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Willow Glen Holiday Lights “Light-O” & Potluck Social

Date: (Sat.) Dec. 17, 2022
Location: San Jose, CA
Event Directors: - 650.281.5280, - 650.302.4835
Course Setter: Jeff Lanam
Type: C; Evening Score-O course to enjoy the neighborhood holiday lights, followed by a potluck social & awarding of the 2022 BAOC Service Award

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Event Write-Up

By , Event Director

After a two-year COVID hiatus, we were able to hold our annual end-of-year orienteering-plus-social event in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose. It was a great opportunity to see the wonderful holiday decorations on people’s houses and yards, and the weather cooperated, too​—​cool but clear.

There were about 110 total participants, a mix of long-time club members and total newcomers. Many people came out with family and friends.

A good number of club members stuck around afterwards for the potluck social. The food was great, as usual.

Nick Corsano presented the 2022 BAOC Service Award to Steve Gregg, who has made major contributions to the club for over 25 years. Nominations for the award had been submitted by club members, and the recipient was selected by the previous recipients. Thank you, Steve, for your continuing service to the club!

Thanks for making the 2022 Willow Glen Holiday Lights event possible go to:


Willow Glen Holiday Lights “Light-O”

San Jose, CA
Saturday, December 17, 2022

60-minute Category   90-minute Category

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to compile the results. I’ve probably spelled a few names wrong (if yours is wrong, write more clearly next time 😉).

I did make several mistakes in the questions, and at least one answer was changed by the homeowner. Both I and the scoring team tried to adjust the scores for that. But as far as I’m concerned, you’re all winners.

Within a tie based on scores, the order is based on the finish time (i.e., from fastest to slowest).

Thanks for coming out. Thanks to Steve Haas, Nancy Lindeman, and everyone who helped.

– Jeff Lanam, Course Setter

60-Minute Competition  
   Pl  Name                                Score
    1  Jason Lee                            180  
    2  Diana, Paul, Clara                   150
    3  Robert, Lucy, Emily Peters           110
    4  Julia & Co                            90
    5  Toshi Hosaka                          60

90-Minute Competition  
   Pl  Name                                Score
    1  Jason Reed                           340  
    2  Beverly Anderson-Abbs, Alan Abbs     260
    3  Erica Reed                           230
    4  Seth & Jeremy                        230
    5  Vicki Woolworth                      210
    6  Marc Schneider                       170
    7  Jim Vickers                          170
    8  Rex Winterbottom                     160
    9  Hayley Kennedy                       160
   10  Tapio Karras                         150
   11  Robert & Jeanne Strauss              150
   12  Roney family                         150
   13  Eric Rosensweig                      150
   14  Phyllis, Ai-Lei, Manu, Meglan        150
   15  Cora, Reba, Thea                     140
   16  Zander & Callie Rosenzeig            130
   17  James Cook, Andrea Chang,  
         Alex Newcomer, Sammie Quon         130
   18  Ironmike Solo & the Ramble of Doom   130
   19  Jane Belcher, Chris, Ang             120
   20  Anonymous                            100
   21  Five Guys                             90
   22  Smibby                                90
   23  Naina & Tara Makker, Jeff Kabel       90
   24  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                      90
   25  Staats family                         80
   26  Joanne, Ada, Blake                    80
   27  Harry's Hotdog Crew                   70
   28  Nick Corsano, Esther Heller           60
   29  Pascal Vin                            60