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Spring Lake County Park

Date: (Sun.) Sep. 18, 2005
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Event Director: - 415.456.8118
Course Setter: Scott Aster
Type: C; National Orienteering Day "Come and Try It" event with White, Yellow, and "Phantom" courses

National Orienteering Day comes to Spring Lake County Park! On Sunday, September 18, the Bay Area Orienteering Club will be hosting a "Come and Try It" event at scenic Spring Lake Park, located just east of Santa Rosa.

We will have three courses. The first is a course that stays entirely on roads and trails. This course will be about a mile in length, and will be a great introduction to the skills involved in orienteering. Novices should definitely try this course first.

The second course will be longer and will, at times, take you off of trails and through the "bush". This course is suitable for advanced beginners, or those who have previously completed the short course and want a greater challenge. The course will tour most of the park, including parts of it you probably didn't realize exist.

I've designed the third course with a devious streak! This course will use "Phantom" control markers. What this means is that your course map will show 14 markers to be found, and yet only 10 will actually exist. The test for participants is to navigate to the location indicated on the map, and determine if you are in the correct place or not. If you are sure you are in the correct location, and you don't see a control marker, you should proceed to the next control marked on your map. This is a great test of one's navigation skills, and confidence!

As at all of our events, we will have short, impromptu instructional sessions running all morning long near the registration area. These 15-20 minute clinics will give everyone the knowledge necessary to successfully complete a course.

We will be meeting at the Oak Knolls picnic area in the southeast portion of the park (this is where we usually meet). Registration will begin at 9 AM and close at noon, and you can start out on a course anytime between 10 AM and 12:30 PM.

Driving Directions

Take U.S. Highway 101 north to Santa Rosa. Once in Santa Rosa, exit onto highway 12 going east. Follow highway 12 for 1.5 miles to its left turn at Farmer's Lane. Do not take this turn, but instead, continue straight onto Hoen Avenue. At the Hoen-Summerfield traffic light 1.5 miles later, continue straight, then take an immediate left onto Newanga Avenue. Newanga leads into Spring Lake County Park. At the ranger's kiosk (where a $4 parking fee might be required), make a right and go up the hill to the Oak Knoll Picnic Area.