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Unless otherwise noted, all of the club's events take place within the San Francisco Bay Area, are on Sundays, go on rain or shine, and offer courses for beginners. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for information about event schedules, costs, and what to bring.

Click on the event date to go to the event webpage/website. For the latest information for any event, please check the event webpage/website closer to the event, or (for local events) contact the Event Director. There are additional details about the event schedule below.

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Date Event Name,
Type, and Notes
Event Director
or Contact
Course Setter(s)
Jan. 26
Point Pinole Regional Shoreline
Richmond, CA
- 925.862.2978 Steve Gregg
C; Our annual visit to this fun, fast park. White, Yellow, and Orange courses for beginner through intermediate. In addition, we will offer a “One-Man Relay” for advanced orienteers.
Feb. 9
Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch County Park
Gilroy, CA
- 510.525.1574 Lubomir Šebo
B; Standard 7-course event for beginners through advanced (pending park approval)
Feb. 15 - 23 Southwest Spring Week; Tucson & Phoenix, AZ Tucson Orienteering Club (TSN)
B; 2019 description: "9 days of orienteering and sun in the desert southwest: mass starts, Sprints, Middles, Classics, and Night-O"
Feb. 20 - 26 Portugal O Meeting 2020; Sines, Setúbal, Portugal
A; Two Middle, two Long, urban & night Sprint events (entry deadlines: Feb. 3 & 10)
Mar. 1
Morgan Territory Regional Preserve
Livermore, CA
- 650.404.7037 Yurii Konovalenko
B; Standard 7-course event for beginners through advanced at one of our popular parks (pending park approval)
Mar. 8
2020 NAV-X Challenge @ Diablo Foothills; Walnut Creek, CA
NAV-X Challenge (NAV-X)
Dennis Wilkinson
2 hr & 4 hr map trek in the foothills of Mount Diablo. This hilly area has beautiful views, and excellent visibility including in the Oak forests.
Mar. 13 - 22 MOC Tour; Greece, North Macedonia, Albania, Italy
Guided bus tour of the region with 8 orienteering events, including Sprint in Athens; "event website" link on Attackpoint goes to the Bulletin
Mar. 13 - 15 Sprint Camp 2020; Vancouver, BC, Canada Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club (GVOC)
Sprint Camp has moved to March, to try to avoid the snow in February. Registration opens "later in 2019".
Mar. 14 - 15 NJROTC National Championship; Quantico, VA Quantico Orienteering Club (QOC)
A; Individual and team competitions on Yellow to Green courses; “Old Fogey” instructor/coach/parent class runs the Brown course (entry deadline: Feb. 20)
Mar. 15
Joseph D. Grant County Park
San Jose, CA
- 650.604.3760 Derek Maclean,
Kim van Berkel
B; Standard 7-course event for beginners through advanced (pending park approval)
Mar. 29
Shell Ridge Open Space
Walnut Creek, CA
Martin Kunz
B; Standard 7-course event for beginners through advanced (pending park approval)
Apr. 3 - 5 U.S. Nationals — Flying Pig XXIV; Cincinnati, OH Orienteering Club of Cincinnati (OCIN)
A; Popular annual event with Middle courses on Friday, Long courses on Saturday, and Sprint courses on Sunday; all events within 20 mi (30 km) radius of downtown Cincinnati (entry deadlines: TBD)
Apr. 4
2020 NAV-X Challenge @ Cache Creek; Clearlake Oaks, CA
NAV-X Challenge (NAV-X)
Andrew Peterson
4 hr & 8 hr map trek in the secluded, hilly expanse of oak woodlands, grasslands, and chaparral of Cache Creek
Apr. 11
Vasona Lake County Park
Los Gatos, CA
Russell Green
C; Event format TBD (pending park approval)
Apr. 17 - 19 2020 Junior Nationals; Coupeville, WA Cascade Orienteering Club (COC)
A; Model event & relay on Friday, Long & Middle NREs in Fort Ebey & Fort Casey State Parks on Whidbey Island; White through Orange recreational courses (Junior Nationals formerly known as IS/IC Championships) (entry deadlines: TBD)
