San Francisco Night & Day Challenge

Date: Jun. 2 - 3, 2007
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 206.913.3790
Course Setter: Terry Farrah
Type: 3-, 7-, and 16-hour urban rogaine

Night & Day Challenge is a metrogaine, or urban rogaine. About sixty controls will be located throughout San Francisco, each with a point value between 20 and 150. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible within 16 hours. We also offer 7-hour and 3-hour options. The event begins at 4:00 Saturday afternoon, which means that the finish options will be 7:00 pm or 11:00 pm Saturday, or 8:00 am Sunday.

In 2005 some controls were located in Marin, and in 2006 some were on San Bruno Mountain. This year all controls will be within the San Francisco city limits, making it easier for 16-hour bike and duathlon teams to visit all controls. It may even be possible for a foot team to clean the course.

Night & Day Challenge is a fun and exciting way to discover some of the hidden highlights of this fabulous city.

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The map will be a USGS topographical map at 1:35,000 scale, on two 11x17 sheets of paper. The map will be minimally augmented and will not include many of San Francisco's staircases and pedestrian passageways. Thus, San Francisco locals will have somewhat of an advantage. Larger scale (1:25,000) maps will be available at an additional charge.

Most rogaines require you to compete in a team of 2 to 5. We allow solo participation for the 3-hour and 7-hour options. However, for safety reasons, teams are mandatory for the full 16-hour race.

You have the choice of participating on foot, on bicycle, or in the duathlon division. The duathlon division starts on foot and transitions to bike mid-way through the 7-hour and 16-hour races (no duathlon division for 3-hour race).

In its third year, Night & Day Challenge is produced in partnership with Meridian Geographics (, a business owned by orienteers Terry Farrah and Eric Bone. BAOC provides equipment and event-day volunteers, and Meridian Geographics does the rest. BAOC receives 20% of the net proceeds from the event.

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Event Center

The event center will once again be at Douglass Playground, 26th St. and Douglass St., in Noe Valley. This is near the geographic center of the city.


Preregistration is required for the 16-hour and 7-hour options. Three-hour participants can either preregister, or show up on the day of the event and pay more. Preregistration is at (

Fees are as follows. The prices below reflect a $5 discount for BAOC and other O' club members for all options except 3-hour preregistration; non-members will pay the prices listed on the event website ( (Note that, although the discount is not shown on the initial pricing page, you will have an opportunity to claim the discount later in the registration process.)

16 hour
Through March 15:$45 general, $35 student/senior
March 16 - May 15:$55 / $40
May 16 - 30:$65 / $45
7 hour
Through March 15:$25 general, $20 student/senior
March 16 - May 15:$35 / $25
May 16 - 30:$45 / $30
3 hour prereg
(though May 31)
3 hour event day$25, $20 student/senior, $5 ages 6-12
$35 maximum per family

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Volunteers are needed at check-in/registration 1:00-4:00 pm Saturday, and at all three finishes: 6:30-8:00 pm Saturday, 10:30-midnight Saturday, and 7:30-9:00 am Sunday. Please email the event director if you can help. All helpers get a free Night & Day Challenge bandana and T-shirt.

More Information

There is lots and lots more info available at the Night & Day Challenge website (, including suggested gear and preparation, detailed rules, current team lineup, and results, photos, and stories from last year.

– Terry Farrah, Event Director