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Bon Tempe Reservoir

Volunteer Appreciation Event

Date: Dec. 16 - 17, 2006
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Directors: - 510.658.4327, - 510.658.4327
Course Setter: Dwight Freund (GCO)
Type: C; Volunteer appreciation event -- Advanced courses only -- Attendance limited -- RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

It's time to sign up for this year's traditional "Club Volunteer Appreciation" event. Held as usual in the beautiful Bon Tempe area of Marin Co., it's always fun and often quite memorable. Yes, the weather can be a bit "unsettled", but what other meet leaves us with such noteworthy moments. Like when that horrible storm hit, and Dan Greene was knocked off his feet, but just before he hit the ground, another huge gust of wind righted him again! Or when it rained so hard when Derek Maclean was running, his own children didn't recognize him when he finished...

But, it can be quite nice, too. And when it is, the turtles come out and bask in the sun, and the resident bald eagle is sometimes spotted. What a great place...

Anyway, because of park rules, we are restricted to only 20 runners per day. This free (except for park entry fees) event is open to any club member who has contributed significantly in club activities. Event Directors, Course Setters, BOD members, e-punch computer persons, and members who have volunteered on a somewhat regular basis at events this year are all eligible. Plus, anyone who has ever helped at Gavin Wyatt-Mair's Scout'O, in any capacity, is eligible for life.

Dwight Freund will be setting, what I'm sure will be fun and interesting courses. We don't have any details on course lengths, etc. yet, but we usually have short (Brown-ish), medium (Green-ish), and long (Red/Blue-ish) courses. There will not be any beginner's courses — that is, no White, Yellow, or Orange course.

The courses are the same for both days, and the times will be combined into one finish list. We will give the e-punch people the weekend off and use hand punching. There will be the traditional "Thank You" treats and drinks for you to enjoy after you've run on both days, so bring some warm, dry clothes, and plan on staying for a bit.

You must make a reservation for this event. Please e-mail us with your preference as to Saturday or Sunday, and your desired course. Start times will be 10 AM to 12 noon. Courses will close 2 PM-ish. We already have some entries for both days, so let us know soon, as we will sign people up on a "first-come" basis.


Event Directors' Notes

The unsettled weather is finally here, so it must be time for BonTempe. The predicted weather for the weekend is "chance of rain showers". Heck, that's nothing! Maybe we'll get lucky like at Tilden, where it rained and the wind blew as we were setting everything up, but was okay during the meet. At any rate, it'll be fun and we look forward to seeing you all there. The list of entries is below. If you want to come, and don't see your name on the list, e-mail us now. Also, if you want/need to switch days, let us know. Shouldn't be a problem.

Because of the questionable weather, we'll be using the log shelter in the redwood grove as we did last year. As requested, the course setter, Dwight Freund, made the Start and Finish at the picnic table on the corner of the map near the parking. But, you will be starting and finishing at the log shelter, which is NOT on the map. We will flag the way to the mapped Start and Finish, and in fairness to those who have not run here before, you will be allowed to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the layout before you start. It is approximately 150 m from the shelter to the mapped start triangle. Don't forget to come back to the shelter to finish as nobody will be at the mapped Finish. Don't worry if you find this confusing. We'll be sure everyone's got it straight before they start. You do not have to go to the mapped Start and Finish unless you want to, but bear in mind, you won't be on the map!

The map scale is 1:10,000 with a contour interval of 40 ft (12.2 m). The area is a wonderfully runnable (no cows) combination of open, oak-studded hills, alpine lakes, redwood forests, rock features, and mystery. (If you haven't read Dwight's Course Setter's notes, you might want to check them out. Evidently we will be visiting the legendary "Hillside of Death" ... argh.) The good news is that there's very little poison oak. Neither Harold or I have ever gotten it at BonTempe, even when we mapped it. This is great, since we'll all still be itching from Tilden.

Please stay out of the Out of Bounds area indicated on the map. You may run on the mapped roads that go through, and the trails that border the area, but the rangers are adamant about this "no go" zone. We've actually seen them watching us in the past, although never when it was rainy ... they're adamant, but not anal.

The courses are as follows:

  Short     4.5 km    195 m climb     8 controls
  Medium    5.5 km    345 m climb    12 controls
  Long      7.1 km    485 m climb    16 controls

Starts will be from 10 AM to Noonish. Courses close 2'ish. The weather forcast remains chance of showers Saturday, but I see there's a chance of thunderstorms on Sunday. Hmmm, that's new and exciting.

As in the past, Harold and I will be delighted to supply treats for afterwards. Hot/cold drinks and breakfast-type treats ... fruit, muffins, bagels, scones, etc.