Apr. 25 - 26 West Point Annual National Event; West Point, NY U.S. Military Academy Orienteering Club (USMAOC)
A; Middle and Extreme-O on Day 1 and a Classic on Day 2, both in the vicinity of Round Pond Recreation Area (entry deadlines: TBD)
May. 2 - 3 North American Rogaining Championships; Sprague, WA
Rogaine; 24-hour Rogaine [details TBD]
May. 15 - 18 U.S. & Canada Team Trials; Kelowna, British Columbia, CA Sage Orienteering & Rogaining Club (SAGE)
A; Unofficial training on Friday; Team Trial Sprints Saturday & Sunday and Long event Monday; "Public" Sprint and Long events Sunday & Monday
May. 20 - 24 Swiss 5 Days; Neuchätel, Switzerland
A; Sprint, 2 Middle, and 2 Long events (entry deadlines: Jan. 31, April 27)
May. 23 - 25 Boston Sprint Camp; Boston, MA Cambridge Sports Union (CSU)
A; Bidding for WOC Team Trials; NRE details TBD; location TBD (within ~4 hour radius of Boston)
Jun. 13 - 14 Jukola Relay; Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
A; Annual men's overnight relay event (entry deadlines: Jan. 30, May 6, May 27)
Jun. 13
Venla Relay; Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
A; Annual women's afternoon relay event (entry deadlines: Jan. 30, May 6, May 27)
Jun. 25 - 28 United World Games & Carinthian Lake Cup; Klagenfurt, Austria
Training sessions & three competition events for juniors (United World Games); four events for adults and non-competitors (Carinthian Lake Cup)
Jun. 26 - Jul. 3 JWOC: Junior World Orienteering Championships; Kocaeli, Turkey
A; Annual junior championships, and 5-day public (KCUP) event with Sprint, Long, and three Middle races (entry deadline: April 26)
Jun. 28 - Jul. 3 Five Days of Italy, Fai della Paganella, Trentino, Italy
A; Sprint, Long, and three Middle events "in the Middle of the Trentino Dolomites" (limited to 1800 entries; entry deadlines: Feb. 15, May 15, June 3)
Jun. 28 - Jul. 3 53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week; Haverinen, Suomussalmi, Finland
A; Four events over six days; competition categories and open courses; "3,500 to 10,000 orienteers annually"; "one of the most popular sporting events in Finland" (entry deadlines: Nov. 30, Feb. 28)
Jul. 3 - 12 Canadian Rockies Orienteering Festival; Alberta & British Columbia, Canada
A; See individual events in the schedule on July 3–5, July 7–8, July 8–9, and July 10–12
Jul. 3 - 5 WCOC: Western Canadian Orienteering Championships; Kananaskis, Alberta, CA
A; Part of the Canadian Rockies Orienteering Festival: Friday Sprint, Saturday Middle, Sunday Long
Jul. 5 - 10 Fin5 Orienteering Week; Kuusamo, Koillismaa, Finland
A; 3 Middle-distance and 2 Long-distance events (entry deadlines: Feb. 28, May 31)
Jul. 7 - 8 Crowsnest Barebones Orienteering; Blairmore, Alberta, Canada
Part of the Canadian Rockies Orienteering Festival: "Street" and "Barebones" events
Jul. 7 - 11 WOC: World Orienteering Championships; Kolding, Denmark
A; Annual world championships, with associated WOC Tour "spectator races" (open to everyone) (WOC Tour entry deadlines: April 1, June 15)
Jul. 8 - 9 Sass Peepre National Junior Training Camp; Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada
Training; Part of the Canadian Rockies Orienteering Festival: Junior athletes of all abilities from 11 to 20 years of age are invited to participate in this camp
Jul. 10 - 12 COC: Canadian Orienteering Championships 2020; Kimberley & Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada Kootenay Orienteering Club (KOC)
A; Part of the Canadian Rockies Orienteering Festival: Sprint, Middle, and Long events. Also HPP Relay, model event, banquet, silent auction, and music & dance party! NOTE THIS: "We strongly recommend that all participants carry bear spray."
