Tahoe Area Event Lodging

We do not update this listing to indicate which places still have vacancies. Check all places of interest by using their web site, E-mail address, or phone number to determine if they can accommodate you.

The Tahoe area lodgings are divided into three areas, each with its set of ski-O events. The Soda Springs area is close to Royal Gorge and the Auburn Ski Club Training Center. The Truckee area is close to Tahoe Donner Cross Country and in between Soda Springs and Tahoe City areas. The Tahoe City area is close to Tahoe Cross Country. All areas are within 45 minutes of driving of each other (when conditions and traffic are clear). If you want to be conveniently located for the most event days, stay in Soda Springs. If you want to be centrally located, stay in Truckee. You can always move from one location to another.

Soda Springs Area

Soda Springs is located off of I-80 at the top of Donner Summit (7000').

Hoyfjellet Lodge

Houses groups up to 75 people. Has a lounge, dinning area, two dorms (one for males and the other for females), and two bathrooms (mens and womens).

This place is completely open for the last weekend of our event (and the weekdays when we are competing at nearby Royal Gorge and ASC).

For information and reservations, see Jenni Heckendorn (the lodge is owned by a member of her extended family). She might be available (if needed) to cook some other meals. Otherwise, eat at the local eateries in Soda Springs or 7 miles away in Truckee.

Directions: Exit I-80 at Soda Springs, then drive 1.7 miles until you see a sign for the Central Sierra Snow Lab (Bunnyhill Road). Turn into the parking lot there and park. There is a 1/8th (200m) mile walk to the lodge.

 +1 530 582 8209 (Jenni Heckendorn) for reservations and questions
 $50/person/weeknight (no meals unless arranged with Jenni)
 $80/person for weekend (Friday AND Saturday)
     plus Saturday breakfast/Dinner and Sunday breakfast

Ice Lakes Lodge

Ski to Royal Gorge starts (lodge is owned by Royal Gorge Cross Country)

 $185/night for 2 queen beds or 1 king bed
     (or $212 for 2 midweek nights or $325 for 3 midweek nights)
 +1 800 666 3871
 +1 800 500 3871
 Web site: http://www.royalgorge.com (select Lodging link on the left side of page)

Royal Gorge Rainbow Lodge

Free shuttle to Royal Gorge (lodge is owned by Royal Gorge Cross Country)

 $110 - $195/night  (or $212 for 2 nights or $325 for 3 midweek nights)
 +1 800 666 3871
 +1 800 500 3871
 Web site: http://www.royalgorge.com (select Lodging button)

Boreal Inn

3-mile drive to Royal Gorge or walk to Auburn Ski Club

 $100-$130/night on weekdays
 $110-$140/night on weekends
 Special deal for $69 stay and ski package per person double occupancy.
 +1 530 426 1012
 Web site: http://www.rideboreal.com/winter/lodging/rates_packages

Clair Tappan (Sierra Club hostel)

2-mile drive to Royal Gorge, and 3-mile drive to Auburn Ski Club

 Free shuttle to Royal Gorge
 $41-$46/adult for 2-person cubicle (unheated), bunk in 8-person room,
     or bunk in mens or womens dorms.
 Dorm bunks are not worth writing home about.
 Everyone performs daily chore (cleaning dishes, mopping floors, etc.)
 $25 for children
 Phone: +1 530 426 3632
 Web site: http://ctl.sierraclub.org

The Summit House

3-mile drive to Royal Gorge, and 4-mile drive to Auburn Ski Club.

 Free shuttle to Royal Gorge.
 $100-$200/night for rooms or suites for 2-10 people
 Located by Donner Ski Ranch and Sugar Bowl downhill resorts
 Phone: +1 530 426 9323
 Web site: http://www.summithouse.com
 E-mail:   summit@summithouse.com

Another lodge to possibly be listed for large number of orienteers

The family of one of our members owns a lodge that might be made available to our ski-O participants. This place might take a large number of people at a low rate. If this becomes available, we should post information on it in October 2006.

Soda Springs Vacation Rentals

Cabin rentals in Soda Springs and Serene Lakes:

 4+ people in cabins of various sizes and rates.
 Phone: +1 866 679 8300
 Web site: http://www.sodaspringsrentals.com


We've listed a few hotels that have lower costs. There are many more and many many cabins for rent (see the cabin rental links below). For a more complete listing of hotels, see http://www.travelocity.com or http://www.orbitz.com.

The Inn at Truckee

 From $81/night
 11506 Deerfield Drive, Truckee, CA

Holiday Inn Express

 From $96/night
 10527 Cold Stream Rd., Truckee, CA

Cabin Rentals

For each of these rental agencies, search for Truckee, Donner Lake, or Tahoe Donner. Other places to try, but they will be expensive, are Squaw Valley, Olympic Village, and NorthStar.


Tahoe City and Lake Tahoe Area

This area is close to only the last day of competition, and it is a long drive to Royal Gorge and Auburn Ski Club. We list a few reasonably priced places that were open at the time of this writing. Many more are available through http://www.travelocity.com and http://www.orbitz.com. Search for Dollar Point (location of Tahoe Cross Country), Tahoe City, Tahoe Vista, and Kings Beach.

Travelodge at Lake Tahoe-Tahoe City

 455 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA
 From $72/night.

Cedar Glenn Lodge

 6589 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista, CA
 From $60/night

Cabin Rentals

For each of these pages, look for places in Tahoe City, Tahoe Vista, Dollar Point, and Kings Beach.

  http://www.tahoe.com (various lodging listings)
  http://www.tahoetimberline.com (various links to lodging services)