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Joaquin Miller Park

Event #1 of 6 in the BAOC 2022 Summer Series

Date: (Sun.) Jun. 5, 2022
Location: Oakland, CA
Event Director: - 510.407.1876
Course Setters: Tom de Vre, Theo Verhoeven
Type: C; This is the first event of the 2022 Summer Series. Beginners are welcome!

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Event Write-Up


Whaaaat? Rain? Sure, I expected some overnight showers, and arrived at a damp event site in the morning, swept excess moisture off the picnic tables, and started setting things out. But wait! The drip from the trees is increasing ... and yes, it’s raining again. By now Jeff Lanam has arrived, and his trusty phone app says yeah, rain, but ending by 10 AM. Well, it rained pretty much the whole time, and I really appreciate all who showed up despite the weather, and especially all the help trying to keep things running under these conditions.

Tom de Vre and Theo Verhoeven set interesting courses in this much-used park, taking advantage of the varied terrain and making the best of an aging map. Even those familiar with Joaquin Miller can find the indistinct trails under the redwoods a challenge, but despite this, 21 of 25 entries finished the beginner (White) course, with Werner Haag and Pratick Sachdeva blazing through in under 22 minutes, 10 seconds apart. On the Short course, Tapio Karras finished in under an hour, with Eric Rozenzweig 10 minutes behind, and Derek Maclean in third. Yurii Konovalenko had a 16-minute lead in the Long course, followed by Mikkel Conradi and François Léonard.

I’d like to thank Rex Winterbottom, Steve Gregg, Steve Haas, and Graham Brew for showing up early and pitching in with setup and other assorted activities. Rex gave continuous beginners clinics for at least two hours, and Steve G. and Graham took care of the (uncovered) Start in the rain. Steve H. got registration set up and running until Sarah Williams finished singing at church. Sarah also set up online registration. Jeff Lanam and Rosemary Johnson kept E-punch running from setup to takedown, and beyond to results processing, despite an unexpected power failure. Tapio Karras stepped in to help with cleanup and toting equipment back to the cars. Tom and the rest of the de Vre family really helped by filling in with control pick-up, cleanup, and just about everything else, which made the wrap-up easier than expected, despite the wet weather.

We are grateful to the City of Oakland for the use of their park, to Chuck Spalding for numerous website updates, and for the rest of the BAOC infrastructure for keeping things running.

Let me know what I’ve missed in this writeup!


Joaquin Miller Park

Oakland, CA
Sunday, June 5, 2022

Beginner Course   Short Course   Long Course   Summer Series Points

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results ( and on Attackpoint (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget for this event ( (Use of RouteGadget is explained here.)

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Comments from Jeff Lanam, E-punch Director:

Despite the weather that made it more like winter, more than 75 people turned out for the opening event of our Summer Series. Thanks to Vicki Woolworth, event director, and Tom de Vre and Theo Verhoven, course setters, for putting on the event. I want to thank Rosemary Johnson for helping with E-punch, and Henrique Miranda for letting me use the power from his van to finish the event. Our power system failed, and the laptop didn’t quite have enough on its own. Of course thanks to all the other people who helped out.
Please tell me () if anything needs to be changed.

Beginner Course       (1.7 km, 60 m climb, 10 controls)  
   Pl  Name(s)                    Club      Time    Behind
    1  Werner Haag                BAOC      21:37           
    2  Pratick Sachdeva                     21:47     0:10
    3  Thomas Szarovsky                     24:16     2:39
    4  Nathan Curtis                        31:05     9:28
    5  Jonas de Vre               BAOC      32:30    10:53
    6  Kshitij Sachan                       34:04    12:27
    7  Eric Neyman                          44:21    22:44
    8  Jeff Nibert                BAOC      54:18    32:41
    9  Siung Lee                            55:25    33:48
   10  Freya Van Herk             BAOC      58:33    36:56
   11  Beatrice Schreibstein      OCIN      58:54    37:17
   11  Vladimir Gusiatnikov       OCIN      58:54    37:17
   13  We'd Rather Play Lego              1:01:36    39:59
   14  Siddahant Swaminthan       BAOC    1:05:17    43:40
   15  Rory DiNiro                        1:06:21    44:44
   16  Leo Diennet                        1:06:58    45:21
   17  Darwin DiNero                      1:07:10    45:33
   18  Ruby Melissa Carvalho              1:08:15    46:38
   19  Raffi Abedian                      1:08:44    47:07
   20  Julian Conradi             BAOC    1:11:52    50:15
   21  Oliver Conradi             BAOC    1:38:18    76:41
       Devie family                         DNF             
       Nancy Lindeman             BAOC      DNF
       Siargey Pisarchyk          BAOC      DNF             (2nd course)
       Liam Kenison               CSOC      DNS

