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Joseph D. Grant County Park

Date: (Sun.) Mar. 12, 2023
Location: San Jose, CA
Event Director: - 650.941.8251
Course Setters: Derek Maclean, Kim van Berkel
Type: B; Standard 7-course event for beginners through advanced; free introductory instruction for beginners

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Event Write-Up

By , Event Director

Just over 100 orienteers braved the wet conditions on Sunday at Joseph Grant Park.

The day started dry, but showers quickly set in and it mostly remained persistently wet thereafter. Many participants reported difficult freeway driving conditions while getting to the park​—​we appreciate their persistence and are glad everyone arrived safely.

We could not have picked a better day to try our European waterproof maps (most were shipped from Finland!). This is part of our test for the California O Festival this summer, where we hope to use waterproof maps. Most people reported a positive experience with the new paper. The few exceptions are hopefully consoled by knowing they contributed to our future development in this area.

Many volunteers helped to make the event happen.

Course setters Derek Maclean and Kim van Berkel spent months working on interesting and challenging courses. The wettest winter in recent memory added to the challenge for course setters and participants.

The following showed up on the day with smiles on their faces and made the event happen. Volunteering in the rain gets you a few more Brownie Points in my book!

In addition, these people helped before the event:

Please let me know if I have omitted anyone.

Lost and Found

The following items were found at the event:

Contact me () if they are yours.

Course Setter Comments

By , Course Setter

Thanks to all the hardy souls who made it through the wet and wild at Joe Grant this weekend.

There are two times during the event when the course setter is most anxious: waiting for initial runners to confirm that the controls are present and correct on each course, then waiting for the final competitors to return after the courses close. Thanks to my fellow control hangers (Steph Maclean and Kim van Berkel) for ably supporting the first goal, and for the second, all the competitors who braved wet, slippery conditions making the rugged terrain even more challenging than normal. This particularly applies to Red and Blue runners, who dealt with the very steep slopes in the eastern part of the map, with streams turned into raging torrents, and steep, eroded, slippery banks.

Here’s a summary of the course results:

    Course  Entries  Competitors  WinningTime  DNFs
    White      4          8         17 min      -  
    Yellow    17         34         38 min      1
    Orange     8         13         54 min      2
    Brown     12         13         57 min      3
    Green     13         15         57 min      -
    Red       10         11         73 min      4
    Blue      10         10         55 min      -

The weather clearly kept the numbers down, especially on the White course, which Sara and Miesel completed in a speedy 17 mins. It’s good to see that Yellow was quite well attended, as I was quite pleased with this course. It offered an adventurous route, climbing to offer a view back to the assembly area, then a cross-country section descending a broad spur, with the parking area always in sight to guide you down, finishing with a couple of stream crossings near the end that were pretty rather than challenging. Kain Gupta had a great winning time of 38 mins.

The Orange and advanced courses started with a small “maze” of controls in the initial bushy area. The accurate mapping here by Bill Cusworth in 2022 enabled use of this section for real navigation. It doesn’t look like too many people made errors here, although there were a handful of very long times to first controls, suggesting that some may have not readily figured the initial route through to the open area. Emily Tucker had a nice run to win Orange in 54 mins.

The Red and Blue courses were designed to be challenging. Climb was on the high side at 5.5%, but necessary to access the lesser-used eastern area, and pose route choice on the way up (6 to 7 on R/B) and coming back down (see below). Anthony Riley’s winning time for Blue of 55 mins is remarkable in this terrain, beating Erin Schirm by 10 minutes. All the Blue runners completed the course, with a longest time of just over 2 h, suggesting an appropriate level of challenge. Red had a longer winning time (Andrejus Masalkov at 73 mins), and 4 out of 13 DNFs. The course may have been a bit too long/tough than desirable for Red.

James Roney posted a query ( on the BayONet ( about the main return leg on Red/Blue. Here is my response: I did not have a clear prescription for the “best” route​—​in fact that was my point in setting the leg. The high route parallel to the fence is more obvious and most direct, but the target control is well below the starting point, suggesting some lower routes that may traverse less-steep hillsides than the upper slopes. By the time one reaches Red #9 (or Blue #10) one would have a pretty good sense of what this area was like before turning back for the return leg, and thus be better able to make an informed route decision. I like the area around 8–9 on Red (and Blue), and wanted to get ambitious runners out there this year. Congrats to all who successfully executed this challenging leg.

