and turn left onto Reliez Valley Rd. Stay on Reliez Valley Rd for 4.6 miles. Turn left at the large, brown sign that says "Alhambra Creek Valley Staging Area of Briones Regional Park". It is 0.8 mile to the parking kiosk. After paying ($4) and parking, follow signs 100 m to registration in the orchard.

There are picnic tables, so bring some snacks for afterwards.

Carpooling is encouraged as always.