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2007 Western States Championships

Boggs Mountain State Forest

Date: Oct. 13 - 14, 2007
Location: Cobb, CA
Event Director: - 415.456.8118
Course Setters: Mark Blair, George Minarik
Type: A; 2-day classic individual USOF "A" meet, plus recreational courses

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Note: Pre-Registration has closed. A-Meet competitors must now register at the event and pay the day-of-event fees.

If you are looking for a Fall Orienteering event in a beautiful, runnable forest, join us for a weekend on our new map. On October 13–14, 2007, BAOC will hold the Western States Champs at Boggs Mountain State Demonstration Forest in Cobb, CA. This will be a two-day classic-distance event. Boggs Mountain is located in Lake County (map). It is about a 2-hour drive North of San Francisco, and a 45-minute drive from Napa Valley (see the Driving Directions below).

This event is a USOF sanctioned "A" Meet, and is open to any and all orienteers. There will also be recreational courses for beginners and non-competitive groups and individuals. Competitors who reside in the Western States can compete for the Western States Championships. The Western States consist of any state with a mountain higher than 10,000 feet—namely, HI, AK, WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, MT, WY, CO, AZ, UT and NM.

The forest consists mostly of mature pine with excellent runnability. The climbs are moderate and very little poison oak has been spotted. This new map has been produced by Vladimir Zherdev, who has created many other high-quality maps throughout the U.S. The temperature at Boggs in October averages a high of 67 and low of 38. There is a chance of rain, but it is low. The elevation range of the courses will be between 2800 and 3600 feet above sea level.

Periodically check for up-to-date information. To volunteer as a crew chief or meet helper contact . Meet helpers will also be able to compete.

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Friday Packet Pick Up

On Friday evening between 6 P.M. and 10 P.M., pick up your packets at the Eagle & Rose Inn, located next to the Post Office on the east side of Highway 175 in Cobb. The town of Cobb is only a few blocks long. Go slowly because the Inn's sign is hard to see. There will be Orienteering direction signs placed on 175. On Saturday and Sunday, packets can be picked up at the event.

Course Statistics

Although unlikely, these statistics are subject to change. See the Course Setter's Notes for more information about the courses.

Day 1 (Saturday) Course Statistics

Walk to the Start from the parking area is 5 minutes.
Walk from the Finish to the parking area is 2 minutes.

  Course         Length          Climb
  White          2.3 km           55 m
  Yellow         2.9 km           70 m
  Orange         4.0 km          165 m
  Brown          3.8 km          120 m
  Green          5.2 km          180 m
  Red            7.0 km          280 m
  Blue           9.3 km          340 m

Day 2 (Sunday) Course Statistics

Walk to the Start from the parking area is 2 minutes.
Walk from the Finish to the parking area is 3 minutes.

  Course         Length          Climb
  White          2.6 km          100 m
  Yellow         3.4 km          110 m
  Orange         4.1 km          150 m
  Brown          3.6 km          165 m
  Green          5.3 km          190 m
  Red            6.5 km          260 m
  Blue           8.1 km          310 m

Recreational Courses

In addition to the A-Meet courses, there will be Beginner and Intermediate (White, Yellow, and Orange) recreational courses on both days of the event. Register on the day of the event for these courses. Normal BAOC event fees apply. If you are bringing a group of 5 or more, you must contact the Meet Director at least 10 days prior to the event so we can print enough maps.

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Beginner's Clinics

There will be several short Beginner's Clinics held on each morning between 9:30 A.M. and 10:30 A.M. These clinics are free of charge.

Event Timetable

Jul  8, 2007   A-Meet registration opens
Sep 24, 2007   Early registration discount ends
Oct  9, 2007   Pre-registration closes
Oct  9, 2007   Starting times posted on web site
Oct 12, 2007   6:00 PM-10:00 PM:  A-Meet packet pickup, Eagle & Rose Inn, Cobb
Oct 13, 2007   9:00 AM-12:00 Nn:  Packet pick up, Boggs Mtn St Forest
               9:00 AM-12:00 Nn:  Recreational courses registration
               10:00 AM-12:30 PM:  A-Meet & recreational starts
               Courses close 3 hours after last start.
Oct 14, 2007   8:00 AM-11:00 AM:  A-Meet packet pickup
               8:00 AM-11:00 AM:  Recreational courses registration
               9:00 AM-11:30 AM:  A-Meet & recreational starts
               Courses close 3 hours after start
               1:00 PM (or earlier):  A-Meet awards ceremony

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Entry Information

Pre-registration was accepted through October 9th. Now, A-Meet competitors must register at the event and pay the day-of-event fees.

Any questions about registration should be sent to the event registrar, . Marsha can also be reached at 916-408-8052.


A-Meet Courses:

Adult members of USOF or another national federation belonging to IOF receive a $3.00 per day discount on A-Meet entry fees. Juniors (18 or younger) who are members of USOF receive a $1.50 per day discount on A-Meet entry fees.

Other fees:

Registration for Recreational Courses will be done at the event at standard BAOC prices.

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E Punching

SPORTident E Punching will be used for both A-Meet and recreational courses. Rental E-Punch cards/sticks will be available at the event.

Child Care Sharing

is coordinating the sharing of child care between parents. Contact her or if you are interested in participating.

Saturday Night Activities

There will be three social options available for Saturday Night.