Brown and Green were designed to offer a variety of challenge and terrain. After the flat, bushy maze at the start, you climb up and across the lower slopes with good running conditions, then route choice into some more-rugged terrain (7–8 for Brown, 5–6 for Green). Climb again to set up the traverse back across the upper hillside, then some short legs with quick direction changes in the slightly flatter terrain to keep you on your toes with likely oxygen deficit after the climb. Sweep back home through some fast downhill terrain, then the last push across the final stream to the Finish. I was pleased with these courses, and feedback was generally positive. Congrats to course leaders Dennis Wildfogel (57 mins on Brown) and Tapio Karras (56 mins on Green).

While this section of Joe Grant is not highly technical, I hope we met our goal of presenting some interesting courses. Thanks again for coming.

I really appreciate Kim van Berkel’s efforts in helping with the courses. This was the first time in quite a while that Steph and I worked on the same event. We didn’t fight too much, and are still married.


Joseph D. Grant County Park

San Jose, CA
Sunday, March 12, 2023

White Course   Yellow Course   Orange Course   Brown Course   Green Course   Red Course   Blue Course

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results ( and on Attackpoint (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget for this event ( (Use of RouteGadget is explained here.)

In RouteGadget, you can enter your route manually or upload a GPS recording and adjust to fit our map. The following tips apply to the GPS method.
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Please tell and the if anything needs to be changed in the results.

White Course                      (2.1 km, 20 m climb, 10 controls)  
                                                           Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club       Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Soren & Meisel                             17:13              0:00  
    2  Annie & Ben Halliday            BAOC       17:33     0:20     0:50
    3  Lumi & Matias Koskela   Tampereen Pyrintö  29:47    12:34     3:38
    4  Dana & Avery                               33:28    16:15     6:26
       Beatrice Schreibstein           OCIN       DNF                      
       Vladimir Gusiatnikov            OCIN       DNF

Yellow Course                     (2.9 km, 155 m climb, 15 controls)  
                                                           Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club       Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Kain Gupta                                 38:07              2:00  
    2  Sohit Gatiganti                            40:13     2:06     4:37
    3  Katie Duong                                40:17     2:10     3:50
    4  Rachel Grant                               40:28     2:21     3:34
    5  Annie & Ben Halliday            BAOC       45:00     6:53     8:14  (2nd course)
    6  Kop                           Troop 80     46:45     8:38     7:59
    7  Princeton Pair                             49:15    11:08     6:30
    8  Yonders                                    51:06    12:59     6:49
    9  Team Blackhawks               Troop 80     53:27    15:20    13:59
   10  Axel Madrigal           Turlock NJROTC     58:30    20:23    10:28
   11  Scarlet Hanson          Turlock NJROTC     59:51    21:44    10:25
   12  Roney family                    BAOC     1:04:21    26:14     6:45
   13  Neville & Rucha                          1:08:34    30:27    11:21
   14  Joanna Laney                  Troop 80   1:16:05    37:58    14:44
   15  The Germans                     BAOC     1:24:16    46:09     4:25
   16  Michael Granville                        1:34:39    56:32    29:45
   17  Shawn Chan                               1:50:35    72:28    52:29
   18  Chrispher Hoover              Troop 80   1:54:06    75:59    49:35
       Team Timmy                    Troop 80     DNF                      
       Isaiah Granville                           DNS
       Noah Granville                             DNS

Orange Course                     (3.9 km, 210 m climb, 16 controls)  
                                                           Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club       Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Emily Tucker                    BAOC       54:03              4:54  
    2  Trace & Jess                             1:19:43    25:40    21:06
    3  Sarah Williams                  BAOC     1:20:24    26:21     9:51
    4  Ellen Mouchawar                          1:29:02    34:59     8:41
    5  Miroslav Trubelja               BAOC     1:29:42    35:39     9:08
    6  Landen Elliott          Turlock NJROTC   2:01:30    67:27    43:54
       Maya McNealis                              DNF                      
       Mirjana Spasojevic                         DNF
       Rhonda Stieber                  BAOC       DNS
       Roopa McNealis                  BAOC       DNS

