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Stanford University

Date: (Sun.) Apr. 29, 2007
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Event Director: - 650.321.6216
Course Setter: Matthias Kohler
Type: C; White, Yellow, Orange, and Sprint courses

Course Setter's Notes

By Matthias Kohler

Welcome to our Spring event at Stanford University. We hope you enjoy our "guided tours" of this scenic campus.

Safety Notes

All the courses cross streets—please be alert to automobile traffic. Also, look out for bicycles everywhere. Your safety is more important than your orienteering time.

Observe all out-of-bounds areas and construction areas, and make sure you stay out of them.


Here are the descriptions of the courses on offer at this event.

  Course   Length  Controls  Comments
  White    2.1 km     10     Beginners
  Yellow   3.5 km     13     Advanced beginners
  Orange   5.3 km     15     Intermediate navigation
  Sprint   3.3 km     13     Easy controls, but tricky route
                             choices will require fast decisions

All the courses are virtually "flat", with perhaps 20–30 meters of climb.

Note that the stated course lengths represent the straight-line distances between controls. Your actual course distance will be longer.

Map Notes

The map scale for the White, Yellow, and Sprint courses is 1:5000. The scale for the Orange course is 1:7500.

The map follows current IOF conventions. In particular, it is helpful on all courses to be aware that the map indicates building overhangs, passages, and elevated walkways that can be passed under, through, or over.

Special Notes

Here are some specific points to keep in mind: