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Twin Peaks

Date: (Sat.) May. 12, 2007
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 415.359.4237
Course Setter: Mark Prior
Type: C; Score-O event on the streets of scenic San Francisco

Think you know San Francisco? Think again! We'll return to our newest street map at the heart of San Francisco on Saturday, May 12th with an event at Duboce Park, centered between the Castro, Haight, and Mission districts. There are a surprising number of wooded and open areas on the map, along with hidden stairways and amazing views. The atmosphere of the city changes every few blocks, as can the weather.

This will be a Score-O format with a 90-minute time limit for all participants. The goal with Score-O is to get to as many controls as possible within the given time limit. Beginning orienteers will appreciate the easy to intermediate control locations, while seasoned veterans will be challenged with surprisingly difficult route choices to the more distant controls. Everyone will enjoy the fun of bringing our strange sport to the energetic, frenetic streets of the city.

New this year... competitors will have the option of including MUNI subway lines in their route choice, making it much easier to save lots of climbing and quickly reach the more remote parts of the map. More details will be available in the course notes distributed in the week before the event, but start saving your quarters now.

We will be offering individual or group starts from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Please leave extra time in your schedule to account for unforeseen traffic, city navigation, or parking delays.

For controls, we will use a mixture of unique features like lamppost numbers, signs, etc. You will mark the correct answers, multiple-choice style, on a sheet we provide with the map.

Be prepared for typical San Francisco weather, meaning low 50's cool and blustery, to high 80's and bright sunshine, or a combination of the two.

After the event, grab a burrito, and make it a day of shopping and people watching, or attend KFOG's annual KaBoom concert downtown.

As my co-conspirator on this map/event, Ian Tidswell, is now living in London, and I will be moving to Europe myself shortly, this could be your last opportunity to run on this map for a while. Don't miss the event everyone will be talking about for years to come!


[Editor's note: As Mark mentioned above, he will be moving out of the area soon. Let's show our appreciation for his contributions to the club by helping him put on this event.]

If you volunteer for only one BAOC event this year, this should be it...

Imagine yourself, god-like, as you luxuriate, sprawled out on a chaise lounge, issuing terse commands to confused newbies. Every few minutes, a sun drenched person of your desired persuasion approaches, timidly trying to understand the strange world over which you preside. Finally, as you process the last competitor, you reach down for another well-deserved mini-candy bar left over from this event two years ago.

Yes, this could be you... but you must act fast as spots are going fast. We only have room for four people to manage Starts/Finishes in decadent 90-minute shifts. Any CPAs in-training can fill the one remaining registration spot. Can you start to feel the power of deciding who can compete as they clutch their last few dollars, breathless for a coveted spot in the race of the year?

And most importunately, I am recruiting a "Public Relations Czar" for this event. With our giant signage, steady local foot traffic, and insistence on mesh pajamas—answering questions, handing out flyers, and generally pretending to be Scandinavian will be a full-time job.

Seriously, we could use the help to make this event flow smoothly, and it should be a fun and convivial environment to pay your debt to society. Please feel free to call (415-314-0779) or with any questions or irritated comments.

Driving Directions

The hardest part of this event is navigating the highway and one-way city streets to find the start. Typing "Duboce Park, SF" into Yahoo! or Google Maps is your best bet for reliable directions from your barrio.

For those who attended our inaugural event in 2005, please note that this is a different event center.

For those old schoolers.... Duboce Park is located in the center of San Francisco. There are many possible routes, but the fastest and easiest is to make take the 101 "Central" freeway exit off of 80 South (from the Bay Bridge) or 101 North (from the peninsula), taking the Duboce Street exit. Proceed straight on Duboce, making a left turn onto Market with traffic, passing Safeway on your right. Immediately make a right onto Church Street, then a left at the next intersection onto Duboce St. Go three blocks and you will see tiny Duboce Park on your right.

Parking for the event will be on the streets surrounding the park. No parking permit is required and most spots are not metered, but this is a very popular neighborhood—leave plenty of time and don't violate any posted parking restrictions. There is a hourly parking garage several blocks south at Noe and Market.