Brown Course                      (3.8 km, 185 m climb, 16 controls)  
                                                           Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club       Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Dennis Wildfogel                BAOC       57:43              6:34  
    2  Jan Wignall                     BAOC     1:01:31     3:48     8:20
    3  Stephen Haas                    BAOC     1:04:52     7:09     4:55
    4  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                BAOC     1:05:15     7:32     6:01
    5  Hayden Elliott          Turlock NJROTC   1:13:24    15:41     9:40
    6  Johanna Merriss                 BAOC     1:18:17    20:34    12:32
    7  Emily Ellsworth                          1:25:44    28:01    30:47
    8  Julie McGinnis          Turlock NJROTC   1:27:17    29:34    17:43
    9  Evan Custer                     BAOC     1:52:28    54:45    11:48
       Jeff Lanam                      BAOC       MSP                      
       Keysha Esparza-Mendoza  Turlock NJROTC     DNF
       Two Dudes                                  DNF
       Chuck Spalding                  BAOC       DNS
       George Minarik                  BAOC       DNS

Green Course                      (4.7 km, 245 m climb, 13 controls)  
                                                           Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club       Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Tapio Karras                    BAOC       56:08              0:48  
    2  Tac SUGIYAMA                    BAOC       58:46     2:38     1:52
    3  Zachary Bogorad                          1:04:53     8:45     4:16
    4  Piotr Holubowicz                BAOC     1:05:49     9:41     5:44
    5  Werner Haag                     BAOC     1:06:22    10:14     4:27
    6  Eric Rosenzweig                 BAOC     1:09:49    13:41     7:36
    7  Marie-Josée Parayre             BAOC     1:10:59    14:51     6:52
    8  Vin Noah                        BAOC     1:13:46    17:38     5:47
    9  Van Boughner                    BAOC     1:17:08    21:00    10:40
   10  Matthias Mattson                         1:21:05    24:57    11:13
   11  Penny DeMoss                    BAOC     1:24:34    28:26     9:05
   12  Nick & Alex                     BAOC     1:42:53    46:45     7:51
   13  Edgar Rojas             Turlock NJROTC   2:08:09    72:01    47:03

Red Course                        (5.5 km, 290 m climb, 16 controls)  
                                                           Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club       Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Andrej Masalkov                 BAOC     1:13:20              3:20  
    2  Deron van Hoff                  BAOC     1:22:27     9:07     7:36
    3  Graham Brew                     BAOC     1:25:11    11:51    15:25
    4  James Roney                     BAOC     1:36:20    23:00    11:15
    5  John Richardson                 BAOC     1:36:38    23:18    21:19
    6  Brian Ritchken                  BAOC     3:43:46   150:26    58:37
       Nikolay Chukanov                BAOC       MSP                      
       Scott Sampson                   BAOC       MSP
       Jason Reed                      BAOC       DNF
       Oriana Riley                    DVOA       DNF

Blue Course                       (6.7 km, 385 m climb, 20 controls)  
                                                           Time      Time   
   Pl  Name                            Club       Time    Behind     Lost
    1  Anthony Riley                   DVOA       55:17              0:59  
    2  Erin Schirm                     BAOC     1:05:24    10:07     3:28
    3  François Léonard                BAOC     1:09:08    13:51     2:02
    4  Wayne Staats                    BAOC     1:18:22    23:05     6:25
    5  Kyle Halliday                   BAOC     1:25:56    30:39     8:53
    6  Taylor Pospisil                 BAOC     1:36:23    41:06    14:52
    7  Ari Backholm                    BAOC     1:40:51    45:34    17:58
    8  Rex Winterbottom                BAOC     1:47:46    52:29    14:32
    9  Tom De Vre                      BAOC     1:59:12    63:55    13:34
   10  Weichun Fong                    BAOC     2:06:48    71:31    27:26


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
DNS = Did not start
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)