Ev and Jean Beuerman at Big Basin in 1996

Board of Directors Meeting

Date: (Mon.) Dec. 5, 2005
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Event Director: - 415.681.7075
Type: Club Board Meeting, all members are welcome

Please join the BAOC board for our final board meeting of the year. At this meeting we will be approving the budget for 2006, and prioritizing our spending for the coming year. All club members are welcome.

Pizza will be served 6:30pm, and the meeting will be held 7:00-10:00pm.

The board meeting will be held in room 117 of the Gilbert Biological Sciences. Here's a link (http://campus-map.stanford.edu/campus_map/results.jsp?bldg=Gilbert&dept=&addr=) to a Stanford website with a map.

BAOC Board Meeting Agenda

  1. Approval of last meeting minutes — George Minarik
  2. President's report — Ian Tidswell
  3. Event Coordinator's report — Evan Custer
  4. Treasurer's report and 2006 budget — George Minarik
  5. Mapping report — Bob Cooley
  6. Directors' reports
    1. Membership — Steve Beuerman
    2. Registration — Ev & Jean Beuerman
    3. Equipment — Mark Blair
    4. E-punch — Trinka Gillis
    5. Event Quality — Dan Greene
    6. Juniors — Nick Corsano
    7. Permits — Rosemary Johnson
    8. Publicity — Nancy Lindeman
    9. Bulletin — Jeff Lanam
    10. Website — Van Boughner
    11. Adventure Race coordination — Mark Prior
    12. Outreach — Scott Aster
    13. Social — Rex Winterbottom
    14. USOF — Gary Kraght
  7. New business (including date of next meeting) — Ian Tidswell
  8. Adjournment


Probably the easiest way to get there is to drive down University Ave, which turns into Palm Drive, all the way to the Oval at the end. Then walk on Serra Mall from the Oval towards West (which is to say, to the right, if Palo Alto is behind you). The second building on your right is Gilbert. Descend the stairs towards the building — room 117 can be accessed from the outside.