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Shell Ridge Open Space

Date: (Sun.) May. 6, 2007
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Event Director: - 510.862.5481
Course Setter: George Minarik
Type: B; Standard 7 courses--White (easy beginner) through Blue (strenuous advanced)

This will be a standard event with the full range of courses offered. The standard schedule for registration, starts, and course closure will be followed. E-punch will be used for all courses. Maps are 1:10000 with 5-meter contours. A portable toilet will be available near the registration area.

Poison oak is not very common in the park, but it is very active at this time of the year—please take precautions. Rattlesnakes were seen on the ridges in the past, but only the Red and Blue courses cross this area.

The majority of the courses use the well-known northern area of the Shell Ridge map. Advanced courses will lead you over the central ridge, and Blue has controls in areas not used for many years.

The Start will be located in a remote location some 400 meters up the road from the registration area, thus saving you about 50 meters of climb. Also, both Start and Finish will be unmanned—aka "do it yourself" style. Just follow directions provided on the signs:

There will be a person overlooking the Start area, so you can ask for advise if something is not clear.

When you reach the Finish, punch one of the Finish control units. Don't forget to go to the Download tent to download your SI stick after you finished—even if you did not complete the whole distance.

As usual at Shell Ridge, we are not permitted to climb over or crawl under fences. Hence, crossing a fence without using a gate will be an automatic disqualification. All advanced courses have mandatory crossing points at gates. The locations of the gates are indicated on the map and on the clue sheet by the mandatory crossing symbol, and the segments that join controls for these legs bend through the crossing.

The map quality may not be evenly good in some areas, especially in the southern part of the park (this affects Red and Blue course runners), but George did a good job of avoiding control placements in the questionable locations.


Self registration will be used for current club members who have SI sticks registered in the database. Don't forget to punch before start and after finish.
You may print and fill out an entry form ( in advance if you wish, which may save time if you are bringing a large group. (PDF files are viewable with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (

Course Statistics

  Course   Length   Climb   (Physical) Challenge
  White    2.4 km   100 m   Beginner
  Yellow   2.4 km   130 m   Advanced Beginner 
  Orange   3.3 km   180 m   Intermediate
  Brown    2.8 km   210 m   Advanced (easy)
  Green    3.6 km   250 m   Advanced
  Red      5.3 km   355 m   Advanced (tough)
  Blue     7.7 km   550 m   Advanced (killing)


Anyone interested in volunteering for this event, please contact the .


BAOC will provide Muffins and Apples near the Finish. And plates, napkins, cutlery, little bowls, etc.

Could you bring something to share? Food, snacks, drinks, potable leftovers, etc... Let's add to the fun.

Driving Directions

From I-680 in Walnut Creek, exit onto Ygnacio Valley Road, and head east approximately 2.3 miles to Walnut Avenue (not Walnut Boulevard). Turn right onto Walnut Avenue, and go 1.5 miles to Oak Grove. Turn right onto Oak Grove, and immediately veer right onto Castle Rock Road. Northgate High School is on the right about 0.5 miles along Castle Rock Road.

Park in the school lot closest to the hills, past the buildings. If the parking lot is closed, find parking on the surrounding streets. Do not park on Hanna Grove Trail or Spring Creek Lane—unauthorized vehicles are usually towed.

Registration and starts will be about a ten-minute walk from the lot along Castle Rock Road, right on Comistas Drive, and left on Hanna Grove Trail.