Embargoed Area

The Boggs Mountain State Demonstration Forest is now off limits to anyone expecting to compete in this A-Meet. If you visit this venue between June 19, 2007 and October 12, 2007 your participation in this event will be restricted as follows by USOF rules: You will be allowed to compete in the event, but you will not be eligible for any awards, USOF ranking points, or to be placed in the meet results.

Lodging Suggestions

Below are a few possibilities. Reservations will fill quickly, so book early. There are many other options in the towns of Calistoga, Clearlake, and Upper Lake.

Eagle & Rose Inn, Cobb (707-928-5242). $85 and up. A roadside motel 1 mile from the park entrance. Located next to the post office on the east side of Route 175. This motel will be the place to pick up your packets on Friday evening.

Inn at Kelsey Creek, Cobb (707-928-0433). $125 and up. Upscale roadside cabins 1 mile from the park entrance.

Edie's Resort, Loch Lomond (707-928-5661). $55 and up. Rustic roadside cabins 3 miles from the park entrance.

Eagle & Rose Inn, Middletown (707-987-7330). $75 and up. Roadside motel 15 minutes from the park entrance.

Harbin Hot Springs, Harbin (707-987-2477). $130 and up. Famous alternative spa resort 35 minutes from the meet site. Also camping from $25.

Konocti Harbor Resort, located in Clear Lake Riviera (1-800-660-LAKE). Prices from $89 (before 10% AARP discount).

Camping Suggestions

Everyone is invited to join us around the evening campfires at Boggs Mtn. or Clear Lake State Park even if you're staying in a motel!

Clear Lake State Park, 30 min. away

Our group area at this campground is now full, but individual sites should still be available (see below). Anyone camping outside of the group area can still come over for the campfire at night.
has reserved Group Campsite A for Thurs., Fri., and Sat. nights Oct. 11, 12, and 13. The site is flat and large, with a variety of trees, a fire pit and 7+ tables. There is lots of parking in a flat area. The hiking area is hilly, but our camping area is very flat. Included in our $66-a-night plus service-charge fee is parking for 8 cars and 4 RVs. Any extra cars (over the 8-car/4-RV limit) will have to pay the $6-a-night extra-car parking fee. There is room nearby for extra cars, and the ranger said that we could have 50 or so people (but not 80). There are 4 tiled flush-toilet bathrooms and 4 nice, large coin-operated tiled showers (bring quarters), just for the 2 group campsites. The individual sites are first-come first-serve that time of year.
I think that you'll like it. Let know if you want to join us at Clear Lake State Park. I just need to know how many people, how many cars/RVs, and what nights. (Update: Our parking allocation is full.)
Others who are not staying at the park can pay the day-use fee and come in to swim and take a shower. The site is on a creek close to the lake. I saw canoes and kayaks on the creek, but the sign said "No Swimming". I tried the swimming area. The water is a little warm this time of year, but should cool off by October.
For more info on the park see this Web site ( A map of the park is available here (

Oct. 4 Update: Since it's so late in the season, you can't make reservations for individual sites—they are first come, first serve. The people who didn't sign up in time to get into the group site can share individual sites on the west side of Kelsey Creek Campground (inside Clear Lake State Park) and you'll be in the same area as the group site.
If you get there on Friday and get an individual site and would like to share, just put up a note at the entrance, so that people that arrive later can come in and share your site. Let know if you'd like to share a site and what time you will be arriving. I think that we can fit everyone in if we share sites. People coming on Saturday might not be able to get a site, but I'm hoping that orienteers that are there already will share.

Boggs Mountain Demonstration Forest

The camping is free. You don't have to register, since it's included in our event permit. There are about 16 sites that aren't marked. You just pull up to a designated campsite and camp. There are a few tables and fire pits. You bring your own water and take out your garbage. There are 2 "outhouses". It's a beautiful site and you are right there in the orienteering area. Please camp next to a site with a picnic table in the camping area only.
Warning: If you camp at Boggs Mountain you will not be able to wander from the campground area the day prior to or during the meet. You can, of course, drive in and out on the park road. But walking in the terrain outside of the campground area may result in a disqualification. Also, we will be using the campgrounds for the event parking, so you probably will be asked to share your campsite with some cars.

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, about 10 minutes away

This is a KOA-type park. They have tent sites, water, RV sites with hookups, laundry, playground, camping cabins without kitchens, etc. You can go over to Yogi Bear's and take a shower for $5.

Driving Directions

Traffic Warning: Friday afternoon and evening traffic on CA 29 through Napa Valley and US 101 to Santa Rosa is quite heavy. Give yourself at least another hour to get through this. Better yet, try to drive up early in the day.

There is a map showing the approximate location of the event. You can drag the map to center an area of interest, and zoom in to see more detail.

From San Francisco via Santa Rosa

This is usually the fastest SF route:

From the East Bay via Napa Valley

(Once in the Napa Valley, you have the option of taking the scenic Silverado Trail instead of the traffic-heavy CA-29. Turn right to leave CA-29 at Trancas, then turn left onto Silverado heading north. You will turn right onto CA-29 just north of Calistoga.)

From Sacramento

Arriving By Shuttle or Bus

The new Aero Shuttle & Charter ( offers shuttle service to Middletown from Sacramento International Airport. Reservations required: 707-987-1920 or toll free 1-888-987-AERO (2376).

The Sonoma County Airport Express ( offers transport from San Francisco Airport and Oakland Airport to Santa Rosa. Call 1-800-327-2024 or 707-837-8700 for details.

Golden Gate Transit ( offers service to Santa Rosa from four downtown San Francisco locations.