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Bon Tempe Reservoir

Date: Nov. 17 - 18, 2007
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Director: - 510.658.4327
Course Setter: Penny DeMoss

Note: This event is fully booked as of 11/6/07.

If you volunteered at an event this year, you are cordially invited to come to BAOC's most beautiful (if not the best mapped) venue for a free orienteering run, plus treats. You can come either Saturday, Nov. 17 or Sunday, Nov. 18.

Bon Tempe is located near the town of Fairfax in Marin County. It is a wonderful mix of open areas, redwood forests, alpine lakes, rock features, and anomalies galore.

The area is managed (owned?) by the Marin Municipal Water District, and they allow us to have only 20 participants each day, so we will sign you up in order of contact. We already have a people signed up for each day, so let us know soon if you'd like to reserve a spot. We will sign people up on a "first-come" basis.

More particulars about the event will be posted in the near future. I will set three Courses: short (3 km), medium (5 km), and long (7 km)—all lengths are approximate. You don't need to decide which course you want at this time.

The courses are the same for both days, and the times will be combined into one finish list. We will give the e-punch people the weekend off and use hand punching. There will be the traditional "Thank You" treats and drinks for you to enjoy after you've run on both days, so bring some warm, dry clothes, and plan on staying for a bit.

Start times will be 10 A.M. to 12 noon. Courses will close at 2 P.M.

Once again, you must make a reservation for this event. Please e-mail us with your preference as to Saturday or Sunday.


November 13 Update

Well, they're saying it might rain this weekend, so it must be time for Bon Tempe. It'll still be nice, since it's such a beautiful place. Below is the list of entries. You'll notice that we accepted a few more than the allowed 20, so just keep moving around, and maybe they won't be able to get a good count on us!

Saturday, Nov. 17

Long Course
Brad Wetmore
Francois Leonard
Gavin Wyatt-Mair
Mattias Kohler
Rex Winterbottom
Medium Course
Chuck Spalding
Evan Custer
Gary Carpenter
George Minarik
Ido Green
Jim Fish
Joe Maffei
Kent Ohlund
Luc Poppe
Nancy Lindeman
Steve Beuerman
Terry Farrah
Theo Verhoeven
Vic Revenko
Short Course
Dean French
Gary Kraght
Leslie Minarik
Marsha Jacobs
Oleg Shakhnovsky
Rosemary Johnson

Sunday, Nov. 18

Long Course
Alex Finch
Andrew Masalkov
Ben Legg
Derek Maclean
Greg Khanlarov
Mark Blair
Steve Gregg
Steve Haas
Tapio Karras
Toby Ferguson
Medium Course
Bill Papendick
Deron van Hoff
Greg Ehrensing
Jeff Lanam
Jennifer Kerr
Joe Scarborough
Lauren Knight
Steph Maclean
Short Course
Brian Kirshner
Dwight Freund
Joan Roos
Judy Koehler
Mikkel Conradi

There will be extra maps of each distance in case you need/want to change on the day.

We have a small waiting list of club members who want to run. If anyone decides not to come, please us so that we can fill the space.

According to Condes, the distances are as follows (the climb and control numbers have not changed):

  Short     3.2 km    135 m climb     8 controls
  Medium    5.2 km    258 m climb    13 controls
  Long      7.3 km    366 m climb    18 controls

If it does rain, we will be starting and ending at the log shelter in the picnic area, so you'll have to add those extra m's....since the courses are planned from the picnic table the would be in the sun if it were to be out. The map scale is 1:10,000 with a contour interval of 12.2 m (40 ft).

Starts will be from 10:00 A.M. to noon each day. Courses close at 2 P.M.

It is very important that you observe the out-of-bounds areas. We have seen the rangers watching us when we were vetting. They are very serious about our not tramping around in those areas, and we could lose our use privileges if any of us are seen to be violating that agreement.

Although there is no charge for running the course, you will have to pay $7 (per car) to enter the park. There probably won't be a person to take your money, so I suggest you bring a 5'er and two ones to put in the machine.

Please note the driving directions below. There will not be any O' signs out to direct you, as the water department requests that we keep a low profile.

We will be using hand punching...the E-punch crew deserves the weekend off, too, don't you think? (They did offer nice.) Bring some dry clothes for afterwards, and stick around for a bit and have some treats. The only thing we wouldn't mind help with is the dreaded control pickup on Sunday...not a big deal though since there won't be very many controls out.

See you'll be fun.
Penny and Harold DeMoss

Driving Directions

From Highway 101 in Greenbrae, take the Sir Francis Drake Blvd. exit, and go west for 5.5 miles to the town of Fairfax. Turn left onto Claus Dr. (at the Rino gas station), and then immediately take another left onto Broadway. Turn right at the next corner, which is Bolinas Rd. Stay on Bolinas Rd. for 1.5 miles. Turn left at the large, brown, wooden sign with white lettering that says "Lake Lagunitas". Stay on this road until you reach the ranger kiosk. Pay the entrance fee, then proceed on the paved road to the parking lot at the very end. (Do not turn right onto the gravel road to Bon Tempe Dam.)

There will not be any orienteering signs to direct you, as the water department requests that we keep a low profile. See you there.