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Bayfront Park - BAOC COOL Championships

Date: (Sat.) Feb. 9, 2008
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Event Director: - 925.872.3935
Course Setter: Manfred Kopisch
Type: C; Four short courses, roughly equivalent to short White, Yellow, Orange, and Brown courses. First event in 2008 Sprint Series. Memory-O option for the "Brown" course.

Note: This will be the first event in the 2008 BAOC Sprint Series.

Bayfront is a fairly compact park, but still offers a good workout—mentally and physically.

Jay Hann and his staff have generously offered to open their February 9th COOL courses (BAOC-Juniors League) to the general BAOC membership and the general public. [Thanks, Jay!]

Come take this opportunity and watch some potential future BAOC/USOF all-stars, and then do some navigation yourself!


Normal schedule applies, plus awards at 1:30 PM.


This will be the first event of the 2008 BAOC Sprint Series. A two-percent climb can be quite enjoyable for the runners among you. Those not wishing to be included in the Sprint competition can sign up for the Orange course instead. It's the same course, but more of a recreational class.


After you're done with the sprint (it only took you eighteen minutes, right?), take a second course with the Memory-O. If you choose to do this as a second course, it will be priced as a second course, but I will give you standings as if it were your first course, even though there may or may not be one or more controls in common. Of course, you'll need to rent a second finger stick for this so we don't confuse our E-punch software.

Or you can do the Memory-O while you're fresh and have a clear head. Because of the easier terrain, this would be a great time to try the Memory-O.

Or, if you feel like doing a standard course, the same one is available as the Brown course.


Here are the preliminary course details:

  COOL      Public                                             Navigation
  Courses   Courses           Length     Climb      Controls   Level
    1       White             1.3 km   22 m  1.7%      12      Beginner      
    2       Yellow            2.0 km   41 m  2.1%       7      Adv. Beginner 
    3       Orange  Sprint    2.5 km   66 m  2.5%      11      Intermediate  
    4       Brown   Memory-O  3.7 km   74 m  2.0%      15      Advanced     

Trophies? Trophies? For what?

We will be awarding two sets of trophies at this, the final meet of the BAOC COOL series.

The first set of 24 trophies will be awarded for individual performances based on the best four scores of the season. There are three trophies for each class: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for Elementary School Girls; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for Elementary School Boys; and so on for each of the eight classes. The current individual standings are available here.

The second set of 12 trophies will be awarded for the team standings covering the entire season: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for each of the four school levels—Elementary, Middle, High School JV, and High School Varsity. There is also a perpetual trophy for the first-place Varsity team. The current team standings are available here.

Can I still join the league?

Yes, it's never too late. And if you're not in Elementary School or in the Middle School Boys class (this season's highly competitive classes), you'll have a good chance at a trophy, since many of our classes are wide open.

But I'm not in school any more. Can I still run (or walk)?

Yes, this meet is open to the public. Normal event and rental fees apply.

How about if I just want to watch?

That should be most enjoyable as well.

The closest competition is likely to be between these four Elementary Boys:

At the last meet they were all running better than 10-minute paces, and each has a chance of winning this class.

I've seen Bayfront Park before and there aren't that many parking spaces.

You are right, and you may have to park outside the park and walk in. The ranger suggested finding parking on a side street named Haven Avenue (turn right just as you exit the park) and walking the last 600 meters into the park.

Driving Directions

NOTE: Parking is not permitted on the outbound side of the entrance road. Please observe that restriction in order to continue our good relationship with the park administration.

From the Peninsula, North, and South, take Highway 101 to the Marsh Road East exit. Stay to the left so you can drive straight ahead into the park at the traffic signal where Marsh turns right into Bayfront Expressway.

From the East Bay, cross the Dumbarton Bridge. Go to the fifth traffic light after the bridge and turn right into the park.