Short Course         (3.1 km, 150 m climb, 13 controls)
   Pl  Name(s)                    Club      Time    Behind
    1  Tapio Karras               BAOC      55:16           
    2  Eric Rosenzweig            BAOC    1:05:31    10:15
    3  Derek Maclean              BAOC    1:12:35    17:19
    4  Logan Sternberg                    1:15:03    19:47
    5  Jan Cisar                          1:23:13    27:57
    6  Pratick Sachdeva                   1:30:41    35:25  (2nd course)
    7  Jussi Tahtinen             BAOC    1:33:31    38:15
    8  Stephanie Maclean          BAOC    1:33:39    38:23
    9  Johanna Merriss            BAOC    1:45:52    50:36
   10  Irena & Nick Stefanova     BAOC    1:47:31    52:15
   11  Daniel Ingram              CSOC    2:01:59    66:43
   12  Mark Schneider             BAOC    2:33:44    98:28
       Randy Snook                          OVT             
       Alex van Hoff              BAOC      DNF
       Chase Lewis                BAOC      DNF
       Enrique Espinoza Ayala     CSOC      DNF
       Evan Custer                BAOC      DNF
       Jeff Lanam                 BAOC      DNF
       Josef Estrada              CSOC      DNF
       Kshitij Sachan                       DNF             (2nd course)
       Olga Kraght                BAOC      DNF
       Osiris Ledesma             CSOC      DNF
       Rayner Malasaga            CSOC      DNF
       Rosemary Johnson           BAOC      DNF
       Sarah Williams             BAOC      DNF
       Mary Udey                  CSOC      DNS
       Ryah Newton                CSOC      DNS

Long Course          (5.2 km, 320 m climb, 18 controls)
   Pl  Name(s)                    Club      Time    Behind
    1  Yurii Konovalenko          BAOC      56:05           
    2  Mikkel Conradi             CSU     1:12:10    16:05
    3  François Léonard           BAOC    1:14:46    18:41
    4  Jonathan Owens           Truckee   1:30:03    33:58
    5  Rex Winterbottom           BAOC    1:30:42    34:37
    6  Nicholas Goldowsky-Dill    BAOC    1:32:48    36:43
    7  Taylor Pospisil            BAOC    1:34:58    38:53
    8  Pitko Liubov                       1:35:19    39:14
    9  Steve Gregg                        1:40:55    44:50
   10  Kyle Navarro               CSOC    1:44:09    48:04
   11  Graham Brew                BAOC    1:44:45    48:40
   12  Deron van Hoff             BAOC    1:48:38    52:33
   13  Marie-Josée Parayre        BAOC    1:56:35    60:30
   14  Lance Kenison              CSOC    2:00:52    64:47
   15  Drew Taplin                BAOC    2:10:40    74:35
   16  Samuel Barker              CSOC    2:11:09    75:04
   17  John Richardson            BAOC    2:16:24    80:19
   18  Steven Luibrand            BAOC    2:20:32    84:27
   19  Chun Wu                    BAOC    2:21:48    85:43
   20  Henrique Miranda                   2:25:02    88:57
   21  Weichun Fong               BAOC    2:52:08   116:03
       Siargey Pisarchyk          BAOC      DNF             
       Scott Sampson, Tom Meyer   BAOC      DNF
       Stephen Haas               BAOC      DNF
       Travis Navarro             CSOC      DNF
       Chahal Vikram              CSOC      DNS
       Connor Rogers              CSOC      DNS
       Jason Lee                  BAOC      DNS
       Logan Kenison              CSOC      DNS

2022 Summer Series Points  

Thanks to everyone who replied with birth years. We now have almost all the information, and are just missing the birth year for Weichun Fong. Let me know if you can help with that.
One other note: Vicki Woolworth, Theo Verhoeven, and Tom de Vre will each receive points for event #1, since they were the Event Director and Course Setters. (Thanks for volunteering!) They will get points equivalent to the maximum points they score in any other event in the series. Thus, currently their names do not appear, but will appear as soon as they next compete.
As a reminder, the final ranking will be based on the best four scores for each athlete (out of the total six events).
Let me know if there are any questions or comments on any part of the process or the Series. I look forward to seeing you all again on June 26th at Mills College. Without further ado, the current standings after our first event are below!
 Graham Brew ()

The methodology for determining Summer Series points is explained here. In particular, note that group/team entries do not earn points, and 21-year-old male is assumed if we don't have your birth year (“M21” below). (Also keep in mind that BAOC membership is required [by the final event] for the Series cumulative awards [but not to earn points].)
Short-Course Points at Joaquin Miller Park   
   Pl  Name                    Points
    1  Tapio Karras             1000  
    2  Eric Rosenzweig           811
    3  Derek Maclean             727
    4  Johanna Merriss           711
    5  Stephanie Maclean         641
    6  Logan Sternberg           591
    7  Irena Stefanova           571
    8  Jan Cisar                 543
    9  Jussi Tahtinen            484
   10  Daniel Ingram             439
   11  Mark Schneider            288

Long-Course Points at Joaquin Miller Park 
   Pl  Name                    Points
    1  Yurii Konovalenko        1000  
    2  François Léonard          828
    3  Mikkel Conradi            822
    4  Jonathan Owens            712
    5  Steve Gregg               702
    6  Rex Winterbottom          670
    7  Pitko Liubov              650
    8  Deron van Hoff            599
    9  Nicholas Goldowsky-Dill   592
   10  Marie-Josée Parayre       589
   11  Graham Brew               581
   12  Taylor Pospisil           579
   13  Kyle Navarro              527
   14  Lance Kenison             478
   15  Samuel Barker             440
   16  Henrique Miranda          426
   17  Drew Taplin               421
   18  John Richardson           403
   19  Steven Luibrand           394
   20  Chun Wu                   387
   21  Weichun Fong              319  (M21)


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
DNS = Did not start
OVT = Overtime (finished after course-closing time)