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Presidio of San Francisco

Date: (Sun.) Sep. 17, 2006
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 415.453.3679
Course Setter: Vic Revenko
Type: C; National Orienteering Day "Come and Try It" event with White, Yellow, and 2 Orange courses

This event is part of the National Orienteering Day festivities, designed as an opportunity for those with little or no experience of orienteering to try the sport.

Join us for an outing for novices, as well as experienced orienteers, at the Presidio National Park on Sunday, September 17. This annual event is a big draw for groups as well as individuals from around the world. September is a great time to enjoy the views while getting some exercise and learning new or improving old skills.

White, Yellow, Orange, and Long Orange courses will be offered. Beginner's clinics will be available for all those who wish one. The White course is suitable for beginners, with no experience necessary. The Yellow course is for advanced beginners — a mostly trail course requiring little orienteering experience. Orange and Long Orange are longer intermediate off-trail courses of moderate navigational difficulty. The Long Orange course will cover most of the Presidio; it is a great course for Adventure Racing. (Details of the courses are available here.)

Event Times

Registration: 9:00 AM – Noon
Starts available: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Beginners clinics: 9:30 AM – 12:15 PM
Intermediate clinics: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Courses close at 2:30 PM

Event Notes

The Presidio, our newest National Park, is an ideal locale for beginning and intermediate orienteers, with a central location and relatively easy terrain, not to mention historic buildings and scenic views. (Note: Wooded areas have some poison oak, so off-trail participants should wear long pants.) Beginners' clinics will be offered every 15-30 minutes from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. In addition, we'll hold a clinic for Adventure Racers and Intermediate orienteers at 10:30 AM.

Environmental Service at the Presidio: Sept. 30

Two weeks after this event, on Saturday, September 30, is National Public Lands Day. BAOC has organized an activity at the Presidio on this day during which we will help maintain the Presidio by removing invasive plants. This is an opportunity to "give back" while enjoying the Presidio in the company of other orienteers. The activity takes place during 9:00-noon. If you think you may be interested, even if you are not sure, please contact BAOC's Environmental Coordinator, . Further details are available at the Presidio Environmental Service information page.

Driving Directions

All the action for orienteering in the Presidio on September 17 will start from the west part of Fort Winfield Scott at Building 1205. (This is the same location as for the previous few years.)

Coming from the South or East: Head to the Golden Gate Bridge. Take the last SF exit onto Doyle Drive just before the toll plaza. Turn right onto Lincoln Blvd., go under the overpass and take the first left (Storey Road). Continue for about 100 yards and go right on Ralston Avenue. Ralston makes a loop around Fort Scott. Building 1205 is on the West side. Park on Ralston Avenue or in the parking areas around there.

Coming from Marin: Exit immediately after the toll plaza onto Merchant Road. Turn left onto Lincoln, and an immediate right onto Ralston. Continue on Ralston around Fort Scott to Building 1205 (see above).

NOTE: DO NOT PARK AT THE LOG CABIN. It is a private venue.

Public Transit: From the Daly City BART station, take Muni Bus #28 (departures every 10 min.) to Merchant Road at the overpass under Doyle Drive, about 32 min.