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Coyote Hills Regional Park

Date: (Sat.) Sep. 16, 2006
Location: Fremont, CA
Event Director: - 408.313.3753
Course Setter: Jim Fish
Type: C; National Orienteering Day "Come and Try It" event for beginners

We kick off National Orienteering Day weekend with a meet at Coyote Hills, centrally located just northeast of the Dumbarton Bridge. Coyote Hills is an open, grassy, hilly area — there are very few trees except for the White (beginner's) course. This is a great place to introduce your friends to orienteering. The White and Yellow courses will be well-suited to beginners.

Registration well be at the standard times from 9 a.m. to 12 Noon. There will be short beginner clinics beginning at 9:30. The courses close at the standard time of 2 p.m. — everyone must check in at the Finish by then, even if they have not completed their course.

Jim Fish has set four courses in this small park: White (2.0 km), Yellow (3.1 km), Orange (5.1 km), and Long Orange (6.2 km) — see the Course Setter's Notes for details.

NOTE: Electronic Controls will be used for all courses. This means that participants who do not have one will need to rent an eStick at $3 each. The eStick fits on a finger and the tip is inserted into a small box at each control location. The time at each control, from Start to Finish, is recorded on the eStick. After you finish your course, the information on the eStick is downloaded into a computer, and then the eStick is returned to BAOC. Each participant will then get a print-out of their times, which can be used to compare your control-by-control results with your friends.

Driving Directions

Coyote Hills is conveniently located just north of the east end of the Dumbarton Bridge in Fremont.

Note: The park charges a $5 fee for a day pass. You might need the exact amount for self-pay if the addendant is not present.

From 880 in Fremont, exit at Decoto Rd. (a.k.a. 84 West) and go west onto the freeway that leads to the Dumbarton Bridge. After you are on Highway 84 on your way to the Dumbarton Bridge, about 2 miles west from 880, exit at the Thornton Avenue / Paseo Padre exit, and turn right (north) on Paseo Padre. (Note that both Paseo Padre and Thornton also cross 880, but you don't want to exit at either of these.) After about 1 mile, turn left at the entrance to Coyote Hills Regional Park and follow the orienteering signs.

From the Peninsula, take Highway 84 east to the Dumbarton Bridge. After you have crossed the bridge and passed the toll plaza, you should take the first exit at Thornton Avenue & Paseo Padre. Turn left (north) on Paseo Padre and proceed about 1 mile, turning left at the entrance to Coyote Hills Regional Park and follow the orienteering signs.

Public Transit: From the Fremont BART station, take AC Transit bus #322 (departs 9:05, 10:05) to Ardenwood Blvd. and Commerce Dr. Walk west about 2 km along Commerce and into the park.