Jul. 14 - 18 WUOC: World University Orienteering Championships; Smolensk, Russia
A; Annual event for college/university students (and recent graduates) 17-25 years old; Sprint Relay, Sprint, Long, Middle, and Relay events; public event for non-students; U.S. Team Admin is Linda Kohn, wornerkohn@gmail (entry deadline: Feb. 14)
Jul. 19 - 25 O-Ringen, Uppsala, Sweden
A; World's largest orienteering event (8,382 entries as of 12/1/19) (entry deadlines: March 31, May 31)
Jul. 19
2020 NAV-X Challenge @ Donner Summit; Donner Summit, CA
NAV-X Challenge (NAV-X)
Heidi Cusworth (GCO),
Bill Cusworth (GCO)
3 hr & 6 hr map trek in the Donner Summit area of Tahoe. We will be using an improved Topo map at scale 1:15,000. While not orienteering-level detail, the map will have very accurate (Lidar) contours and pretty reliable vegetation shadings.
Jul. 21 - Aug. 2 California Orienteering Festival; San Francisco Bay Area & Lake Tahoe Area
Ten days of activities including the North American Championships (NAOC) and the World Rogaining Championships (WRC) — see separate Schedule entries for each event (pending park approval)
Jul. 24 - 27 North American Championships (NAOC)
Truckee, CA
A; Biennial American-Canadian championships, hosted by BAOC; Sprint, Middle, and Long events; Elite & Club Relays; (entry is open; entry deadlines: Jan. 12, March 31, June 30) (pending park approval)
Aug. 1 - 2 17th World Rogaining Championships (WRC)
Truckee, CA
Rogaine; Annual world championships, hosted by BAOC (details TBD) (entry is open; entry deadlines: Jan. 12, March 31, June 30)
Aug. 7 - 15 WMOC: World Masters Orienteering Champs; Košice, Slovakia
A; Sprint Model, Qualification, & Final; Forest Model & Qualification; Middle Final; Long Final (entry opens June 1; entry deadlines: Jan. 7, May 7, June 30)
Aug. 17 - 23 WMTBOC & JWMTBOC: World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships; Jeseník, Czech Republic
Annual adult (WMTBOC) and juniors (JWMTBOC) world mountain bike championships; there will probably be an Open event in conjunction with the championships
Aug. 29 - 30 British Columbia Championships; Whistler, BC, Canada Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club (GVOC)
A; TENTATIVE EVENT. Registration opens June 2020.
Sep. 2 - 7 Laramie Daze; Laramie, WY Laramie Range Orienteering Club (LROC)
B; DATES ARE TENTATIVE. Most of the details are TBD (e.g., barebones vs. National Event?); "5-6 days of racing on select terrains featuring bodacious granite and sage and views that go on and on and on..."
Oct. 25
2020 NAV-X Challenge @ Sunol
Sunol Regional Wilderness, Sunol, CA

NAV-X Challenge (NAV-X)
TBD (Nav-X)
3 hr & 6 hr map trek
Oct. 29 - Nov. 1 South American Orienteering Championships; Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
A; DATES ARE PRELIMINARY; The competitions will be in three countries: Sprint - Paraguay, Middle Distance - Brazil, Long Distance - Argentina
Nov. 8
Huddart Park
Woodside, CA
- 650.321.9713 Dennis Wilkinson
B; Standard 7-course event for beginners through advanced at one of our popular, scenic parks (details TBD) (pending park approval)
Nov. 15
2020 NAV-X Challenge @ Auburn/Cool; Auburn, CA
NAV-X Challenge (NAV-X)
Mats Jansson
2 hr & 4 hr map trek
Nov. 28 - Dec. 5 WTOC: World Trail Orienteering Championships; Hong Kong
A; Annual world TempO and PreO championships

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