If you want to bring something to share, that's nice, but really not necessary as we'll have plenty. But do bring a towel and warm clothes for afterwards. Even if it's not raining, it can be cold in the redwood grove. By the way, this is the very same redwood grove in which the rangers saw a bear a couple years ago ... whoa.

Here's what is probably the complete list of those expected this weekend at BonTempe. If your name doesn't appear on the list, you'll need to contact us before Friday night.

     Dean French           Short
     Nancy Lindeman        Short
     Jim Fish              Short
     Joe Scarborough       Short
     Leslie Minarik        Short
     Steve Beuerman        Short
     Marie-Josee Parayre   Short
     Vic Revenko           Short
     George Minarik        Medium
     Kent Hetherwick       Medium
     Bob Cooley            Medium
     Chuck Spalding        Medium
     Peter Graube          Long
     Gavin Wyatt-Mair      Long
     Peter Graham          Long
     Mark Prior            Long
     Matthias Kohler       Long
     Kent Ohlund           Long
     Dan Greene            Long
     Francois Leonard      Long
     Ido Green             Long
     Brad Wetmore          Long
     Russell Neilson       Long
     Bill Papendick        ?
     Rosemary Johnson      Short
     Marsha Jacobs         Short
     Lauren Knight         Short
     Harold DeMoss         Short
     Joan Roos             Short
     Alan Houser           Short
     Marina Keating        Medium
     Steph Maclean         Medium
     Jennifer Kerr         Medium
     Tony Pinkham          Medium
     Tapio Karras          Long
     Evan Custer           Long
     Mikkel Conradi        Long
     Martin Kunz           Long
     Rex Winterbottom      Long
     Andrew Masalkovas     Long
     Vlad Gusiatnikov      Long
     Ben Legg              Long
     Mark Blair            Long
     Derek Maclean         Long
     Greg Khanlarov        Long
     Penny DeMoss          Long

Driving directions are below. Please note them, as there will not be any O' signs to guide you. After paying at the ranger kiosk, remember to drive on the paved road to the parking lot at the very end (about a mile).

See you there. Contact us if you have any questions.

Penny and Harold DeMoss — Meet Hosts

Course Setter's Notes

I tried to avoid the “Hillside of Death� the last couple of times I’ve set here, so it’s about time for you all to find out just how much the topography has changed by now. Nothing like geological instability to put extra life into old maps!

Needless to say, until someone invents live links between the earth and our data, the map will not have changed nearly as much as the park. In particular, due to active park service management or global warming, many of the previous fight zones in the southern half of the map are much more runnable. I have made a fitful attempt to show this on the map. Somewhat paradoxically, much of the formerly runnable area in the northwest portion of the map is now well covered in some broom-like vegetation that will slow you down a bit or a lot. This is no doubt due to inactive management, or global cooling. I’ve sketched in a bit of this as well, but I’ll mostly leave it for Cooley to get out his electronic mapping equipment to make more accurate updates.

The courses are a bit on the steep side. I gave our esteemed meet directors an opportunity to be merciful, but they felt like you all deserved your money’s worth. I saw lots of turkeys (before Thanksgiving), deer, and broom, but no cougars, rattlesnakes, or PO. Keep in mind that I have cataracts, so lack of sightings should be taken with a grain of salt (or Technu). The “short� course is a bit longish (4.5 K), which is compensated for by a “long� course which is a bit shortish (7.1 K). The third available course is rather accurately described as “medium� (5.5 K).

  Short    4.5 km, 195 m climb,  8 controls
  Medium   5.5 km, 345 m climb, 12 controls
  Long     7.1 km, 485 m climb, 16 controls

Courses will be manual punch. Please avoid the areas marked “stay out� on your maps; we don’t want to lose privileges at this lovely venue. Good luck, Godspeed, and Merry Holiday-of-your-Preference.

Dwight Freund
Course Setter

Driving Directions

Please note: These directions are different than what is in the last bulletin.

From highway 101 in Greenbrae, take the Sir Francis Drake Blvd. exit, and go west for 5.5 miles to the town of Fairfax. Turn left onto Claus Dr. (at the Rino gas station), and then immediately take another left onto Broadway. Turn right at the next corner, which is Bolinas Rd. Stay on Bolinas Rd. for 1.5 miles. Turn left at the large, brown, wooden sign that says "Lake Lagunitas". Stay on this road until you reach the ranger kiosk. Pay the entrance fee, then proceed on the paved road to the parking lot at the very end. There will not be any orienteering signs to direct you, as the water department requests that we keep a low profile. See you there.