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Twin Peaks

Date: (Sun.) Jul. 24, 2005
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 415.681.7075
Course Setter: Mark Prior
Type: C; Urban Street-O on BAOC's newest map; 50- or 100-minute Score-O format

Think you know San Francisco? Think again! We’ll inaugurate our new street map of the heart of San Francisco on Sunday, July 24th with an event starting in beautiful Buena Vista Park. There are a surprising number of wooded and open areas, along with hidden stairways and amazing views. The atmosphere of the city changes every few blocks, as can the weather!

This will be a Score-O format for all courses. The goal with Score-O is to get to as many controls as possible within the given time limit. Beginning orienteers will appreciate the easy to intermediate control locations, while seasoned veterans will be challenged with surprisingly difficult route choices to the more distance controls.

There will be two time limits, depending on the amount of fun you want to have: 50 minutes or 100 minutes. No need to decide in advance — stay out for as long as you are having fun. Controls will score 1, 2, 3, or 4 points, with penalties for overtime of 2 points per minute (or fraction of a minute).

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We will be offering individual starts from 10:00 am to noon, but encourage all competitors (regardless of which time limit) to join us for a mass start at noon. Both individual and mass starters will be scored together. No starts will be allowed after noon.

For controls, we will use a mixture of unique features like lamppost numbers, signs, etc, and pie plates. You will mark the correct answers, multiple choice style, on a sheet we provide with the map.

Be prepared for typical San Francisco weather, meaning low 50's cool and blustery, to high 80's and bright sunshine, or a combination of the two.

Registration and the Start/Finish will be located on the lawn in the very center, top of the park, which can most easily be accessed via the concrete walkway where Buena Vista Ave meets Upper Terrace. Please leave extra time in your schedule to account for unforeseen traffic, city navigation, or parking delays.

After the event, make it a day of shopping by releasing the inner hippie down the hill in the Haight-Ashbury district. Or refuel on a Mission-district burrito, or brunch in the flamboyant Castro — all a short walk away!

Driving Directions

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Buena Vista Park is located in the center of San Francisco. There are many possible routes, but the fastest and easiest is to make your way to the Mission St or 9th St exits off 101/80 as it passes through the city. The map on the right shows some possible routes from there (click to enlarge).

Parking for the event will be on the streets surrounding the event. Buena Vista Ave East (on the southeast side of the park) usually has plenty of parking at this time.