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Bon Tempe Reservoir

Greg Ehrensing Memorial Volunteer Event

Date: Nov. 23 - 24, 2019
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Director: - 415.456.8118
Course Setter: Johanna Merriss
Type: C; Greg Ehrensing Memorial Volunteer Event; LIMITED ATTENDANCE; RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

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Event Write-Up

By , Event Director

Two smooth running days in a row resulted in a great weekend in the Marin watershed! First-time course setter Johanna Merriss designed challenging, yet fair courses, which took great advantage of the variety and beauty of the terrain. The courses wound through the scenic landscape, visiting not only the “Hillside of Death”, but also the southwest peninsula, which has been out of bounds to us until recently. Johanna’s courses led participants through all the different ecosystems, offering tough route-choice decisions on some legs, and opportunities (not always taken) to enjoy the scenic beauty as well.

Club volunteers, as well as a couple of foreign orienteers in the area on vacation, enjoyed the courses, the fine weather, and the various delectable munchies arrayed at the event headquarters.

Bon Tempe offers some of the finest (in my opinion) terrain the Bay Area has to offer. It is a shame that we aren’t allowed to host full-sized events there!

The event would not have run smoothly without the help of many people. Laurie Offenbach at MMWD made getting the permit an easy task, while BAOC’s Marina Keating acquired the necessary insurance documents. Jeff Lanam trained me on the E-punch system, allowing me to run it all weekend without my crashing the system! Thanks to those who brought food to share​—​we had a feast, and very little left over by the end of day on Sunday.

Finally, near and dear to an Event Director’s heart, I want to thank the Control Pick-up crew of Bill Cusworth, Theo Verhoeven, Julia Doubson, Fyodor Konkov, and Tom De Vre, for collecting the controls quickly and letting us all head for home by 3 PM!

Thanks to all involved for making this year’s event a great one!


Bon Tempe Reservoir

Fairfax, CA
Saturday & Sunday, November 23 & 24, 2019

Brown Course   Green Course   Red Course

Also see control-by-control timing in the combined splits for Saturday and Sunday in the WinSplits results ( (Thanks to Tapio for combining the results for the two days.) The splits are also available on Attackpoint (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget for this event ( (Use of RouteGadget is explained here.)

Brown Course         (3.3 km, 149 m climb, 11 controls)  
   Pl  Name                       Club      Time     Behind   Day  
    1  Martyn Roome               CROC      46:33             Sun  
    2  Stephanie Maclean          BAOC      55:28     8:55    Sun
    3  Dennis Wildfogel           BAOC    1:01:46    15:13    Sat
    4  George Minarik             BAOC    1:05:11    18:38    Sat
    5  Gary Kraght                BAOC    1:06:26    19:53    Sat
    6  Olga Kraght                BAOC    1:12:03    25:30    Sat
    7  Dan Greene                 BAOC    1:12:46    26:13    Sat
    8  Evan Custer                BAOC    1:16:17    29:44    Sun
    9  Sue Roome            Beaton Track  1:25:17    38:44    Sun
   10  Amy Wintston               BAOC    1:29:43    43:10    Sun
   11  Jeff Lanam                 BAOC    1:40:32    53:59    Sun
   12  Leslie Minarik             BAOC    1:42:09    55:36    Sat
   13  Darren Blum                BAOC    1:47:31    60:58    Sun
   14  Martin Jerhus              BAOC    1:55:35    69:02    Sun
   15  Vic Revenko                BAOC    2:08:28    81:55    Sat
   16  Jennifer Kerr              GCO     2:27:18   100:45    Sun
       Nancy Lindeman             BAOC      DNF               Sat  
       Brook Staats               BAOC      DNF               Sun
       Chetana & Darren                     DNF               Sun
       Mark Burchill, Mel Konrad            DNF               Sun
       Marsha Jacobs              GCO       DNF               Sun
Green Course         (4.7 km, 220 m climb, 14 controls)  
   Pl  Name                       Club      Time     Behind   Day  
    1  Tapio Karras               BAOC    1:00:27             Sun  
    2  Anastasiya Gordeeva        BAOC    1:11:10    10:43    Sat
    3  Matthias Kohler            BAOC    1:16:03    15:36    Sat
    4  Derek Maclean              BAOC    1:20:44    20:17    Sun
    5  Chuck Spalding             BAOC    1:23:56    23:29    Sat
    6  Gary Carpenter             BAOC    1:26:28    26:01    Sat
    7  Jan Jergus                 BAOC    1:48:17    47:50    Sun
    8  Gal Group                  BAOC    3:07:52   127:25    Sun
    9  Maya                       BAOC    3:38:11   157:44    Sat
       Smith Gang                 BAOC      DNF               Sat  
       Steve Haas                 BAOC      DNF               Sat
Red Course           (6.1 km, 285 m climb, 17 controls)  
   Pl  Name                       Club      Time     Behind   Day  
    1  Bill Cusworth              NAVX    1:00:58             Sun  
    2  Yurii Konovalenko          BAOC    1:02:47     1:49    Sat
    3  Dennis Wilkinson           BAOC    1:03:51     2:53    Sun
    4  François Léonard           BAOC    1:04:57     3:59    Sun
    5  Wayne Staats               BAOC    1:25:44    24:46    Sun
    6  Julia Doubson              BAOC    1:30:03    29:05    Sun
    7  Rex Winterbottom           BAOC    1:31:07    30:09    Sat
    8  Graham Brew                BAOC    1:41:51    40:53    Sat
    9  Fyodor Konkov              BAOC    1:45:43    44:45    Sun
   10  Theo Verhoven              BAOC    1:48:31    47:33    Sun
   11  Gavin Wyatt-Mair           BAOC    1:57:57    56:59    Sat
   12  Tom De Vre                 BAOC    1:59:06    58:08    Sun
       Maune Family               BAOC      DNF               Sat  
       John Crowther              BAOC      DNF               Sun
       Marina Keating             BAOC      DNF               Sun


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)