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China Camp State Park (Miwok Meadows)

Date: (Sun.) Jun. 11, 2006
Location: San Rafael, CA
Event Director: - 510.526.9071
Course Setter: Bill Papendick
Type: B; Standard seven courses (White through Blue), plus Long Orange course for Adventure Racers

We expect to have our usual good time at this comfortable wooded venue. Beginners and Adventure Racers are especially welcome. All seven standard courses will be ready for you, plus a Long Orange course for Adventure Race navigation practice. See the Course Setter's Notes for more information about the courses.

China Camp State Park offers camping, mixed oak forest, open fields, salt marshes, ridges, creeks, shorelines, and views, views, and more views.

Miwok Meadows Picnic Area is shaded with many picnic tables -- perfect for lunch after your course. Barbecue is possible as well. Later you can drive up the road to the China Camp Museum area, which offers buildings and artifacts from the Chinese shrimp-fishing settlement there in the "olden days". Interesting, with yet another great view.

For information about the park, check out this link ( and this one (

It could be a hot day, so come early and bring plenty of liquids. We will put out water at selected sites, but many participants will also carry their own. Another hazard is poison oak. We will be glad to point it out to you, and as you may already know, it can look different depending on the amount of sun it gets. Technu is used to wash off the poison oak oils sticking to exposed skin. Many people bring a complete change of clothing to avoid contact with oils that may be on their competition outfits/shoes.

All courses, including the White and Yellow beginner's courses, will use E-punch, which will allow you to compare your performance on a particular control-leg problem, as well as on the course as a whole, with the performances of others. Which route choice worked best? E-punch results offer hours of conversation after you run your course. (E-punch "sticks" will be available for rent [$3] at Registration.)

Registration is open from 9 AM to Noon. Short beginner's orientation classes are available from 9:30 to 10:30 AM. Starts are available between 10 AM and 12:30 PM.

All courses close at 2:30 PM. Please check in at the Finish by then, even if you do not complete your course. Otherwise we may need to mount a search for you.

Driving Directions

China Camp State Park is located 15-20 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and a few miles northeast of San Rafael. Exit Highway 101 at the North San Pedro Road exit near the Marin County Civic Center. Travel east along North San Pedro Road for 3.5 miles to the Miwok Meadows Picnic Area. Because of park fire-management plans, most people will be asked to park on the main road, and walk a little over half mile along a dirt road to the picnic area itself, where the Registration and Start/Finish areas will be located.