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Burton Creek (Tahoe XC) Ski-O

Date: (Sun.) Jan. 22, 2006
Location: Tahoe City, CA
Event Director: - 650.793.8764
Course Setter: Matthias Kohler
Type: Ski-O

The Burton Creek (Tahoe XC) ski-O event is the first of four Sierra Ski-O Championship events for 2006. This event features five point-to-point courses, E-punching, 65 km of groomed track, and relatively flat conditions. Typically, the relatively flat conditions at Tahoe XC mean that we get our fastest times at this event for all participants, which can include skate skiers, classic (diagonal stride) skiers, and snowshoers. This is a great event for beginners, highly competitive skiers, and everyone in between. Beginner clinics are available on request for free.


You can do any of the following courses:

  Course Optimal Flyline Climb Description
  ------ ------- ------- ----- ---------------------------------
  White   5.9km  3.7km   70m   For beginners. Easy trails with
                               single route choices and junctions
                               for easy decisions.
  Orange  7.2km  5.2km  110m   For the F-16, F-20, and F55+ 
                               competitive classes and novices of 
                               both genders. Expect intermediate
                               trails with each leg offering a
                               choice of two or more routes.
  Green  10.3km  7.0km  110m   For the F40+, M-16, M-20, and M55+
                               competitive classes and anyone who 
                               doesn't want to compete with their
                               gender-age class on a longer course.
                               Expect intermediate trails and legs
                               with multiple route choices.
  Red    11.8km 10.4km  195m   For the F-21+ and M40+ competitive
                               classes and males 21 to 39 who don't
                               want to compete on the longer blue
                               course. Expect difficult trails with 
                               major climbs and descents and long 
                               legs with multiple route choices.
  Blue   19.6km 14.2km  230m   For the M-21+ and Amazon classes.
                               Expect anything you'd find on a red
                               course with a lot more distance.
                               Do this only if you are in top shape,
                               a fast skier, and experienced with 

If you compete alone (that is, not part of a group or team), your finish time earns points towards the 2006 Sierra Ski-Orienteering Championships. Beginning in 2006, you need to attend only one ski-O event to qualify for this championship, and your points for the championship are calculated by comparing your time to the winner of the class you compete in. No matter what course you want to use, there is a class for you to participate in, though some are considered fully competitive and others are considered less competitive. For more information, see the 2006 Sierra Ski-Orienteering Championships Web page.


This event has two fees, which you pay separately. First, you must register for the event, and pay your registration fee to BAOC. After you register, you will get a coupon for a discounted trail pass (not needed if you prefer to use a season pass), which you take to the Tahoe XC desk to purchase a trail pass (the second fee). Be sure to register first so you can get a discounted trail pass.

The fees are as follows:

      Adults (21+ years)
         Beginner course (White)                         $6
         Orange, Green, Red, or Blue course             $10
         Additional adult in a group skiing as a team    $2
            (oldest person on team pays full price) 
      Juniors (8-20 years)
         Beginner course (White)                         $3
         Orange, Green, Red, or Blue course              $5
         Additional junior in a group skiing as a team   $2 
      Children (0-7 years)                              Free
      E-punch finger stick rental is $2. Only one finger stick is
      needed for a team. 
      Super seniors   (70+ years)    Free
      Seniors       (60-69 years)    $10
      Adults        (18-59 years)    $15
      Junior        (10-17 years)    $10
      Children        (0-9 years)    Free

Times for Registration, Clinics, Starts, and Course Closure

Registration opens at 9:00 AM on Sunday, January 22. Beginner clinics can begin anytime after that on demand. Individual starts are from 10AM to 12:30 PM. You must finish your course by 2:30 PM because we begin picking up all controls by that time.

Volunteers are Always Welcome to Help

We always need some help whether it be to register people, do starts, give beginner clinics, or pick up controls after the event. If you'd like to help out, your contribution would be greatly appreciated, let the meet director (Tony Pinkham) know.

Severe Weather Considerations

Remember to bring chains or a vehicle with all-wheel/4-wheel drive or snow tires. Winter driving conditions, even when it is not snowing, can mean driving on icy roads.

In the event of a severe storm or low snow conditions, it might be necessary to omit some controls on some courses because of dangerous conditions or a lack of snow on the certain trails. Because this can result in disruptions to planned courses, this can mean that a point-to-point event can have shortened courses (this has happened once only) or the event format changes to Score-O format (never done before) just hours before the event. We will try to alert everybody of these changes if it is necessary to make them.

Ski-O events are automatically cancelled when the resort closes for severe weather or lack of snow (this has never happened, although we have had at least one close call). We will try to alert everyone of such a cancellations, but if you suspect this might happen, contact the director (Tony Pinkham at 650-969-5320) for further information. If you leave a message for Tony, include your phone number. If he is at the resort, he will check for messages and return calls if possible.

As of January 19, the weather forecast says we are instore for partially cloudy weather with only a 30 percent chance of light snow early Sunday morning. This is ideal. If you ski early, you will probably get the best snow is almost always the case.

Driving Directions

Tahoe Cross Country (also known as Tahoe XC) runs the ski resort that utilizes the Burton Creek State Park area. To get to Tahoe XC:

  1. Take Interstate 80 to Highway 89 or Highway 267 in Truckee.
  2. Go south, towards Lake Tahoe, on either highway as follows:
    • If using Highway 89, go 12 miles south to Highway 28 in Tahoe City.
    • If using Highway 267, go 13 miles south to Highway 28 in Kings Beach.
  3. Take Highway 28 to Fabian Way (you'll see a 7-11 store on the lake side of the highway).
    • If coming from Tahoe City, turn left at the "Y" junction from Highway 89 to Highway 24 (North Lake Blvd) and go almost 3 miles to Fabian Way.
    • If coming from King City, turn right at Highway 24 and go 7.5 miles to Fabian Way.
  4. Turn onto Fabian Way (going away from the lake), and go a couple hundred feet to Village Rd.
  5. Turn right onto Village Rd, and follow it up the hill and to the right to Country Club Drive.
  6. Turn left onto Country Club Drive, and go a couple hundred feet to the Tahoe XC facility on the left.
  7. Turn left into the parking lot and park your car.
  8. Walk inside the building for registration.